Monday, December 06, 2010


``. . .I don't see transparency anymore. We see cover up,''
So says Nathaniel Wilcox, executive director of PULSE, speaking to the Herald on the police shootings that took place earlier this year during the Summer of Violence.
Remember the promises from Chief Miguel Exposito that an investigation would be made into these shootings?  And all the promises from Mayor Tomas Regalado on running a transparent city government?

"DeCarlos Moore has been deceased five months and we have not gotten a report,'' said Rev. Jerome Starling. 
"I'm mad as hell because people have died and we have not received a report.''

Nor will you ever receive a report!

Meanwhile, the cop in charge of this mess gets a promotion.

The Mayor's message to the black community?

We will fight violence with violence, and if you don't like it, too fucking bad!


Thief Dumb said...

Along with Sarnoff TomAss also hates blacks!

Anonymous said...

Your 100% correct, nothing will happen nobody get fired but promotions are ok I guess. Things just continue on until the next police shooting involving any black that is shot by a white police officer. As for PULSE a black organization that jumps all over the police every time a black is shot by a white cop, Why are you not in the black community every day trying to get these military type automatic rifles off the streets of your community before they end up in black on black shootings, do something usefull for a change instead of looking for TV sound bites to blame the police on any shooting between a black and a white cop. However, if promises were made to the black community and members of PULSE, do what you said you would do and get on with it, it's been more than enough time to find out what happened in these shootings.

Anonymous said...

PULSE why don't you start a recall effort againt Mayor Corruptalado. I can tell you he personally made some discrimanatory remarks about Blacks to me.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Corruptalado is racist, but he has the Black Community fooled in the worst way. He will promote Tony Crapp, Jr. to City Manager to hide his true feelings.

Anonymous said...

By the way leading the shooting at the old corral is none other than newly promoted Assitant Chief Jose Seiglie who by the way is Exposito's greatest allied, trusted friend and one who defended most of Exposito's cronies who gotten in trouble with the law, like Francisco Pichel. How about that for transparency in the Miami Police Dept.

Anonymous said...

Take Back Miami again beat the Miami Herald on the story of the police shooting in the City of Miami several months ago. I wonder if this current delay in releaseing
the final report on each shooting is a sign of a possible police cover up.

Anonymous said...

Families in Overtown and Liberty City should teach their children not to carry guns.

Another lesson; mess with the police and get shot.

Anonymous said...

By all accounts, DeCarlos Moore was UNARMED.

Families in Overtown and Liberty City should teach their children that any encounter with City of Miami police may very well end their lives.

Anonymous said...

Overtown and Liberty City residents should learn that any interaction with police could mean their death.

Residents should also learn not to rob and steal.

Anonymous said...

Chief Expo cannot even stop the police from shaking down property owners in Park West. How many policemen are drooling over off-duty money?