Thursday, September 30, 2010


Tomasito and Norman.

Going for a revenge recall on Mayor Alvarez for raising taxes.

Tomasito raised fees.

Then lied about raising taxes.

Norman called the Mega Plan "outrageous" "shameful and an embarrassment."

Read today's Crespo Gram Report.

Then tell us if what is going on at the C.R.A. is not "outrageous" "shameful and an embarrassment."

Where is all the rhetoric about using C.R.A. dollars to fight "slum and blight"?

And why are you doing nothing to stop it?

We've never liked Mayor Carlos Alvarez.

But we hate hypocrites like you two even more.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This morning we reported about arrogant Billboard Dutch Boy Bockweg refusing to give city commissioners an accounting of his budget that goes to salary increases and more bureaucrats.

And now we find more bureaucratic indifference and arrogance from the City administration.

Imagine if you made a $100,000 mistake in your job, would you have a job tomorrow?

Well, according to the Miami Today, that's exactly what just happened at the City.

IRS PENALTY: In another case of the City of Miami paying now for past mistakes, Finance Director Diana Gomez told commissioners last week that the city had to pay the Internal Revenue Service a $100,000 penalty for not reporting on time. City Manager Carlos Migoya said an employee who was in charge of making payments was late twice and the $100,000 was the second of two fines. He said the employee no longer works for the city. Ms. Gomez said a system is now in place to avoid late payments, including online payments rather than by phone and a second person who checks that payments have gone through.

Mistakes of the past?

Who was there IN THE PAST and responsible for oversight of the Finance Department?

Larry Spring!

From September 2007

"The City of Miami City Manager Pete Hernandez has announced the appointment of Larry Spring to Chief Financial Officer. In his new role, Mr. Spring will oversee the Departments of Finance,"

Larry loves his $200,000+ compensation, but he won't take responsibility for the mistakes of his employees.

And yes, this too:

He became a Certified Public Accountant in May, 2001.

So is he a CPA or not?

$100,000 of OUR money needlessly down the drain.

Where does the buck stop?


We all know Mayor Alvarez proposed tax increases, and the County Commission approved them.

But Tomas Regalado refuses to admit that City of Miami taxpayers will pay MORE in increased "fees" and other taxes to the City.

"The budget we approved did not have any tax increase," says Mayor Regalado.

The Herald differs:

"Earlier Monday, commissioners passed a series of fee hikes and fines setting the stage for the 2:30 a.m. budget approval."

Higher FEES and FINES must not mean taxes.

"Tuesday's vote means a higher tax bill for about one in five in a city of 127,000 homeowners."

So Tomasito, what does "a higher tax bill" mean exactly?

Bottom line: people will pay MORE, and Tomasito did nothing to lower the City millage rate.

Tomasito will also not use his mayoral powers to reign in Marc Sarnoff and stop the shenanigans and chicanery at the C.R.A.

From the Herald:

Even as commissioners propped up the city's 2011 budget with redevelopment money, they chastised the agency's new executive director [Billboard Dutch Boy Bockweg] for failing to provide them with employee salaries -- and then refused to approve his budget.

CRA Executive Director Pieter Bockweg was berated by the commission for not offering a line-item account of the $80 million combined budgets he oversees at two of the city's three redevelopment agencies.

When Commissioner Frank Carollo pushed Bockweg on why the CRA payroll increased by 8 percent even as city employees suffered significant pay cuts, Bockweg said it was to cover expected hires and his yet-to-be approved salary -- a point of contention well before the meeting.
Why should Bockweg care when he knows that Sarnoff has his back?

And does the C.R.A. money go toward remedying "slum and blight?"


It goes to pay Bockweg, his BMW, and the other Sarnoff cronies at the C.R.A.

Worse yet,

Tomasito does not have the "cojones" to stand up to him.

And Braman is fixated with taking out Mayor Alvarez while the stealing at the C.R.A. goes on under his nose.

So who's worse?

Alvarez for proposing tax increases and going through with them?

Or Tomasito for continually lying to us all along?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010





The Herald takes a stab at the Billionaire Braman / Tomasito recall effort, but the story misses several key points.

Targeting Miami-Dade mayor for recall faces a test.

