Friday, December 31, 2010


What happened Expo?

What happened TomAss?

We thought you two loved each other!

But now we learn:

Chief Exposito Lashes out at Mayor Regalado over 'interference."

You mean that the Mayor is not supposed to meddle into the affairs of the different departments?

That NEVER happens.

Tomas Regalado has meddled into the affairs of city departments violating the city Charter ever since he stepped foot on the City Commission, and now as Mayor, it is no different.

And because getting rid of Chief John Timoney was Regalado's top priority, he replaced him with Exposito who is a sly fox and is now preparing himself for a whistle blower suit against the city.

Mayor TomAss' "keen knack" for hiring is now going to cost the city taxpayers dearly.

Bend over and open your wallets, it's going to be a rough 2011 at the City!


Anonymous said...


This is the best New Year's gift ever, Expo is going to spank Regalado's ass.


Anonymous said...

What's the whistle blower lawsuit about?

Anonymous said...

Tomas Regaldo has been pressuring every one he can reach to help his friends who own gambling machines. Tomas wants the gambling machines in every bodega, laundry mat and cafe in Miami. Tomas's friends want to divert money from poor people who lose their rent money to the owners of the machines.

Chief Exposito expects to be fired and wants to go out with a "whistle blower" case lined up.

Anonymous said...

Is that a ROLEX on the Mayor? I thought he was poor and only worth $5,000? What an asshole!

It serves him right that Exposito is going to tear off his head and shit down his throat, all while whistling.

Armando Gutierrez and his gambling machines are all over Little Havana and Allapattah, it's a disgrace.

Call in "Los Federales."

Anonymous said...

The Chief’s letters makes for great headlines but is there any evidence to back up these claims? If there is evidence of the Mayor interfering with police investigations against organized crime, I hope it is in the hands of the State Attorney, FBI and US Attorney.

If the Mayor has committed the offences the Chief alleges, he deserves to spend the rest of his days in Leavenworth. Yet based on this Chief’s track record I doubt any such evidence exists.

The time for charades is over. The Exposito administration has been an abject failure. Violent crime is totally out of control, the efforts to stem public corruption have been publicly laughable, the Chief, in his own words, has sought to turn his officers into “predators.”

What the Mayor is guilty of is placing a former property and evidence man as his Chief. Expostio simply is not up to his duties.

The City is filled with good men and women who have sworn to uphold the law, they deserve a capable person at the helm.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Tomas Regalado worked feverishly behind the scenes and from the podium to get gambling machines installed throughout Miami. Regalado friend and campaign manager Armando Gutierrez's clients involved? Was Regalado doing more favors for a lobbyist? Was Regalado doing favors at the expense of poor people who will lose their money to the gambling machines? Who does Regalado serve?

Anonymous said...

True. Regalado is paying back donors and friends. He wants poor people to lose their money.

Anonymous said...

4,200 employees paid by the taxpayers. Most are vastly overpaid. Will little Tony Crapp fire 400 to 600? Will little Tony Crapp fire disgraced Larry Spring? No? Then Miami fails...