Friday, December 31, 2010


What happened Expo?

What happened TomAss?

We thought you two loved each other!

But now we learn:

Chief Exposito Lashes out at Mayor Regalado over 'interference."

You mean that the Mayor is not supposed to meddle into the affairs of the different departments?

That NEVER happens.

Tomas Regalado has meddled into the affairs of city departments violating the city Charter ever since he stepped foot on the City Commission, and now as Mayor, it is no different.

And because getting rid of Chief John Timoney was Regalado's top priority, he replaced him with Exposito who is a sly fox and is now preparing himself for a whistle blower suit against the city.

Mayor TomAss' "keen knack" for hiring is now going to cost the city taxpayers dearly.

Bend over and open your wallets, it's going to be a rough 2011 at the City!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


It takes a Florida grand jury to state the obvious:

Public Government is Corrupt.

Frankly, we're shocked!

As reported in the St. Pete Times (the Herald was too busy licking TomAss to report on this...)

"Saying corruption is "pervasive at all levels of government,'' a statewide grand jury released a report Wednesday calling for reforms to combat "mismanagement and theft'' by public officials.

"Fraud, waste and abuse of state resources'' punishes taxpayers by driving up the cost of services, the panel said."

"The grand jury used the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to underscore the depth of the problem. In that agency, supervisors flagrantly circumvented purchasing rules, a practice that become common knowledge and prompted other employees to act unethically, the panel says.

"We were told employees would steal items such as flat screen televisions from the office. Depending upon the position of the employee, the supervisor often took no action," the report says. "Due to the unethical conduct at the supervisory level, a systemic acceptance of corruption was born."

Look no further than Miami Dade Transit.

In April 2009, a janitor sweeping Miami-Dade Transit's office made a startling discovery: In an empty cubicle on the 16th floor of the county's Overtown Transit Village complex, the cleaner found wads of cash totaling $9,863 and old checks for $14,772.

The former employee who had occupied the desk, Jeffrey Bechdel, helped run the county's seven-day Visitor Pass program, which sold weekly passes for bus and Metrorail. For 2 ½ years, before leaving Transit in January 2009, he stuffed the sale proceeds in his desk drawer. ``I'm a lousy bookkeeper,'' he later told police.

Police pegged possible losses at $120,000, but the staffer wasn't criminally charged. The reason: There was no evidence he stole, and investigators determined the agency was riddled with administrative flaws, including failing to create a system to deposit money from the pass sales.

Where was County Manager George Burgess?

Who is responsible for making sure that OUR taxpayer money is looked after?

No one.

If Governor Elect Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature are serious about tackling public corruption, Miami Dade County and City of Miami are the very first places they should look.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


*** *** *** EXCLUSIVE *** *** ***

For the man with a $5,000 personal worth who once famously claimed he was "too poor" to attend Marlins or Heat games, Mayor Regalado has done a sudden one-eighty degree turn and is hobnobbing with the rich he so famously decried.

Spotted tonight in a swanky corporate suite costing thousands of dollars at the Miami Heat's game against the New York Knicks, the Mayor brought along his posse consisting of family, Assistant City Manager Johnny Martinez, and the City's new PR man, Angel Zayon.

We look forward to the gift disclosure filed by the mayor and his staffers revealing the amount of the corporate largess that allowed the mayor and staffers to attend this top flight NBA game.

Meanwhile, we have also learned that the Mayor is planning to ignore tomorrow's visit of Florida Governor Elect Rick Scott to Miami's famous Domino Park.

Forget that the city is in deep financial straits and will soon need the help of the governor to clean it up, for Regalado, bullshit demagoguery has always mattered more than helping the city he supposedly serves.


Heat 1 - Scott 0 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Banker to the Developers (and now former City Manager) Carlos Migoya has his eyes set on another public perch where he continue to exercise the leadership skills he so famously showed at the City of Miami.

Rumor has it that Migoya enjoyed the public sector so much that he is now spreading his name around to be considered as the next head of Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Anyone who reads this blog, along with our friends over at the Crespo Gram and Investigation Miami, know full well that under the leadership of Mr. Migoya, the City of Miami has been an unmitigated disaster.

Not only did Mr. Migoya NOT fix the fiscal mess that is the City, but he bent over and took it when Mayor Regalado replaced him with the incompetent Tony Crapp.

Anyone with a modicum of shame, an MBA, and over three decades of experience in finance and banking would have at least questioned being replaced by someone with the thinnest resume of any city manager in past memory.

Yet, Migoya praised Regalado's selection, agreeing that the job he undertook for nearly a year, could also be done well by an incompetent lackey.

Mr. Migoya lost whatever reputation he had as a serious businessman the minute he became a shill to Mayor Regalado's incompetent circus, and especially when he allowed himself to be replaced by someone who is woefully unqualified for the position.

Mr. Migoya should salvage what little reputation he has left, and go on a bike ride in the French countryside with our pal Jorge Perez.

If Migoya could be replaced at the City by an incompetent idiot, what makes him so qualified to run one of the top public hospitals in the country?

