Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Trust me!

That was the message from $422,000 a year County Manager George "Uber Bureaucrat" Burgess to the County Commission when grilled yesterday regarding the mess that is Miami Dade Transit.

The "Federales" have come down hard on the County, freezing their ability to draw down any money for transit projects.

As the Herald reports:

"Miami-Dade Transit's federal funding suspension grew out of accounting errors, poor management and erroneous information relayed to federal auditors, but does not appear to reflect fraud, Miami-Dade County Manager George Burgess told commissioners on Tuesday."

Accounting errors. Poor management. Erroneous information relayed to federal auditors.

That's enough to get you fired anywhere, but not at Miami Dade County!

Oh no, Bureaucrat Burgess puts on his best face and tells everyone not to worry, he has it all under control.

And there's more...

"The session brought to light concerns that several commissioners have about whether the federal funding suspension may disrupt transit services.

"Burgess and Assistant County Manager Ysela Llort told commissioners it may take several months for the county to wrap up its own investigation and carry out a modification of transit financial controls before the agency can persuade the Federal Transit Administration to lift the funds' suspension.

"Burgess said he expects the internal investigation and ``corrective'' procedure to be wrapped up by early March. Llort said it was still unclear when the federal government would lift the suspension because she doesn't know when precisely the Federal Transit Administration will return to Miami-Dade to conduct a new audit."

We know all about the thorough internal investigations conducted by the city and county.

Who gives a shit about public transit anyway?

Only poor people and blacks use it.

The Mayor, Manager, Commissioners, and their lackeys don't have to schlep for a bus. They ALL get car allowances.

Mayor Carlos Alvarez has been too busy fighting a recall to properly reign in Bureaucrat Burgess and has let him run amok in screwing things up at County Hall.

Burgess' tentacles reach even further with the great job he has done at fucking up Jackson too.

Everything the County touches turns to shit, and yet, no one ever loses their job.

Here's a message to Mayor Carlito:

You want to avert the disaster of your eventual recall? Don't fight in court anymore.

Grow some balls, and get rid of Burgess.

Fire his ass.

Show the people that you will no longer tolerate the bullshit coming from the Manager's office, and that at over $400,000, you expect accountability and results.


Anonymous said...

George Burgess the mastermind behind raping the County of billions of dollars and giving it to the Florida Marlins. The man is a crook and a thief!

Anonymous said...

Burgess needs to go!

Anonymous said...

Burgess has always seemed to have the magic calculator that enabled him to fund commissioners pet project's with little or no problem at all year after year. However all his magic tricks with tax payers money have come home to haunt the County as we are running out of funds to support everyday services, let alone all these high dollar projects. Between Burgess the Mayor and a majority of County Commissioners who have spent our tax payers money like water for several years, and now we are stuck haveing to pay for all the garbage projects they pushed on us. Lets get rid of Burgess, Alverez and most of the current commissioners before the County goes broke, which could be this upcomming budget year when the County might run out of funds. Maybe we could sell the unused people transportation system slated for the airport and at least get back some of our wasted tax dollars. Also, remember that if the County gets into running Jackson Hospital like they want to do, you will be lucky to get a band-aid for a heart attack.

Anonymous said...

The county is already running Jackson. The CEO cannot execute a plan (not even reduce salaries) without the commission approving everything (or denying). No wonder Roldan quit - she took shit for so long. They would not approve her plans, yet she took the shit for it all.
The county has to let go of Jackson; and Mayor Alvarez, who spent so much political energy becoming a strong mayor, should have let go of the manager a long time ago.

Get that man a pair of glasses said...

Forget George Burgess, who's the drag queen gussied up like May West?

Get rid of this moron, if for nothing else than sporting around that platinum nightmare!

Anonymous said...

I think it's billboard queen Edie Lacquer

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 15:21. I don't think it's Edie Lacquer. The used up rag in the picture is much better looking.

Anonymous said...

George Burgess is a main reason Miami-Dade County faced a $400+ Million deficit last year. 2011 should be much worse. Burgess is a terrible manager. Alvarez should fire him. Oh, Alvarez is being recalled.

Anonymous said...

Mr Manager I see you have several major problems that you are dealing with on a daily basis, but stop shopping at Goodwill for that 1920's wig and spend some of the big bucks we pay you for something a little more normal. I think I just saw that wig takeing a crap in my yard.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is that tranny next to him??!!

Anonymous said...

George Burgess is laughing as he waits for his $300,000+ per year pension to start. He hates the taxpayers and he acts like he hates all the residents.

Anonymous said...

George Burgess looks like a real hack in that photo...

He's been seen around town rolling with that Jean Harlow wannabe spending cash like there's no tomorrow.

When will these elected officials realize they work for US!
They're all PIGS!!!

Anonymous said...

$3.5 BILLION. That is what the Marlins Stadium and Garage will cost the taxpayers.

Imagine if the money had been invested in renovations to 100 hotels? Imagine if the money had been invested in 50 parks that attract tourists? Imagine if the money was invested in 5 Charter Schools that would prepare students to excell in the hospitality industry?

Oh no... Idiot George Burgess, Carlos Alvarez and Manny Diaz had to give $3.5 Billion of the taxpayers money to the Marlins and the Marlins keep 100% of all revenues generated from the taxpayers investment (loss).

Anonymous said...

Uh do you know that the money used for the marlins stadium is paid only by tourists and can be used only for sports or convention facilities? The money CANNOT be used for charter school, cops, firemen, or anything else.

Don't buy into the Braman/Regalado con, they are more full of shit that Alvarez and Diaz, at least with them we knew what we were getting.

Bottom line, every politician in this town is corrupt and needs to be hauled off to jail, voted out of office.

Anonymous said...

To 4:09 pm AKA Marlins lobbyist

The money from the Tourist Development Tax and from the Convention Development Tax and from the Professional Sports Fee Tax can be used to attract and retain tourists. Convention Centers and hotels that attract and retain tourists is a valid use of the tax money. Spending the tax money on parks that actually attract tourists is a valid expense.

The Marlins admitted many times that almost no tourists attend baseball games.

By the way, money paid by tourists to Miami-Dade County is our money. At least it was until Carlos Alvarez and George Burgess arranged for it to be diverted to the Marlins.

Anonymous said...

Tourist Development Tax (TDT) money is supposed to be used to promote tourism. No tourists are going to visit Marlins Stadium according to the Marlins. Alvarez, Manny Diaz and George Burgess just arranged for David Samson and Jeffrey Loria of the Marlins to steal our money.

$3.5 BILLION that could have been used to promote tourism...stolen.

Anonymous said...

Who goes into a $3+ Billion deal with partners who refuse to show their financial statements? Right, no one except the idiots George Burgess, Carlos Alvarez and Manny Diaz. Scammed. Hoodwinked. Bribed?

Anonymous said...

I'll go with bribes...

Anonymous said...

After forcing the taxpayers to lose over $3.5 Billion on a baseball stadium for a private company now George Burgess wants the taxpayers to pay over $1 Billion to two broke museums that want to go on waterfront Bicentennial Park. Miami Art Museum and Miami Science Museum are both broke and both refused to raise the required private funds they promised. Now both museums are deeply in debt to architects and consultants. Another $1 Billion loss thanks to George Burgess.

If Carlos Alvarez was smart he would fire Burgess.