"For the second time this year, the county mayor has been targeted for recall."
Braman attorneys and the Herald would do well to carefully read Section 8.02 (7) of the County Charter:

"No recall petition against such an officer [the Mayor] shall be certified within one year after he takes office nor within one year after a recall petition against him is defeated."
The Herald also needs to ask Braman the following:

1. What exactly was discussed at your secret meeting with Mayor Tomas Regalado this past Saturday?
Was lobbyist Armando Gutierrez present?   

2. Why is the recall effort focused solely on Mayor Carlos Alvarez?
The Mayor PROPOSES the budget, but the County Commission APPROVES the budget.  
Why not go after the County Commissioners then?  
And, why were you asked by Mayor Regalado to spare his friends Boris Bruno Barreiro and Natasha Seijas?

3. The City of Miami just transferred 10.4 million in C.R.A. funds to cover losses in their general fund.

The Herald has quoted experts that seriously question the legality of this move.

"Frank Schnidman, a professor at Florida Atlantic University and one of the top CRA experts in the state, questioned the transfers."

"Where is the paper trail that shows that this was the intent of the parties, rather than just another effort to steal redevelopment money from the poor to fund pet projects of elected officials?'' asked Schnidman."

And yet, Mr. Braman says nothing about this, in spite of his vociferous and aggressive opposition to the Mega Plan?

Norman Braman's motivations are not as pure as some would believe.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

But in the year of the Miami Heat...

Braman and Tomasito better watch their backs.

Monday, September 27, 2010


We were tipped off to a secret meeting this weekend between Billionaire Recaller Norman Braman and Mayor Tomas Regalado.

After their defeat in trying to stop the Mega Plan, Norman and Tomasito are saddling up once more to try and take down County Mayor Carlos Alvarez.

Word of the meeting came from a certain fat lobbyist who has a really big mouth and can't stop telling everyone how deep in his pocket Tomasito really is.

According to sources, Tomas told Norman that he would pledge resources to the recall, and asked Braman not to go after several of Tomas' friends on the County Commission.

Here is the question, is Tomasito's friendship with Braman stopping him from criticizing the shenanigans at the C.R.A.?

Or is Tomasito setting up Sarnoff?

We all know the $220,000 compensation package for Billboard Bockweg is just the tip of the iceberg.

Will the Braman effort then go from recall to revenge?

DAY 316 - IT'S ON!






It's on!

10 AM today, big announcement coming from Braman.

And the Herald giving us a little dose of what goes on in the County brain trust:

"The majority of the Miami-Dade Commission passed a balanced budget by raising the property tax rate to hand out salary increases and other perks to almost all of its 28,000 employees during the coming year. Surprise, surprise!"
"Nah, with unemployment stuck at over 12 percent in this county and foreclosures rising, County Mayor Carlos Alvarez argued at the Thursday budget hearing that county officials aren't responsible for the economic mess we're in."



This is the same reason why "Lebron James" is the Mayor Regalado's economic development strategy.

The same reason that really fat cat lobbyists can ram through no-bid contracts.

It's also the same reason that Sarnoff lackey Dutchboy Bockweg gets a $220,000 compensation package.

And the "Discussion related to demands that the city of Miami is making of the SEOPW and OMNI CRA's regarding funds that the city advanced on behalf of the CRA's."

Just an excuse to pay Sarnoff trio Bockweg / Karsh / Gonzalez more money.


When you take the recall to County Hall, make sure you have enough left for Miami City Hall.

Friday, September 24, 2010


It's not often we deviate from the fun over at the City of Miami, but this is too important to ignore.

With the unemployment rate over 12%, amidst the worst recession since the Great Depression, and no end in sight...

Mayor Alvarez says "Let's raise taxes!"

Last night, taking a page out of the Third World economic development manual, our County Mayor and Commission voted to increase taxes so they can raise their already greedy bloated six figure salaries.

Miami Dade Commission approves budget with tax rate hikes.

At 3:20 A.M., in the dark of night, a time when most of us with real jobs were sound asleep, the County Commission was busy jacking up our taxes.

Call any of their offices bright and early this morning, none of them are there.

According to Haggman, the County budget "calls for hiking property tax rates 14 percent to offset the drastic plunge in property values and increases in various county fees.  County parks will get new parking fees.  Water bills will go up, too."

What happens in your home or business when you make less money?  You cut back expenses

Not in government!