Monday, December 20, 2010


Poor Expo!

The pressure got to him and now he is delusional.

How else can you explain the appearance on Michael Putney, and the arrogant stupid quotes.

"When we do take action, we're told that we're using excessive force.  If we didn't to it, we'd be criticized that we're not using it enough.''
Why the criticism?
Five people dead at the hands of your police department maybe?
Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your actions?

Leadership demands accountability.

But we don't get that from you, or the mayor.

Time to go Expo!

Little "Cry Baby" Cabrera wants your four stars.

Or is Frank Pichel the new chief?

Friday, December 17, 2010



If you are a black man in Miami.

If you are carrying a weapon or gun for any reason, whether legally or illegally, licensed or not, even for personal protection, you are a presumed target and threat by City of Miami police.

Forget the Second Amendment.

Forget the presumption of innocence.

Forget all Florida laws protecting the right to carry weapons.

Forget any rights you think you may have.

The Mayor doesn't care about you.

The Manager doesn't care about you.

The District Commissioner doesn't care about you.

The Chief of Police doesn't care about you.

In the Miami inner city, black men have no rights.

Your lives are worthless and disposable.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Miami Police Shoot Another Subject in Liberty City

Five persons shot dead, and you have blood on your hands Mr. Mayor.

While John Timoney was able to reduce crime AND eliminate police shootings, your handpicked police chief is out of control.

This is what happens when you hire cronies and not professionals.

Will the "House Negro" Commissioner Dunn say anything now?

Of course not.

Will you Mr. Mayor replace the disaster Exposito with a qualified and professional police chief?

Of course not.

You will use this latest shooting as an excuse to replace Exposito with your Godson Louis Cabrera.

With more disasters to follow.


"I believe in you, mayor.''

You should believe in the Mayor, Reverend Dunn.

He has done so much for your community.

If you could stick our head out of the TomAss for a second, you could see what is going on in the district you represent.

Just this week an innocent mother and her child were violently gunned down in your district, killed by a barrage of bullets from assault weapons.

Where were the Mayor and his hand picked (now thrown under the bus) police chief?

What about the four people in your district shot to death by police this past summer?

And not to mention the continued poverty, high unemployment, and general malaise in the district you represent.

You should be proud to represent the poorest district in one of America's poorest cities.

Malcolm X described you perfectly:

"There were two kinds of slaves, the house Negro and the field Negro.

"The house Negroes — they lived in the house with master, they dressed pretty good, they ate good because they ate his food — what he left. They lived in the attic or the basement, but still they lived near the master; and they loved the master more than the master loved himself. They would give their life to save the master's house — quicker than the master would."

Reverend Dunn, look around your district, what have you, the Mayor, or the Manager done for the people?

You are just a puppet house boy.

A worse disgrace than Tony Crapp.

At least he is getting paid $300,000+ to stay ignorant.

How much did you sell your soul for Reverend Dunn?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We told you so.

Just in time for the holidays, what better gift than to promote your long time Tom Ass kisser and give him the $300,000 salary he deserves.

NO Private Sector Experience.

NO Managerial Experience.

NO Financial Experience.

NEVER had a real job in his life!

But that doesn't matter.

Regalado ``is making sure the top city decision-makers are people he can trust, and are part of his long-term team,'' said Dario Moreno, a political science professor at Florida International University. ``His style is to have people he can trust around him.''
Which is why Regalado gave Dario Moreno a contract to teach "ethics" classes.

Chuck Rabin of course never asked Regalado who else was in the running because no one but Crapp was getting this job and everyone knows it.  
Chuck is nicely playing along, already pointing out that "Crapp would be the second African American to oversee the city's workforce" and quoting Tom Ass saying "some of his supporters expected him to name a Cuban American to the top post."

In Regalado's mind of divisive ethnic politics, naming an inexperienced black man to city manager trumps any considerations of knowledge or experience, it's the ethnicity that counts, and not the brains.

Chuck and the Herald play further into Regalado's hands:

"Monday, in a meeting with The Miami Herald's editorial board, Crapp downplayed his lack of experience in handling large budgets and overseeing large staffs. The eight months he spent under Migoya's tutelage, he said, felt more like five years."
But that's the point.
Tony Crapp has never managed ANYTHING of significance.
Not in five years
Not in eight months
Not in eight minutes.

The ONLY reason he is the city's manager is because he is black, and he is loyal to Tom Ass.

We would respect Regalado if he came out and said it: 
"Look, Tony is black, I need votes in the black community, and he is loyal to me."

Stop the fucking charade already.
In a metropolitan area of more than 3 million people, Tony Crapp Jr. is THE MOST QUALIFIED person to be city manager.

What's worse is how all the commissioners are lining up to support the Tom Ass.

Commission Chairman Sarnoff said Crapp's lack of a background in finance is a concern, but added, ``I think he's going to have a great team behind him. He'll be fine in operations. My only concern is in the numbers part. He's going to need a very capable CFO and budget director, and I think he's got both.''

