Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We told you so.

Just in time for the holidays, what better gift than to promote your long time Tom Ass kisser and give him the $300,000 salary he deserves.

NO Private Sector Experience.

NO Managerial Experience.

NO Financial Experience.

NEVER had a real job in his life!

But that doesn't matter.

Regalado ``is making sure the top city decision-makers are people he can trust, and are part of his long-term team,'' said Dario Moreno, a political science professor at Florida International University. ``His style is to have people he can trust around him.''
Which is why Regalado gave Dario Moreno a contract to teach "ethics" classes.

Chuck Rabin of course never asked Regalado who else was in the running because no one but Crapp was getting this job and everyone knows it.  
Chuck is nicely playing along, already pointing out that "Crapp would be the second African American to oversee the city's workforce" and quoting Tom Ass saying "some of his supporters expected him to name a Cuban American to the top post."

In Regalado's mind of divisive ethnic politics, naming an inexperienced black man to city manager trumps any considerations of knowledge or experience, it's the ethnicity that counts, and not the brains.

Chuck and the Herald play further into Regalado's hands:

"Monday, in a meeting with The Miami Herald's editorial board, Crapp downplayed his lack of experience in handling large budgets and overseeing large staffs. The eight months he spent under Migoya's tutelage, he said, felt more like five years."
But that's the point.
Tony Crapp has never managed ANYTHING of significance.
Not in five years
Not in eight months
Not in eight minutes.

The ONLY reason he is the city's manager is because he is black, and he is loyal to Tom Ass.

We would respect Regalado if he came out and said it: 
"Look, Tony is black, I need votes in the black community, and he is loyal to me."

Stop the fucking charade already.
In a metropolitan area of more than 3 million people, Tony Crapp Jr. is THE MOST QUALIFIED person to be city manager.

What's worse is how all the commissioners are lining up to support the Tom Ass.

Commission Chairman Sarnoff said Crapp's lack of a background in finance is a concern, but added, ``I think he's going to have a great team behind him. He'll be fine in operations. My only concern is in the numbers part. He's going to need a very capable CFO and budget director, and I think he's got both.''

The very capable CFO and budget director being our pals Larry and Diana?

The city is in a financial crisis that will continue until voters wake up and realize they are all being played for fools. 

Regalado, Sarnoff, and the commission don't care about the voters, taking the city down the Crapper, lying to all of us by not raising "taxes" but raising "fees," and using our money as their private bank accounts.

Wake up.................

And throw all these bastards out of office!


Anonymous said...

Retardado can't find a professional black person because they have all moved to Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

Tony "I don't know" Crapp has a capable CFO in Larry "I cover up and conduct illegal transfers" Spring and Diana "I open my legs, bend down, and conduct illegal transfers" Gomez. The City's finances is in disarray, but yet these folks are very capable.

Commissioner Sarnoff conducts city business the same way he conducts his personal life. It is all a lie!!!! His marriage is a lie, he being straight is a lie, he being a successful attorney is a lie, he having legal law office is a lie, etc.....

This man doesn't have a family, because he is purely evil. His father, mother, step-father all hate him!!!!!

What a crock of shit! said...

It's just like "little bitch" Retardado to take his "house boy" Crapp to the Herald Editorial Board so they can get approval from their masters.

Anonymous said...

...and the people get the government they deserve. 3 more years! Maybe next time more than 17% of the registered voters will actually vote.

Anonymous said...

Tony, who does it feel to become the City's next City Manager? DDDAAAAAA, UMMMMMMM, EEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH


Anonymous said...

You think the Herald even asked? They are a pathetic joke with Chuck Rabin being the biggest clown of them all.

the jolly said...

awesome - he can lead the charge into bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

I am just glad that Tony learned the ropes from Migoya himself who was so good at managing the city.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Migoya was a bored uninterested City Manager.

For Regalado to appoint a dope like Tony Crapp, Jr speaks volumns about Regalado. As other experts have stated there are 3 million people in South Florida and Tony Crapp is the best Tomas Regalado can come up with?