They just tax more.

"Meanwhile, salary and benefit increases will cost $132 million. "
The bureaucrats get their raises.  We get stuck with the bill.
The commissioners voting in favor: 
Dennis Moss
Katy Sorenson
Barbara Jordan
Sally Heyman
Bruno Barreiro
Dorrin Rolle
Audrey Edmonson
Natacha Seijas.

Thanks a lot ASSHOLES! 
Miami Dade County private sector employment is suffering from layoffs, wage freezes and reductions, double digit unemployment, and great uncertainty.
But the public sector is feeling no pain...

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Just because the boys over at the C.R.A. have been misbehaving doesn't mean we've forgotten about our favorite police chief.

While we continue to wait for the outcome of the investigations into the four police shootings that took place this summer, it seems there is dissent in the ranks with our friend the police chief.

The FOP is still livid about the way the contract negotiations went down with the city.

Alert readers posted a review that appeared on a famous travel site allegedly written by the FOP with the alarming headline "CRIME IS RAMPANT IN THE CITY OF MIAMI - DON'T BECOME A STATISTIC."

For your benefit, in its entirety:

Miami Tourist Safety

The Miami Fraternal Order of Police wants to welcome you to our magnificent City. It is our duty as Law Enforcement Officers to protect our visitors and residents from harm. So far in 2010 we have had:
• 37 Homicides
• 847 Violent Robberies
• 2,079 Burglaries
• 1,165 Auto Thefts
• 30 Sexual Batteries
• 7,083 Larcenies
• 1,417 Aggravated Assaults

(Statistics Reported In the FDLE 2010 Semi-Annual Report)

That is a total of 12,658 crimes this year alone. While visiting our city, we ask that you keep these simple safety tips in mind:

•Please be careful with your luggage at all times - when you check-in and check-out at the airport and at your hotel.
•Always keep your hotel door locked, and don’t leave any valuables in an easy-to-find place in your room.
•When driving or sightseeing, have your route planned prior to departing your hotel. Be very careful about opening a map in an obvious way – declaring your status as a lost tourist which may increase your chances of becoming a victim of a crime.
•Avoid arguments with other drivers - Miami drivers officially have the worst road rage in the country.
•Keep your car windows rolled up and doors secured at all times. Car break-ins are rampant in the City of Miami.
•Don’t wear flashy or expensive jewelry.
•If approached by someone, run away quickly. If followed, go to a well-populated place.
•If you find yourself in trouble, call 911.

In these tough economic times, criminals are more motivated to take advantage of those who visit our community. Our Miami Police Officers are here to protect you. DON'T BECOME A STATISTIC, BE ALERT!

Sponsored by The Miami Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #20 
12,658 crimes this year alone.

Whose fault is that?

The same chief of police the FOP supported?

Exposito, who at $196,000 base salary per year, makes more then General David Petraeus, has been an utter disaster from the start.

So has the FOP.

Maybe they should ask for a refund of their $500 contribution to Raquelita's campaign.

And add to the list, party poopers too!

Remember the Heat party Tomasito and Chairman Marc wanted to throw?

It's on the "Back Burner" according to CBS 4.

"The Mayor's uncertain assessment of the party's future came shortly after the union representing Miami police officers vowed a "massive" protest at the event and advised its members not to sign up to work the celebration.

"We're going to be out there in force demonstrating on opening day," said Fraternal Order of Police(FOP) President, Sgt. Armando Aguilar.  "What I've told our employees was to not volunteer for the Heat game so that they can assist us in the demonstration."
We hear the slots for overtime are almost full.

And a "public relations nightmare?"

Poor Tomas.

Poor Expo.

Poor Armando.

All your shenanigans are catching up, and not too soon.



West Point B.S., Princeton University M.P.A. and PhD.
Commander, U.S. Forces Afghanistan

Spin this one Karsh.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


$220,000 for Pieter Bockweg?

"Everything needs to be presented in the proper perspective."

You're right David.

Never mind that you make MORE money than all of these.

Here's the real proper perspective, David.

Your salary and Pieter's comes from OUR pockets.

Pockets that continue to shrink in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Pockets that have been cut as most in the private sector have either been laid off or had their working hours and benefits reduced.