The very capable CFO and budget director being our pals Larry and Diana?

The city is in a financial crisis that will continue until voters wake up and realize they are all being played for fools. 

Regalado, Sarnoff, and the commission don't care about the voters, taking the city down the Crapper, lying to all of us by not raising "taxes" but raising "fees," and using our money as their private bank accounts.

Wake up.................

And throw all these bastards out of office!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Oh Expo!

You were doing so well avoiding the slings and arrows of the media, navigating the treacherous waters of Miami politics, all relatively unscathed.

Your predecessor stopped police shootings and dropped crime to record lows, but was screwed over for accepting a demo Lexus.

Your first year had "four fatal shootings by officers, a videotape of police punching a man while he's pinned down, a botched attempt to control an unruly crowd and some anti-corruption investigations that fizzled."

You didn't even find Manny Diaz' bike (or the Grove and Brickell rapists for that matter).

We wanted you gone.

So did Uncle Luke.

But you managed to survive.

Until now.


You fucked with the wrong person Expo.

The second Louis Cabrera was transferred over to the City Manager's office, we knew you were in trouble.

And now, master of public relations Mayor Tomas "Keen Knack" Regalado drops a bomb on you to the Miami Herald.

After a year, police chief under the gun.

Ironic headline no?

Forget that it was the Mayor who hired you.

That it was the Mayor who told you to start the "anti-corruption" unit that would go after his political enemies.

Or that it was the Mayor himself who said that "violence would be responded to with violence."

Now the Mayor says "It's all on Exposito.''

Just because you fucked with his Godson Louis Cabrera.

Your days are numbered Chief.

So watch your back Expo...

Because Luisito is already making space on his collar for a fourth star.

Friday, December 10, 2010


"Anyone who steals public monies from any government entity will be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.'' 
Do you read this blog?  
The Crespo Gram Report?  
Investigation Miami?

You must be fucking kidding!

More on our friend the Ethicist Robert Meyers, in bed not with dear Rodzandra, but with Chairman of Everything Marc David Sarnoff, Esquire.
Stay tuned and...
"Wear something nice!"

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Trust me!

That was the message from $422,000 a year County Manager George "Uber Bureaucrat" Burgess to the County Commission when grilled yesterday regarding the mess that is Miami Dade Transit.

The "Federales" have come down hard on the County, freezing their ability to draw down any money for transit projects.

As the Herald reports:

"Miami-Dade Transit's federal funding suspension grew out of accounting errors, poor management and erroneous information relayed to federal auditors, but does not appear to reflect fraud, Miami-Dade County Manager George Burgess told commissioners on Tuesday."

Accounting errors. Poor management. Erroneous information relayed to federal auditors.

That's enough to get you fired anywhere, but not at Miami Dade County!

Oh no, Bureaucrat Burgess puts on his best face and tells everyone not to worry, he has it all under control.

And there's more...

"The session brought to light concerns that several commissioners have about whether the federal funding suspension may disrupt transit services.

"Burgess and Assistant County Manager Ysela Llort told commissioners it may take several months for the county to wrap up its own investigation and carry out a modification of transit financial controls before the agency can persuade the Federal Transit Administration to lift the funds' suspension.

"Burgess said he expects the internal investigation and ``corrective'' procedure to be wrapped up by early March. Llort said it was still unclear when the federal government would lift the suspension because she doesn't know when precisely the Federal Transit Administration will return to Miami-Dade to conduct a new audit."

We know all about the thorough internal investigations conducted by the city and county.

Who gives a shit about public transit anyway?

Only poor people and blacks use it.

The Mayor, Manager, Commissioners, and their lackeys don't have to schlep for a bus. They ALL get car allowances.

Mayor Carlos Alvarez has been too busy fighting a recall to properly reign in Bureaucrat Burgess and has let him run amok in screwing things up at County Hall.

Burgess' tentacles reach even further with the great job he has done at fucking up Jackson too.

Everything the County touches turns to shit, and yet, no one ever loses their job.

Here's a message to Mayor Carlito:

You want to avert the disaster of your eventual recall? Don't fight in court anymore.

Grow some balls, and get rid of Burgess.

Fire his ass.

Show the people that you will no longer tolerate the bullshit coming from the Manager's office, and that at over $400,000, you expect accountability and results.

Monday, December 06, 2010


``. . .I don't see transparency anymore. We see cover up,''
So says Nathaniel Wilcox, executive director of PULSE, speaking to the Herald on the police shootings that took place earlier this year during the Summer of Violence.
Remember the promises from Chief Miguel Exposito that an investigation would be made into these shootings?  And all the promises from Mayor Tomas Regalado on running a transparent city government?

"DeCarlos Moore has been deceased five months and we have not gotten a report,'' said Rev. Jerome Starling. 
"I'm mad as hell because people have died and we have not received a report.''

Nor will you ever receive a report!

Meanwhile, the cop in charge of this mess gets a promotion.

The Mayor's message to the black community?

We will fight violence with violence, and if you don't like it, too fucking bad!

