Monday, March 28, 2011


Do you like my hat?  I bought it with the extra money I got from the raise Mayor Regalado gave me!!!
I wonder who's playing?  Who cares!  I'm skipping work and I got the tickets for FREEEEE
Hey mom, say FREEEEE!!!
Who is that woman with the red hair and the I-Phone???
Hot on the heels of the scandalous story in the Crespo Gram Report on "thuget" Ada Rojas' insatiable appetite for free tickets, Ada Rojas does the Sony Ericsson tennis tournament!

"Don't you know who I am???"

While the rest of us are hard at work to pay for tax and fee increases, it's good to know some people can still enjoy the "Beverly Hills" lifestyle...

Ah, to work for Mayor Regalado's office!


Hey Tomass,

Can you call your Commie pals over China and tell them to release our blogger brother-in-arms?

Seems they don't like freedom of expression over there or freedom of the press.

Prominent Chinese blogger charged as crackdown deepens.

BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese police have arrested prominent writer Ran Yunfei for challenging the ruling Communist Party, people close to the blogger said on Monday, the latest in a string of arrests in a deepening crackdown on dissent.

"Basically, it's the crime of expressing your opinions," said Wang, formerly a legal scholar.

More than 100 activists, many of them active on Twitter and blogging sites, have been detained, subjected to monitoring and intimidation by the security forces or have gone missing since late February, particularly after the online calls for "Jasmine" gatherings, according to Amnesty International.

"The government on the one hand prevents freedom of the press and disallows the free flow of information, and on the other hand ... conceals the truth," Ran wrote on his Twitter account on Feb 14.

Sounds like the kind of shit that happens in another country about 90 miles south of Key West Tomassito...

Friday, March 25, 2011


The Herald Mayor's Press Office does it again!

Reporter Press Secretary Chuck Rabin could not contain himself and waited exactly FIVE paragraphs into his story to actually mention the contents of the Mayor's address.

Instead Rabin attacks Chief Exposito, devoting the first four paragraphs of his article to reporting and continuing the childish bickering between the mayor and police chief.

Only after he sets up the conflict between mayor and chief, conveniently failing to mention that it was the mayor who hired the chief in the first place, does Chuckie say that Retardado "focused on public/private partnerships, keeping the city clean, art in public places and helping the poor."

Miami is going bankrupt.

The CFO Larry Spring has his properties foreclosed on.

The budget is based on non existent revenues from red light cameras and the failed takeover of the parking authority.

Billboards going up everywhere, with lobbyists and special interests controlling City Hall.

All anyone has to do is read this blog, The Crespo Gram Report, Investigation Miami, the Straw Buyer, to know THE CITY IS ALL FUCKED UP!!!

And Chuck Rabin reports on the bickering between the mayor and chief???

What vision did Mayor Regalado lay as to how he intends to lead the city forward as he hacked and coughed his way though his so called speech?

No vision at all.

Where are the opposing and critical views the Herald used to include when Mayor Manny Diaz gave state of the city speeches?


But Chuck did make sure to take one final swipe at Chief Exposito.


If you are going to be a sycophant, at least pick someone with class.

Unfortunately for the citizens of Miami, you got your head up the Tom Ass!


Not present at the State of the City address.

Is a rift emerging?

We've heard the Phantom Mayor is talking to the feds about his involvement in the gambling machine issue, spilling his guts to prevent jail time...

Will he stab Tomasito in the back?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Mayor Regalado and City Manager Crapp's inability to resolve the situation with City of Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito is leading to another "public relations nightmare," this time in the New York Times.

Miami Police Chief Under Investigation

Compare this to the recent investigation completed by the U.S. Department of Justice in New Orleans and you'll see how the complete ineptitude of Regalado and Crapp managed to turn this into a giant mess.
NEW ORLEANS — Justice Department officials on Thursday released the findings of a 10-month investigation into this city’s Police Department, revealing a force that is profoundly and alarmingly troubled and setting in motion a process for its wholesale reform.

The report describes in chilling detail a department that is severely dysfunctional on every level: one that regularly uses excessive force on civilians, frequently fails to investigate serious crimes and has a deeply inadequate, in many cases nonexistent, system of accountability.

Using the report as a guideline, federal and local officials will now enter into negotiations leading to a consent decree, a blueprint for systemic reform that will be enforced by a federal judge.

Why did the Mayor not call for the sort of review of the City of Miami Police Department?

Instead, they went of and hired a $70,000 consultant that agrees with the police chief!

Mayor Regalado continues on a daily basis to show that he and Manager Crapp are unfit to serve and unfit to lead.


Mark today as the day the Raquelita for Mayor of Miami 2013 campaign has started.