Pockets that are picked through higher taxes so that you, Pieter, and your buddies at City Hall can continue to make fat paychecks.

The true "Proper Perspective" is that we taxpayers are fed up with your misuse of our money while you pad your outrageous salaries.

$800 car allowance?

6 weeks paid vacation?

6 weeks sick leave?

11 holidays?

From our "perspective,"

It's abusive and it stinks!

DAY 311 - C.R.A.ZY $$$

Hey Norman,

Read today's paper yet?

Raise for Miami Official Questioned.

Chucky finally got around to writing about what Investigation Miami and others have been saying for weeks!

Remember when you sued Manny Diaz, saying about the Mega Plan: "It's outrageous. It's shameful and an embarrassment, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves."

At least the Port Tunnel is creating jobs.

But what's Bockweg doing?
"Under terms of the agreement written by Bockweg, he would get a 9 percent annual raise. His base salary would be $135,000 a year, but he would also be allowed to cash in unused vacation, sick and holiday time. With six weeks' vacation, six weeks' sick time and 11 holidays a year, that could total another $36,400 a year. Bockweg would also collect almost $27,000 in deferred compensation and an $800 monthly car allowance."

From $30,000 to $135,000? 

That's some MAJOR ass kissing!

Meanwhile, in other news, Miami-Dade Unemployment Rate Climbs to 12.7 Percent.
"Miami-Dade's unemployment level climbed from 12.4 percent in July to 12.7 percent in August, according to the report from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. That marks a grim new high-water mark: the highest unemployment rate since the national recession began in 2007."

So Norman,

Why not grab the phone and call your pal Mayor Tomas.

And see if we can add one more to the unemployment line.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Breaking news from Haggman and The Herald that our pal Norman Braman is threatening to back a recall effort against Miami Dade County commissioners that vote for a property tax rate hike.

Good for him!

But now the question becomes, what about the City of Miami?

With all the questionable dealings in the City budget and the C.R.A., why is Mr. Braman not complaining?

Can he not admit that his backing of Mayor Tomas Regalado was misplaced?

Or is he just waiting for the right time to strike?


Calling Miami Dade State Attorney Kathy Fernandez Rundle.

Look at what your counterparts in California are up to.

California City Officials Reportedly Arrested After Salary Scandal.

"At least eight officials reportedly have been arrested from the California city of Bell, where the local government has come under fire over exorbitant salaries paid to its employees."

"The arrests come ahead of a press conference where Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley is expected to announce criminal charges in the case."

$220,000 on the job training for a C.R.A. executive director?

We'd call that exorbitant!

Monday, September 20, 2010


"I want to take this opportunity to remind you that our city has many poor people and is built on small business.  I want to remind you that amid skyscrapers and mega-plans we can't ignore this reality."
"We need to take care of our own."
Maurice Kemp, Chief of Fire, $223,329
Miguel Exposito, Chief of Police, $196,000
Larry Spring, C.F.O.,  $171,431
Juan "Johnny" Martinez, Chief of Infrastucture, $170,000
Luis Cabrera, Deputy Chief of Police, $163,343
Diana Gomez, Director of Finance, $145,120
Tony Crapp, Jr., Chief of Operations, $140,000
Alice Bravo, Director of CIP, $140,000
Sergio Guadix, Director of Code Enforcement, $114,000
All base salaries, WITHOUT benefits.

Countywide Unemployment Rate = 14.4%


Maybe someone at the Herald is paying attention after all.

Here is an interesting memo written by Herald reporters worried about the direction their newspaper is taking.

Want to do some real reporting and regain the trust of your readers and the community at large?

Five story suggestions for you:

1. Look into the dirty dealings at the CRA, DDA, and other "quasi" City agencies like our pals over at Investigation Miami have done.  How does an under-qualified former golf pro get to make over $200,000 in salary and benefits after becoming close with Chairman Sarnoff?

2. Ask Mayor Regalado how did his former Chief of Staff Tony Crapp, Jr., get promoted to City Chief of Operations, going from a salary of around $67,000 a year in 2007, to making $140,000 plus benefits?  What qualifications does Mr. Crapp, Jr., have and if he was so instrumental in running the mayor's office, why has he not been replaced?

3. Chairman Sarnoff has been accused of violating City Code and mortgage fraud.  Other newspapers have reported on this.  Why is the Herald silent?