Thursday, December 02, 2010


A reader alerted us to the fact that today, at 3:00 PM, during her scheduled radio show on "La Poderosa" 670 AM, School Board Member and Daughter of Tomasito, Raquelita Regalado had as her guest none other than our pal Jose "Pepe" Fulgueira.

For those of you who don't remember "Pepe," he is employed by Mayor Tomasito as a "Special Assistant."

Now, what on Earth does a "Special Asistannt" do for a Mayor?

Glad you asked.

For one, Jose "Pepe" goes on Raquelita's radio show at 3 PM, when most of us are at work.  This would not be such a big deal but for the fact that Jose "Pepe" is being payed by all of us, the taxpayers of Miami, to be working at his city job, whatever that is, at 3 PM.

Instead of specially assisting the mayor, handling constituent complaints, of trying to fix the incredibly fucked up inner workings of the city, "Pepe" is on air, on our dime, yucking it up with the Mayor's daughter.

This is our tax dollars at work.

Yet, it is not surprising.

Above we see the picture of "Pepe" along with the "24 hour mayor" clearly skirting state law by campaigning for Raquelita while on city time.

Did "Pepe" get in trouble for breaking the law?

Of course not! 

He is a member of the Tomass inner sphincter, along with Tony Crapp, Ada Rojas, and Jose Marrero, all grossly under-qualified, grossly overpaid, and all above the law.

It's Miami Bitches!

So while the rest of us try to eek it out in a double digit unemployment rate economy, our city workers are living it up!


Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez will voluntarily dismiss his lawsuit in the Billionaire Norman Braman recall lawsuit after discovery motions have shown that Clerk Harvey Ruvin did in fact certify the petition signatures.

This gives the Billionaire Braman (who contributed to Ruvin's clerk campaign) the green light to proceed with the recall of the mayor.

The Billionaire and his pal Tomasito are out for revenge against Alvarez for the Marlins deal and even though it was the COUNTY COMMISSION that voted to approve the higher taxes, Alvarez is getting the shaft.

Alvarez nonetheless is out fighting, defending his actions before the Downtown Bay Forum.

"I was not going to be the mayor that closes down fire stations, that closes down parks, basically all these things that I've been working for my entire adult life," said Alvarez, his voice occasionally cracking with emotion. "I was not going to do that. I'd rather be recalled."
Well Carlos,
It may happen sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It's starting!

The Herald reports this morning how Daddy Warbucks is already rearranging the chairs on the City of Miami Titanic sinking ship.

He's leaving, so he doesn't give a shit who he leaves behind, as long as he does his master Regalado's bidding.

And guess who the Deputy City Manager is?

None other than our good friend, the number one Tom Ass kisser himself.......

Tony Crapp Jr.

As we reported yesterday, Crapp's stellar resume makes him uniquely qualified to run a multi-million dollar organization and the State's signature city.

His vast experience dating back to the late 1990s, his lips permanently attached to TOM ASS.

And who replaces Tony?

Deputy Police Chief Luis Cabrera, another Tom ASS kisser, Godson to the Mayor, Campaign Chauffeur to the Mayor and Lobbyist Armando Gutierrez.

Cabrera was "a police department lieutenant in charge of employee relations before he was appointed to the deputy chief post" and will remain a police officer (maybe for the shiny gun and free car) and keep his over $160K a year salary.

Tom ASS kissing guaranties a quick ascension in the city pecking order.

And a quick descent for the City overall.


To notch schooling?

Real world experience?

Who needs it!

Here's a lesson kids.

You want opportunity?

Leave Miami!

Or learn to feed Armando Gutierrez.

And learn to kiss Tom ASS...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It's not official yet, but it might as well be.

Unless Tomasito completely has sold his soul to the police union (in which case Armando's wife Yolanda gets the job) or unless he is actually serious about governing,  Tony Crapp, Jr. will be your next city manager.

Tony has been the longest TomASS kisser at the city, starting back in 1996, having held NO OTHER JOB outside the city or outside of the employment of TomASS.

His "promotion" from Mayor's Chief of Staff (a position that where he had so much impact that it has yet to be filled) to Assistant City Manager at $140,000 plus executive benefits was the last step in his eventual rise to become the City's top dog.

Just imagine the "public relations" coup when Tomasito can put his arm around Tony and announce that he, a Hispanic mayor, has appointed an "African American" to the City's top job.  And even though the "African American" in question is woefully unqualified, the press will eat it up.

Here is Tony's bio

"In 1998, at the age of 25, he was promoted to Chief of Staff becoming one of few African-Americans who have served in that capacity for a Hispanic elected official at Miami City Hall."

The racial/ethnic undertones are already there.

What the "bio" fails to mention is that Tony supervised two felons and a fairy, that is why he needed extra resume building from his appointment to Assistant City Manager.

"He was very active on the Metro-Miami Action Plan Trust, an organization created after civil disturbances in the 1980s to address disparities within the African-American community."

The MMAP?  Oh yeah, read the New Times article on the MMAP disaster, and why Tony resigned "because he was too busy to attend meetings."

