Monday, December 20, 2010


Poor Expo!

The pressure got to him and now he is delusional.

How else can you explain the appearance on Michael Putney, and the arrogant stupid quotes.

"When we do take action, we're told that we're using excessive force.  If we didn't to it, we'd be criticized that we're not using it enough.''
Why the criticism?
Five people dead at the hands of your police department maybe?
Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your actions?

Leadership demands accountability.

But we don't get that from you, or the mayor.

Time to go Expo!

Little "Cry Baby" Cabrera wants your four stars.

Or is Frank Pichel the new chief?


Anonymous said...

Frank Pichel is the next police chief. Sorry Luisito!

Anonymous said...

Great from bad to worse if Pichel takes over. Don't forget Pichel is a steroid user, meaby the department can start pumping iron and juicing up at the hands of Pichel.

Anonymous said...

Pichel and Exposito are good friends. Both of them forgot about police work years ago when they concentrated all their efforts in trying to bring down prior police Chiefs with their political attacks at City Hall and the media. How does it feel Expo when the attack is directed at you now...

Anonymous said...

If the Mayor promotes from the within the police separtment, the selection would be seen as the Mayor looking for a yes man type of police chief, someone he can tell how he wants the police department to run. Are there qualifed City police officers already in the department who could be considered police chief materal, Yes, but by selecting from the inside sends the wrong message. Start a national search for the best qualified and get a proven leader, not another unqualified police chief.

Anonymous said...

Retardado rewards loyalty over competence (Tony Crapp being the best example) so he will not look to the outside for a competent chief. Plus, Armando Aguilar has to bless whoever the next chief is. So it's Frank Pichel.

Anonymous said...

The Frank Pichel assumption is way off base. While it is true that Miguel "fatass" Exposito is good friends with Frank "Steroids" Pichel because of there dark pass with cover-ups, including Mayor Regalado's Gas Credit Card Scandal, there is no way he will be the next Police Chief. You are still looking at Regalado's mentally challenged godson Luis Cabrera in line to be top brass. Luis Cabrera is still on the Police Department's payroll and not the City Manager's Office and is still accruing Police pension credits because his return to the Department is just around the corner.

When is this going to happen? Mid to late January!

Anonymous said...

I agree with this blog more often than not, but this article is way off base. You are assuming without knowing the details that these shootings by the Miami Police are unwarranted, abusive and wrong. All of the shootings fall within the very restrictive shooting policy that Chief Timony put in place during his tenure. See, it doesn't matter who the current chief is, the shootings would still have occurred assuming all circumstances remain the same.

Anonymous said...

In rough neighborhoods it seems every gangbanger has a gun.

Anonymous said...

We went from no shootings to 5 shootings, all with the new chief, I agree with this blog and think he is a disaster.

Anonymous said...

There is too much police corruption. Far too many cops are only concerned with making money. Off duty. Shakedowns. Overtime. Promotions. Pensions. Not enough cops are motivated by performing public service. What happened to Internal Affairs? Why no arrests?
Did Exposito tell IA to go soft on police corruption?


Miami officer accused of trying to sell stolen Bluetooths

A Miami police officer helped move a shipment of stolen Bluetooth headsets and was planning to sell them on the black market, authorities said Friday, one day after he was arrested.

Ricardo Martinez, 40, appeared in federal court Friday, charged with the receipt and possession of stolen goods. He faces a maximum of 10 years in prison if convicted.

Martinez, a 12-year department veteran, had been under scrutiny for his involvement in two fatal police shootings in a short span over the summer.

Anonymous said...

All we need to do is wait a few more months and the City will realize that with the end of the federal bailouts this upcomming year that they will be unable to balance the books. Lets see how many cops and fire officals will be terminated, the question is not if a reduction will happen its only when will the reductions take place and how many will be terminated. I also say lets park every police and fire vehicle and stop the pratice of take home vehicles. Each officer who is assigned a take home vehicle and all the free gas is a pratice we can't afford anymore. Its going to be interesting to see how the City leaders are going to make up the difference, which seems impossible now. How much more tax/service charges can the public keep paying till the voters just run out of money and the City spends more than it collects,like it doing now. Miami is the poster child for Cities that have destroyed their ability to provide necessary services by electing unqualified political leaders to every political posistion in the City for the last 20 years or so.

Anonymous said...

I love it when uninformed people bring up the take home vehicles.

The vehicles were given in lieu of pay raises. We all would have much rathered taken the money which would have been pensionable.

Before the take home cars, I would get to play dominoes in the station every night, because there wasn't enough working cars. These cars aren't meant to be run 24x7. Most were unsafe to even drive.

Officers are able to respond directly to calls, without having to go to the station first. It also saves 2 hours of productivity that was consumed with searching for your assigned car, ensuring that it worked, and transferring a huge amount of equipment back and forth.

The city doesn't have enough parking spots to park all of the cars, plus the personal cars as well.

And finally, the city has saved a ton of money. The city is able to get 7 years out of each car where before they only lasted less than 3. They also were able to reduce the size of the number of GSA mechanics.

So stop being envious of a car, and let's deal with the bigger issue of the overall corruption that has taken over the City.

TAX PAYER said...


I want a take home car, free gas and insurance, and a badge, and a gun, and a pension, and a union that saves my ass every time I fuck up.

Instead, I don't have a job because unemployment is at 14% and I barely make ends meet because the median household income in this city is under $25,000.

Stop your bitchy crying, I hope politicians grow some balls and do take away all your perks.

And if you don't like it, THEN QUIT!

Try looking for a job in the super hot Miami job market.

Just thank GOD every day you have a job instead of thinking up of new ways to fuck the taxpayers you greedy pigs!

