Monday, December 13, 2010


Oh Expo!

You were doing so well avoiding the slings and arrows of the media, navigating the treacherous waters of Miami politics, all relatively unscathed.

Your predecessor stopped police shootings and dropped crime to record lows, but was screwed over for accepting a demo Lexus.

Your first year had "four fatal shootings by officers, a videotape of police punching a man while he's pinned down, a botched attempt to control an unruly crowd and some anti-corruption investigations that fizzled."

You didn't even find Manny Diaz' bike (or the Grove and Brickell rapists for that matter).

We wanted you gone.

So did Uncle Luke.

But you managed to survive.

Until now.


You fucked with the wrong person Expo.

The second Louis Cabrera was transferred over to the City Manager's office, we knew you were in trouble.

And now, master of public relations Mayor Tomas "Keen Knack" Regalado drops a bomb on you to the Miami Herald.

After a year, police chief under the gun.

Ironic headline no?

Forget that it was the Mayor who hired you.

That it was the Mayor who told you to start the "anti-corruption" unit that would go after his political enemies.

Or that it was the Mayor himself who said that "violence would be responded to with violence."

Now the Mayor says "It's all on Exposito.''

Just because you fucked with his Godson Louis Cabrera.

Your days are numbered Chief.

So watch your back Expo...

Because Luisito is already making space on his collar for a fourth star.


Anonymous said...

Chief Exposito was the central figure in covering up the Regalado credit card gas scandal years ago. In turn, Regalado repaid Exposito by appointing him Chief. Almost a year later from the day Regalado appointed Exposito as Chief, Mayor Regalado has lost the respect from not only Chief Exposito, but from City Manager Carlos Migoya and Commissioner Sarnoff.

There is a power struggle at City Hall between Mayor Regalado and Commissioner Sarnoff, because Sarnoff has gone around along with Carlos Migoya to ensure that the City's top administrators align themselves with Commissioner Sarnoff. They have spread the word that Regalado is an incompetent, ignorant moron who lacks political, leadership, and visionary skills as the City's mayor.

The administrators who did not play politics were fired by Migoya at the behest of Sarnoff. Those who have been hired or kept by Migoya are part of "TEAM SARNOFF". I know because I was brought into a meeting to dicuss my loyalty and alliance to Sarnoff and not Regalado. I was told that the following are part of "TEAM SARNOFF":

Johnny Martinez
Alice Bravo
Pieter Bockweg
Orlando Toledo
Julie O. Bru
Victoria Mendez (despite the fact that she is best friend with Regalado's daughter)
Veronica Xiques
Larry Spring
Diana Gomez
Sergio Guadix
Chief Exposito
Chief Kemp
Chief Duren
Kenneth Robertson
Jessica Capo
Mirtha Dziedzic
Jennifer Ramirez
George Mensah
Ernest Burkeen
Juan Pascual
Ziwe (Public Works Director)
Peter Korinis

Interesting as it may be, most of these individuals were on "MANNY DIAZ'S TEAM".

City staffer said...

Well maybe Louisito will be the first one to try and take a bite out of commissioner Sarnoff's crooked ass.

It seems that this Thursday, "the chairman" will be ousted and replaced by a much more competent and trustworthy commissioner in Gort.

This will be the beginning of the end for Sarnoff. Being the "chairman" and controlling the agenda was his ace in the hole for demanding campaign contributions for throwing his weight around on the dais.

Now that he's being removed, he'll have big problems convincing special interest groups that they need to "pay to play"....

Marc, not to worry, your fall from grace will be swift. In 60-90 days you won't even have a parking space at Pan American Dr.

Anonymous said...

Chief Exposito leadership has been surrounded by scanadals, cronyisn and vengeance since the beginning of his administration. He is in the process of attempting to persuade Migoya to demote and promote. Apparently those that were associated with Cabrera are under the gun to be demoted like Mayor Herbello, Commander Roque, Commander Castro and Commander Patino. Just last week the Chief met with several lieutenants who may be replacing his current staff. The problem is not his staff although most of them should have never been promoted in the first place, it is Expo himself who is a complete incompetent Chief. Regalado hands are tight since he display loyaltly to Expo to promote based on Expo contributing to his campaign and conducting all his little crony details of paybacks. The department's personnel are second guessing the Chief, they are playing the survival game by not rocking the boat since they are all aware Chief Expo's days are numbered. Those few who managed to walk away from their position, retire and kept their integrity knew that Expo was nothing more than a political hack and one who has no loyalty but to himself.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Victoria Mendez is with Sarnoff is because she is with all of them. She wants to be the next City Attorney. Her husband gives money to all the campaigns so they in turn will give Victoria their votes for City Attorney

Anonymous said...

Look into why Cabrera is now in City Hall behind a desk. I understand he has a little secret, or file, for some improper doing.

Anonymous said...

Cabrera was promoted by Exposito because it was part of Regalado's deal to make him Chief. From the minute the promotion took place, Cabrera was trying to push aside Exposito. Exposito tried to put Cabrera in his place and Cabrera went crying (literally) to his Godfather Regalado and Regalado protected him by placing him in the City Administration. Now Regalado will get rid of Expo and replace him with Cabrera.

Anonymous said...

The City of Miami has an excessive amount of corruption. The City will continue to fail if all the corrupt officials are allowed to remain stealing from the hapless taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Keep letting these bastards steal elections with the votes from the old people in the towers.

Anonymous said...

Everybody blames the old people, and I guess what you mean is old cuban folks. It took more that the old voters to elect the current flock of criminals we have elected. Maybe we can try something new and elect someone based on their ability not where they came from. If you want a real Police Chief like the former city police chief then vote for the best qualified individual and lets hope he is an outsider because the M.P.D. needs new fresh leadership that only a selection of a outsider can bring. Lets see if anyone has learned anything in selecting a real police chief.....

Anonymous said...

Stop your crying you little bitches, last time we had an outsider we drove him out of here in his Lexus.

Anonymous said...

Exposito, as he has demonstrated, is incompetent eventhough he has managerial experience gained through the years and rank. Cabrera on the other hand, is totaly incompetent with no managerial experience what-so-ever. He has never held a command level position and has NO managerial experience. His entire carreer has been behind an administrative desk or feeding the elderly as a CATE Officer. When promoted to Sergeant and later Lieutenant, he was unable to deal with criminal in the streets and reassigned both times to desk duties. He has not earnd the respect of his peers, is mentally unstable and has been laughed at since day one. If named chief, he will promote other desk flunkies like himself to staff positions. Cabrera is scared of his own shawdow and is unable to deal with pressure. The City of Miami has reached its lowest point in history and has prostituted itself to inexperienced unethical proportions orchestrated by Regalado. Like Venezuela's Chavez, Regalado will soon have total control by placing inexperienced puppets like Cabrera and Crapp in key positions. Those two fools are only too stupid to think that they are being promoted because of their qualifications. Every morning look at yourself in the mirror and know that you are just one of the whores... Soon, like a condom you will be disposed...

Anonymous said...

Willy Gort? Gort who is so bored he falls asleep during Commission meetings? Gort who is so clueless he can sit mute for hours until an item comes up he can comment on?

Gort who counts down the days until he can start taking his City pension.

Anonymous said...

Park West policeman Jeffrey Glasko was suspended this week? Same guy accused of corruption and overtime and off duty abuses? Is Chief Expo finally figuring out which policemen and policewomen are corrupt?

Anonymous said...

Police Officer Jeffrey Glasko tested positive for cocaine. He was close with Bert Gonzalez.