"In January of 2010, he was selected to chair the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Committee on Economic Initiatives."

Tell us how that is going Tony, we are still waiting for your recommendation on how to improve the City's double digit unemployment rate.

All this bullshit resume patting is just sickening, but completely acceptable in city of Miami government, where you get a raise for showing up, and a bonus for having an idea every once in a while.

The disservice is that there are plenty of professional African Americans and others in this city who are incredibly qualified to run a city or other business but will get passed up because the only thing Mayor Regalado is looking for is the TomASS kisser with the biggest suctioned lips.

And in Tony, he's got the number one TomASS kisser.

Which is why Tony Crapp Jr, will be your next city manager.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Downtown Miami this weekend was turned in to a zoo by rowdy so called "music" fans and the City of Miami police where nowhere to be found.

This happens after the much publicized and viewed beating incident during Halloween captured on video of two City of Miami police officers beating up unarmed citizens during an arrest.

Fearing another "public relations nightmare," Mayor Regalado quipped: "They should have informed us, the political leader, of the consequences that this video would have."

Expo counters: "We normally do not discuss internal investigations with the mayor, but as I mentioned, he knew about it before we did."

Between the secret police to unearth corruption, the false arrests of city employees, and the FOUR shootings this Summer, Expo is having himself quite a year as police chief.

Speaking of shootings, do we have the results of the investigations yet?

Of course not!

Chief Exposito continues to be an UNMITIGATED DISASTER!

And Regalado does nothing.

The citizens of Miami deserve and expect a professionally led police force, which we are not getting.

Crime and mayhem, ALL continue to be Mayor Regalado's fault.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Go check out the Crespo Gram report.

After we broke the Robert Meyers Zippergate story, Gary Nelson over at Channel 4 asked Mr. Meyers to do "splaining" as to the leaked letters between himself and his assistant.

Mr. Meyers comes across as a complete arrogant asshole, typical of the $230,000 a year bureaucrat who thinks he deserves every red cent of his taxpayer supported salary.

"I go out to lunch with people all the time and I don't see where that's a big deal. Having a glass of wine or two, it's not a matter of anybody's concern but mine."

Au contraire Mr. Meyers.

It IS a matter of concern when you drink while on taxpayer dime, and go back to the office to "investigate" ethics matters. 

From the look of your athletic physique, and judging from your cheap tastes, 2 glasses of wine will put you over the .08 BAL limit.

Drunk on County taxpayer time.

It IS a big deal if you take your assistant out to lunch, tell her to "wear something nice," and are then accused of favoritism, or worse yet, sexual harassment. 

And guess who pays the bills from the lawyers if you do get sued Mr. Meyers?

We the taxpayers.

So yes, it IS a matter of concern.

In typical bureaucrat government cover your ass fashion, the so called bullshit "Commission on Ethics" is NOT investigating the relationship between Meyers and his Assistant, but instead going on a hunt for the person that leaked the documents.

Meyers seeks to intimidate his subordinates into silence, Gestapo style.

Mayor Alvarez needs to REMOVE this investigation from the jurisdiction of the Commission on Ethics, apparently they cannot police their own.

An independent authority should step in, perhaps even from another County, so that a FULL AND INDEPENDENT investigation take place.

If this does not take place, it sends the message that Mr. Meyers and his $230,000 a year salary are above the law, beyond reach, while the taxpayers get fucked again.

Does anyone doubt why Mayor Alvarez raised taxes?

It's Miami Bitches!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Close to a year into his administration, Mayor Tomas Regalado has become desperate, worthless and weak, wrecking havoc on the City of Miami as it tailspins into bankruptcy while lobbyists fight for the final spoils.


Fresh off a defeat at the polls to his grand plans to sell the City parking assets, realizing he would have to install red light cameras at every single intersection in the city to make up the projected revenue, and unwilling to lower the salaries of his friends, families, and cronies, Regalado and Financial Mastermind Larry Spring now want to sell the City Administrative building to the highest bidder.

According to our pals at Investigation Miami, there is a plan afoot to sell space on the side of the city building for more billboards.

And how much is this bringing to the city?  A little over $800,000 a year.

How cheaply Tomasito prostitutes himself.

$800,000 barely covers 3 firefighter salaries and pensions.

Allow us to suggest that Tomasito sell ad space on his cheap suits, or better yet, tattoo an ad to his giant forehead.

Any suggestions?


Interesting overlooked story in the Herald about the roadwork being done on Brickell Avenue by the FDOT, and how is pits pedestrians with automobiles.

The mayor's reaction?

Regalado, who said he came out of a meeting with Pego feeling frustrated...
"I am still hoping they will listen to us.''
Pobrecito Tomasito!
No one listens!!!

Didn't Big Johnny "Chief of Infrastructure" Martinez, $170,000 in base salary, work at FDOT?

Hell, we hear he used to have Gus Pego's job!

What about Super Alice "CIP" Bravo, $140,000 base salary, also work at FDOT?