Anonymous said...

The problem with the City of Miami is most legal registered voters would vote for a miami river mullet if it had a latin name.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the City of Miami is that most legal registered voters don't vote. The politicians and their lobbyists know this.

Anonymous said...

The taxpayers get screwed every time a City employee opens his or her mouth.

Anonymous said...

Ok the work for free city manager and regalado both knew that this guy crapp has no idea what he's doing and no experience and so they train him for 6 months to run a city budget??? Really? It's that simple? Are these guy's fucking serious? And the this is the crap article that the Herald reports? Where's the critizism, the questions? NOOOO, nothing! And once again they are already going to balance their budget but cutting salaries instead of fixing the ridiculous spending habits on their pet projects for their buddies. Maybe sarnoff will have extra money to plant new trees on his street or maybe now he can have a helicopter land at the dog park and take him to city hall.

Anonymous said...

How much is Crapp going to make? What is his compensation package?

Anonymous said...

Migoya has 30+ years of banking experience, an MBA, and managerial experience.

Pete Hernandez is an engineer, several decades as a County administrator, and managerial experience.

Joe Arriola, loudmouth but built a multi-million dollar business from scratch, also has financial and managerial experience.

Carlos Gimenez has decades of public service managerial experience and was the fire chief.

What does Tony Crapp Jr. have?

Not a fucking thing!

Except he is "loyal" to Tomas.

This is an outrage!!!

Anonymous said...

This is why the Mayor's name is ThomASS!

Anonymous said...

Tony Crapp Jr. has to be THE MOST unqualified City Manager in the history of the city of Miami.

Anonymous said...

Tony Crapp what qualifies you to become City of Miami City Manager? I'M BLACK!

Anonymous said...

I would strongly suggest that we keep the white, black, anglo, cuban, young, old - out of this picture.
That really has nothing to do with this.

Anonymous said...

I would normally agree with your point of view Anon 16:35, a todie by any other name (or color) is still a toadie.

But it is TomAss himself that brings color into it, already parading Crapp around, mining for votes in the black community because he, a Cuban American, did not listen to his supposed supporters, and hired Tont, An African American, as manager.

It's TomAss who has always been divisive. If he REALLY cared about Tony, he would tell him to go get an advanced degree, get some real world experience, and earn his way to the top.

Instead, he uses Tony Crapp for political and PR purposes as TomAss has always used people around him.

Anonymous said...

Tony Crapp what qualifies you to become City of Miami City Manager? I'M BLACK!

Anonymous said...

Tomas Regalado what qualifies Tony Crapp Jr. to become City of Miami City Manager? He is a LOYAL BLACK!

Anonymous said...

Tony Crapp, Jr, might even be a nice guy but as bloggers on many sites have pointed out he is decades away from being qualified. If ever. Wall Street Rating Agencies might even downgrade Miami's debt when they investigate the lack of experience of the new City Manager. This decision made by unqualified Mayor Tomas Regalado to appoint an unqualified City Manager could cost the City millions or even hundreds of millions.

Commissioners should demand a national search to find a suitable qualified candidate.

Anonymous said...

Blacks hate to fire other blacks.

Crapp is job security for incompetent lazy employees.

Anonymous said...

How the fuck do Regalado and Sarnoff get off on blasting the former administration for keeping them "in the dark" regarding city finances when it is THE SAME PEOPLE who are there now?

Tony Crapp will not fire them, he even hired the guy for solid waste who went to Cambridge or Oxford or whatever.

The bullshit continues!

Anonymous said...

Larry Spring the CFO is under investigation by the SEC.

Anonymous said...

Will Tony Crapp fire his good friend, frat brother and mentor disgraced CFO Larry Spring? What about the City Clerk? She only works 5-6 months a year and she takes $240,000 or more in pay and benefits. What about some of the other criminals?

Nelson said...

awesome - he can lead the charge into bankruptcy.