So infantile.... said...

Hey TAXPAYER so you say

"I want a take home car, free gas and insurance, and a badge, and a gun, and a pension, and a union that saves my ass every time I fuck up.
Instead, I don't have a job because unemployment is at 14% "

Why then don't you apply to the City of Miami Police Department for a job?????

Too much work for you? Too shitty a job??
Gotta deal with the scumbags with guns daily?? Too dangerous???
Not sophisticated enough for you??
Too middle class for you??

Get over yourself - and BTW, if you really don't have a job, and you chicken-shit out of applying for a job at the police department, they are hiring at Greenstreet's. If you're unemployed right now, it's because you are not looking hard enough, or because you deserve much better than the rest.
Merry Christmas to you.

Anonymous said...

Your arrogance tells me you are not a "public servant" but a public parasite, sucking on the tit of government and the taxpayers. You will bankrupt the city and/or raise taxes before you give up your "perks."

You tell us you "serve and protect" but it's only to serve and protect yourselves, police and fire, need to get a hold of reality and see how the rest of us live.

Anonymous said...

Weak City of Miami Mayors and commissioners have fostered a sense of entitlement from the police and from too many employees. Bankruptcy is coming.

Anonymous said...

The day that the City of Miami files for bankruptcy is comming right around the corner. Had it not been for federal funds the City would be in bankruptcy court this moment. However, no federal funds are available to cover the short fall this upcomming year. By July we should know how many city employees will be terminated to balance the budget. I say let the county police take over all City of Miami police activities and Im sure the price would be cheaper than what we pay in taxes for the City police department. Then we must also do the same for the fire department, and maybe just maybe we will be able to balence the budget.

City of Miami Police said...

I live in Broward, and I drive my City of Miami car every day home on the I-95 and turn on my lights if there is too much traffic. My car is free, so is my insurance and my gas.

Best of all, I barely have a high school diploma, and I make six figures.

You're just jealous!

Anonymous said...

Regalado was on AM radio Caracol yesterday. According to him on that interview everything is fine and dandy since Migoya fixed everything that was wrong. According to Regalado, the City of Miami is far away from bankruptcy and that everything is going to be ok with Crapp next year. But what pissed me off the most is that he LIED about services NOT being affected. That is not true. As far as EMS goes, if there is not enough manpower, then a truck is put out of service because they don't want to hire overtime. That means a truck from farther away has to respond. If it's your family member having the big one, a few minutes makes a big difference. But hey, believe everything that Regalado say's and you'll be ok!

As far as the "police" posting about his're being an idiot and you're not helping anyone but the trolls that are against the employees.

kopper said...


Stop telling the people that their tax money goes to pay for our houses in Broward, our free cars, free gas, free insurance, and our massive pensions.

Like Regalado said, everything is ok and Crapp will do a great job.

Anonymous said...

The City is so broke it hiked the fees for permits, licenses and fines by increases of 5% to well over 200%. Over 4,000 employees, most of whom are vastly overpaid.

Every overpaid staffer is involved in extracting revenue from innocent taxpayers. Almost 90% of ALL revenues go to pay salaries and benefits for the 4,000+ employees. Massive pensions and Take Home Vehicles for firemen and police eat up valuable tax dollars. Mayor clueless. Disaster awaits.

Anonymous said...

Of the 4,000+ employees? Less than 15% actually live in Miami.

Ever been on I-95? Watch all the City vehicles driving to and from Broward County. Your tax dollars...

Anonymous said...

What higher fees?

Regalado said taxes were not raised and the Herald agrees. Myriam Marquez even praises Regalado for balancing the budget.

Anonymous said...

They lied. Regalado lied. Most Herald reporters are idiots.

Debt service mileage rate went up 45%.
Taxes went up. Fees went up. Permit fees went up. License fees went up. Fines went up.

Disposable income of taxpayers went down.

Anonymous said...

If Regalado is lying, then why doesn't anyone on the Commission call him on it?

Anonymous said...

Self preservation.

Anonymous said...

You want to talk about take home cars? Well how about Sarnoff's police officer driven city vehicle that takes him to work and home? How about the personal jet that Regalado charters to fly to political meetings? Ofcourse he can't fly in a regular plane.

You want to talk about wasting money? How about building useless traffic circles that cost $292K each? For a traffic circle???

The commissioners and the mayor are always the innocent ones and the employees are always to blame. If the city is in despair it was by their hands. They did not have to agree to anything the unions asked for, after all it's called negotiation. The commissioners signed off on everything and now say that they had nothing to do with it. How quick they backpedal to save face with the citizens.


The commissioners and the city workers are all to blame.

And if your "brother" had any shame, he'd refuse to drive Sarnoff and Regalado around.

Don't you guys get paid to protect people? Tell Sarnoff and Regalado to drive their own cars to work.

Anonymous said...

The 24/7 police chauffeur service for Commissioner Sarnoff wastes over $200,000 per year. The pay and benefits for a $140,000 per year policeman and a taxpayer owned SUV.
The Police Department should refuse to waste the taxpayers money.

Anonymous said...

@ No sympathy for pigs... I'm not a cop or pig as you call them. But why don't you admit the truth to yourself that someday you will need the "pigs" to help you or one of your family members. So why don't you stop being such a hypocrit?

Anonymous said...

Why does any City Commissioner have a police officer who drives them to and from work. Does anybody really care that much for the welfare of the City Comissioner's that we waste tax payers money on a armed driver and body guard. Who the hell do these Commissioners think they are.

Anonymous said...

to drive 6 blocks to the waterfront City Hall...

Anonymous said...

Expo getting fired January 3rd?