And the new guy?  The one who replaced Glenn Marcos because Marcos asked questions.  
Three former FDOT TOP executives can't convince anyone at the agency?

And Tomas?

You and your daughter should call your pal Governor Alex Sink, maybe she can fix it.

Oh wait.......

She lost.
And so have you Tomas.
Miami's biggest loser.

You should tattoo that on your forehead.

Or maybe...


Sunday, November 14, 2010


A budget of over 2 million dollars of taxpayer money.

15 employees, 5 making over $100,000.

Robert Meyers - $230,747
Michael Murawski - $146,671
Ardyth Walker - $137,097
Manuel Diaz - $106,859
Christina Seymour - $102,320

And what do they have to show for it?

In a County where politicians run free to do as they please.

Where the Mayor of the City of Miami violates state laws by campaigning for his daughter on city time, and allows his staffers to do the same.

Where police so called "sergeant at arms" drive around lobbyists in city SUVs.

Where lawyers for billionaire developers write city ordinances behind the closed doors of the Mayor's office.

When was the last time the Miami Dade Ethics Commission found anyone to be unethical?

Marc Sarnoff operating a law office illegally from his house? DISMISSED

Joe Martinez having a house built by the Latin Builders Association? DISMISSED

Complaints against Jose "Pepe" Diaz?  Natasha Seijas? Dorrin Rolle?


We have an idea.

The entire Miami Dade Commission on Ethics should be DISMISSED.

Starting with Robert Meyers.

They have shown themselves to be a waste of time and taxpayer money.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Take Back Miami has obtained a memo from Mayor Carlos Alvarez to the Chair of the Miami Dade County Ethics Commission alleging "inappropriate conduct" on the part of Commission Executive Director Robert Meyers.

Mr. Meyers, who according to documents obtained by Random Pixels, makes $230,747 of our hard earned tax money to chase crooked politicians is instead accused of chasing his secretary.

According to the note:

Mr. Meyers and his secretary "take extended lunch hours to enjoy food, drinks, and 'conversation' at the County's expense."


So when you wonder why Chairman of Everything Marc David Sarnoff, Mayor Tomasito Regalado, his daughter Raquelita Regalado, and all the other crooked politicians get away with all they do while the so called "Ethics Commission" looks the other way, now you know.

And Bob, what is it with all the "Miami Spice" coupons anyhow?

You make over $230K!

Crooked and cheap.

Friday, November 05, 2010


Our inbox this morning was abuzz with comments from our Spanish language friends about an appearance last night on the highly rated "Oscar Haza" show on Channel 41 of one Dr. Emilio Gonzalez.

The interview with the former immigration service director, member of the Bush national security team, and Army veteran started off with a general overview of national politics and the midterm elections but quickly turned to local politics.

When asked, Dr. Gonzalez opined on the defeat of the Miami Parking Authority takeover, pointing out how a City that is on the verge of bankruptcy due to poor fiscal management made a desperate attempt to increase revenues by acquiring control of the parking authority, and yet voters failed to go along with the Mayor's proposal, indicating a deep lack of confidence in the Mayor's ability to manage the City's finances.

Asked point blank whether he would run for the Mayoral seat in 2013, Dr. Gonzalez coyly did not deny that he would not be seeking the Mayor's office.

Meanwhile, facing a drubbing at the polls, losing the MPA takeover, backing a loser in the Gubernatorial race, and continued record high unemployment in the City of Miami, Mayor Tomasito went on a Spanish language radio offensive of his own, bringing out his favorite topic once again, the Florida Marlins.

While people are suffering from an economic downturn and the City is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, is this really the best Tomas can do?  How many times can he beat the Marlins' dead horse?

You better come up with some real solid plans soon Tomas.

You're politically weak, the knives are out, and they are aiming for your back!

We hope that a worthy challenger does step up against you, and give Miami the leadership we all deserve.

Thursday, November 04, 2010


We kept wondering why it is that a seemingly clear cut case of ethics violation would be dismissed by the Miami Dade Ethics Commission...

And then it hit us!

Remember back in December when the City passed its ethics ordinance requiring "tough new ethics training" for politicians and lobbyists?

Guess who is administering the training???

So how much City money is going to the Ethics Commission for this course?

Maybe Super Investigative Reporter Chuck Rabin can find out.  And Chuck, don't just "ask" them, they'll lie to you.  File a records request like the rest of us and do your job.

Once again, Chairman Marc David Sarnoff, Esquire, proves to be quite the smart one, making sure the Ethics Commission is on the monetary hook with the City.

Sarnoff opens the city wallet, and becomes above the law.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


The big plan has been shot down.

Taking over the MPA and then leasing out the assets was the way Tomasito and friends would save the city from bankruptcy.

Getting the voters to approve it would be easy.  Go on Cuban radio, blame the MPA for spending too much money.  Accuse the MPA director of "Living la Vida Loca..."

Tomasito's relentless campaigning could not convince voters to give him control of the MPA.

So now what?

This is a major defeat for Tomasito in several ways, the worst of which is that now he and Manager Migoya have to figure out a way to keep the city from going bankrupt.