4. Why does Mayor Regalado allow lobbyist Armando Gutierrez to basically run City Hall, so much so that a contract was rebid when Mr. Gutierrez' clients were not chosen, the procurement director was replaced with an FDOT lacky, and the contract rebid out of CIP where more FDOT lackeys control the process.  Also ask them how many intersections will have red light cameras to make up the $8 million in projected revenue and whether the state and county have signed off on placements.

5. Investigate the internal divisions at the City of Miami police department where several ran and file members are disgusted with the politicizing of the department under Chief Exposito and how merit no longer gets you promoted, but political ass kissing does.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Who makes the real decisions in the City of Miami?

Tomas Regalado?

Marc Sarnoff?


It's the Power Behind the Throne, Lobbyist and Puppet Master Armando Gutierrez.

1. Red light cameras?

"The camera initiative has been controversial from the start. Two years in the making, the contract was originally won by one company, then awarded to another after a bid protest. Along the way, the procurement director, who expressed displeasure with the process and the bevy of lobbyists hired, was let go.

"Frustrated, commissioners decided to start over, and last week Migoya finally awarded the contract and its $152,000-a-month windfall to American Traffic Solutions.

"The Arizona outfit hired lobbyists Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, who is running for state senate, and long-time Regalado friend and campaign consultant Armando Gutierrez.

2. City Planning Big Bash for Downtown Heat Opener?

While the Mayor and Commission vote on a budget that raises taxes and fees, "the city is pumping mad money into the effort." 

But the Miami Heat are clients of who?

You guessed it!

3. Inexperienced Raquelita Regalado wins the school board seat, raises a ton of developer cash.

Pedro Munilla (who donated a total of $25,000 to county commission races) and several members of the MCM construction family have donated the maximum $500 each, Munilla is a client of lobbyist and Tomasito adviser Armando Gutierrez who is also a Raquelita donor and whose wife (The MDX Chairwoman) is volunteering.

Need construction contracts at the City, MDX, and Schoolboard?

4. Will Republican Tomas Regalado endorse Democrat Alex Sink for Governor?

A man who is a dyed in the wool Republican and has made a living calling anyone who is even remotely a Democrat communist now wants to support the "Obama Loving" Alex Sink.

Wonder why?

Ask the Rick Scott Campaign who they DID NOT hire for the primaries or the general election.


Ever wonder why Mayor Tomas Regalado who once heavily supported the effort of the Florida Marlins to build an in-city stadium all of a sudden turned Anti Stadium crusader?

Mr. Gutierrez states on his website that he helped the "Florida Marlins as political advisor [sic] in 2001."

2001 was a long time ago.

And coincidentally enough, as soon as the Marlins dropped Mr. Gutierrez and hired "other" advisers, Tomas Regalado's position toward the Marlins changed dramatically.

Once again,

It's Miami Bitches!

And that's how business gets done!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Chairman Marc David Sarnoff, who is in a lot of deep hot water as of late, first came to prominence as the Chairman of the Coconut Grove Village Council.

According to their website, the "Coconut Grove Village Council is an elected body consisting of nine representatives."

In Florida, there is a law called "Resign to Run."


The “resign-to-run law” essentially prohibits an elected or appointed “officer” from qualifying as a candidate for another state, district, county or municipal public office if the terms or any part of the terms overlap with each other if the person did not resign from the office the person presently holds. (Section 99.012(3), Florida Statutes.)

Sarnoff was elected to the Village Council in 2005.

So he was ON the Council in November 2006 when he ran for the City of Miami district 2 Commission seat.

Is this a violation of the Resign to Run law?

We already know Chairman Sarnoff thinks laws don't apply to him.

And we know first hand what he is capable of.

But it's catching up...


After some "technical difficulties" and our blog legal team working extra hours...

We're back.

New name.

New URL.

Same pissed off attitude.

Tomasito and Marc, you can't silence the voice of the people!

And now we are prepared to spill the beans:

The Herald REALLY didn't know that Reverend Dunn was too busy at a fundraiser during the City of Miami budget hearing?

Why is Tomasito REALLY supporting Alex Sink?

(HINT: it has to do with a very large red light scamera lobbyist)


Did Marc violate yet ANOTHER Florida statute when he sought elected office?

Stay tuned...