The other defeat is a tarnish to his power and image, for the first time, Tomasito could not get voters to go along with him.

This is in addition to his and Raquelita's support for failed gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink will send a message to the city commissioners (Carollo and Suarez especially) that Tomasito's air of invincibility is not what it seems.

Tomasito's blood is in the water, and the commission sharks will soon begin to circle around him.

Of note:

The Herald ran a story about Sarnoff beating his ethics complaint, but no story yet on the failed MPA takeover.  Maybe Chuck was too busy to write a story that matters.

Also, former Mayor Manny Diaz who was the state chairman for Fair Districts got a big win last night with the passage of Amendments 5 and 6.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010




More to come...


"I was treated like everyone else. I think the system is inherently fair, and works.''
Because "everyone else" gets a call from the ass kissing zoning director to tell you that some pesky activists are after you and gives you time to explain and correct your violations.

And this is surprising how exactly?
Forget about the Ethics Commission or the State Attorney taking any action against the Chairman.

Unless the Department of Justice finally wakes up and brings the broom down to Miami to sweep away the "Culture of Corruption..."
The only way to beat Sarnoff will be at the polls in November 2011.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Check out the video in the Crespo Gram Report.

Mayor's aide and felon Jose Marrero campaigning on city time and our tax dollars.

But why is it surprising?

This is the same Mayor that allowed another aide, Jose "Pepe" Fulgueira to campaign for Raquel Regalado on city time.

And the same "24 Hour" Mayor who also campaigned for Ms. Regalado on city time.

Three lawbreakers.

So where is the State Attorney on this matter?

Or is the Mayor and his staff above the law?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010



Some advice from Chairman of Everything Marc David Sanorff, Esquire:

"We should all pause in our daily routines and thank a city of Miami police officer, firefighter, park worker, for doing more with less."


While the regular "Jose" and "Juana" among us scrape by in the worst recession since the Great Depression...

While people lose their jobs and homes...

While the county-wide unemployment rate is 13%...

While the median household income is less than $30,000...


When Mayor Regalado lies about raising taxes and raises fees...

We're supposed to be thankful???

Only an arrogant asshole with a giant sense of entitlement would think that way.

So yes, thanks a lot Marc David ASSHOLE!

$$$$$ OUT OF LINE $$$$$

Jackie Bueno Sosa published a piece in today's Herald asking the question: Are County Salaries Our of Line?

The same can be said about the City of Miami. 
Overall, our local public employees -- particularly when factoring in overtime pay, pensions and other benefits -- are paid wages that are grossly out of line with the pay of the community that supports them.

In 2009, the mean annual wage of a police officer in the metro Miami area was $62,500, more than 50 percent higher than the mean annual wage of all occupations in our area ($41,070), according to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

By comparison, the same figure for a police officer in metro Atlanta, $43,670, was 4 percent less than the overall mean annual wage earned by residents there. In New Orleans, police wages outpaced the income of the rest of the population, but only by about 6 percent. 

In Miami-Dade, the gap is made worse when you consider that about 1,300 Miami-Dade police officers this year will gross more than $100,000, according to a Miami Herald compensation analysis earlier this year; or when you factor in pensions and other benefits that most private-sector workers lost years ago.
Ms. Bueno Sosa left out the car and phone allowances and the very generous vacation and sick days.

Our good friend Billboard Pieter Bockweg is the poster boy for this excess.

Remember that:

"Under terms of the agreement written by Bockweg, he would get a 9 percent annual raise. His base salary would be $135,000 a year, but he would also be allowed to cash in unused vacation, sick and holiday time. With six weeks' vacation, six weeks' sick time and 11 holidays a year, that could total another $36,400 a year. Bockweg would also collect almost $27,000 in deferred compensation and an $800 monthly car allowance."

Over $210,000 in total.

But look at a highlight of these other BASE SALARIES who are higher than Bockweg's:
Julie Bru ----- City Attorney ----- $228,238
Maurice Kemp ----- Fire Chief ----- $223,329
Maria Chiaro ----- Deputy City Attorney ----- $211,155
Warrwn Bittner ----- Deputy City Attorney ----- $210,268
Reginald Duren ----- Deputy Fire Chief ----- $203,704
Miguel Exposito ----- Chief of Police ----- $196,000
Seven Assistant Fire Chiefs ----- $194,004
Priscilla Tompson ----- City Clerk ----- $192,270
Henry Hunnefeld ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $182.716
Victor Igwe ----- Auditor General ----- $182,512
Larry Spring ----- CFO ----- $171,431
Johnny Martinez ---- Chief of Infrastructure ----- $170,000
Ilene Temchin ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $166,333
Luis Cabrera ----- Deputy Chief of Police ----- $163,343
Pedro Gomez ----- Exec. Asst. to the Fire Chief ----- $161,728
Tomas Pupo ----- Exec. Asst. to the Fire Chief ----- $161,714
Roy Brown ----- Assistant Chief of Police ----- $160,611
Edward Piedermann ----- Chief Fire Officer ----- $157,506
Rafael Suarez Rivas ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $157,055
Peter Korinis ----- CIO ----- $155,493
Hugo Rodriguez ----- Chief Fire Officer ----- $150,006
Iliana Forte ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $149,576
William Juliachs ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $149,576
Richard Blom ----- Assistant Chief of Police ----- $147,525
Gail Dotson ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $146,379
Jose Siegle ----- Police Major ----- $146,010
Alfredo Alvarez ----- Police Major ----- $146,010
Roman Martinez ----- Police Major ----- $146,010
Mimi Turin ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $145,248
Diana Gomez ----- Director of Finance ----- $145,120
David Magnusson ---- Police Major ----- $145,058
Craig McQueen ----- Police Major ----- $145,058
Manuel Orosa ----- Police Major ----- $145,058
Gamaliel Souffrant ----- Fire Captain ----- $142,654
Craig Radelman ----- Fire Captain ----- $142,653
Thomas Klimoski Jr. ----- Fire Captain ----- $142,653
Keith Cunningham ----- Police Major ----- $140,394
Orestes Chavez ----- Police Major ----- $140,394
Jorge Martin ----- Police Major ----- $140,394
Raul Herbello ----- Police Major ----- $140,394
Christopher Green ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $140,206
Steven Caceres ----- Police Major ----- $140,169
Tony Crapp, Jr. ----- Chief of Operations ----- $140,000
Alice Bravo ----- Director of CIP ----- $140,000
Orlando Toledo ----- Dir. Building and Zoning ----- $139,645
Ernest Burkeen ----- Director of Parks ----- $135,776
Robin Jackson ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $135,058
Cynthia Torres ----- Director of ERP ----- $135,000
Lourdes Slazyk ----- Zoning Administrator ----- $134,355
Jorge Castro ----- NET Commander ----- $132,736
David Patino ----- NET Commander ----- $132,736
Ricardo Roque ----- NET Commander ----- $132,736
Gary Eugene ----- NET Commander ----- $132,735
Jose Fernandez ----- NET Commander ----- $132,735
David Sanchez ----- NET Commander ----- $132,735
Add in the car allowance, phone allowance, vacation, sick time, annual raises, health benefits, defined benefit pensions, and all the other perks...

You get the idea.

So here's a suggestion:

Why don't the Fire and Police brass give up some of their salaries to help shore up the "modest salaries and pensions" of those men and women in uniform down the line?

Or does the loyalty to the brother/sisterhood only run so deep???

Monday, October 25, 2010


While Mayor Tomasito and Chairman of Everything Marc David Sarnoff, Esquire, will continue their plans for a "watered down party" to celebrate the Miami Heat's opening home game, City of Miami police have something else in mind:  a GIANT protest! 

Dear Brothers and Sisters: 

The Miami Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #20 is asking for statewide assistance on October 29, 2010.  The City of Miami has declared a "financial urgency" on our union and in turn they have destroyed our modest wages and pension benefits.  We have filed several lawsuits in court because we feel that the use of financial urgency statute is unconstitutional under Florida law.  All municipalities in Florida are keeping a close eye on what happens with the City of Miami.  If they prevail, the financial urgency clause will sweep across our state destroying all benefits and wages in every municipality. 
Date: Friday, October 29, 2010
Meeting Place: 2300 Northwest 14th Street (Miami PBA Hall)
Time : 1600 HRS

From this location, we will provide transportation to Downtown Miami.  Refreshments and shirts will also be provided.  The demonstration will be held during the first home game of the Miami Heat.  We guarantee a good time!  Come join us in defending our hard earned benefits!
A guaranteed good time?

What can be more fun that watching Armando and his gang demonstrate against the Mayor they worked so hard to elect!

Friday, October 22, 2010


City officials say they have no intention of privatizing the authority -- a move that has resulted in higher parking rates elsewhere, notably Chicago --



Authorizing discontinuance or modification of Off-Street Parking Department, transfer of assets, operation,
management and control

Shall the Miami Charter be amended to authorize the City Commission, by ordinance, to discontinue the Department of Off-Street Parking (DOSP) and the DOSP board, modify the DOSP board, transfer DOSP's assets to the City of Miami (City), allow for the operation, management and control of parking facilities by
the City or DOSP, and authorize the management, lease or sale of any or all of the parking facilities to a public or private entity?

Why the lies???

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado worked for more than eight years to see the opening of a brand-new fire station in Flagami. But on Saturday, Regalado and his fellow commissioners weren't there to celebrate the dedication of Fire-Rescue Station 11.
"I do resent it,'' Regalado said. ``At least they could have recognized that I worked many, many hours as a commissioner for that fire station. One thing has nothing to do with another.''
Pobrecito Tomasito!
Who is in charge here?

The Unions?  

You ARE the Mayor.

So why not show up?
Why are you so afraid of them?

You prefer playing the victim to the bad press?

Avoiding another "public relations nightmare."

Pobresito Tomasito!
No leadership.

No cojones.