With her unintelligible Op-Ed piece in the Herald Press Office, Raquelita has tipped her hand and revealed what we have been thinking all along, she is in the running for her dad's post.

Raquelita, who had no bearing whatsoever on the recall election other than blabbering on a Spanish radio station no one listens to, pens the epic "Recall's lessons still being absorbed," where she manages to quote Shakespeare and talk about the recall, Tallahassee, the School Board, Charter Reform, Alvarez and Burgess.

While her name recognition is high among the Cuban elderly who put her father in office, Raquelita needs to boost her profile among the Anglo "thinking class" who still read and think the Herald Press Office matters.

Ask yourself, why the hell else would she opine on the recall?  And why does the Herald Press Office give her the opportunity to do so?

Rumors have been circling around town that Tomas Regalado is tired of being in office, and he is literally sick, having been seen with shaky hands at events, and looking more and more uncomfortable in his own hunchbacked self.

Phantom Mayor Armando Gutierrez cannot fathom the possibility of losing his iron grip over City Hall, so enter Raquelita.

Her election to the School Board had nothing to do with children, it had nothing to do with her wanting to improve education, but had everything to do with giving her a profile, fund-raising base, and machinery with which to run for future office. 

When her father declares that he does not want to run, but wants his legacy to continue, he will point to his eldest daughter, the single mother, who loves children and is on the school board, and the daughter of Cuban radio personality and his beloved dead wife "Raquelita" as his logical successor.

The Cuban elderly will cry with passion over how beautiful it is that Tomasito wants to pass on his legacy to Raquelita.  Tomasito will say he is for women's rights, because a woman has never been elected mayor.

Phantom Mayor Armando and his wife Maritza will orchestrate the absentee ballots and press strategy.  Every single developer, lobbyist, billboard company, gambling machine operator, and anyone else in Miami will be shaken down to fill up Raquelita's coffers.

And the City of Miami will get more of the same.

Raquelita likes Romans, we prefer the Greeks, specifically the oracle at Delphi.

Don't say we didn't see this coming, and don't say we didn't warn you.

If Phantom Mayor Gutierrez, Tomasito, and Raquelita are not stopped now, prepare for a Regalado dynasty until 2025.

Monday, March 21, 2011


A little picture collage sent to us by a reader.

The top picture of Tomasito and Sean Penn comes from The Crespo Gram Report.

Are Tomasito and Chavez starting to look like one another???


We get asked a lot why we "hate" Tomas Regalado so much. 

Hate is a strong word, and we are not motivated by negativity.  But if we have to point out to one thing, it's the constant hypocrisy he exhibits.

We don't "hate" any person, but we do "hate" hypocrisy.

If Tomas Regalado woke up tomorrow morning and admitted he is a corrupt bastard that lied about Manny Diaz and Joe Carollo for years just so he could make a career as a politician, we'd respect him and leave him alone.

That won't happen.

Instead, Regalado is the first one to condemn others while engaging in activity that is far worse than anything he ever criticized.

Case in point:

Check out the latest Crespo Gram Report.  Check out the picture of Tomasito hanging out with Sean Penn at a Miami Heat basketball game.

Before we continue, major kudos to Al for once again breaking stories that the Herald Press Office won't touch with a ten foot pole.  Were it not for Al, these stories would never see the light of day.

Tomasito is at the Heat game cavorting and taking pictures with Sean Penn.  As you can see above, Sean Penn loves to be photographed with two of Miami's favorite people, Castro and Chavez.

Now think about this for one second...

Tomas Regalado made a career on Spanish language radio and TV calling anyone a Communist who would even dare deviate from the hard line anti-Castro/Chavez stance.

When the City of Miami was negotiating with Shangri La Hotels to build a hotel on Watson Island, Regalado came to the forefront to oppose the deal, saying Miami should not give away public land to the Communist Chinese and that Shangri La does business in Cuba.

And yet, Tomasito has lunch and parties with the Chinese Consul general, calling for closer ties with the Communist government.

When Cuban band "Los Van Van" wanted to perform in Miami, and Gloria Estefan dared say it may be a good idea, Tomas Regalado blasted her for being Communist, calling los Van Van a propaganda arm of the Cuban government.  Tomas also opposed the Latin Grammies in Miami because Los Van Van may perform.

And yet, Tomasito can watch basketball with Sean Penn, who has interviewed both Castro and Chavez to tell the world what great guys they both are.

Now think for another moment, had Manny Diaz or Joe Carollo hung out with Sean Penn, or the Chinese Consul general, or Jose Prado, what would Tomas Regalado have said?

Would he say it is part of normal mayoral duties to meet and greet these folks?

Or would Tomas been the first to loudly criticize for hanging out with commies and commie sympathizers?

We all know the answer to that.

And that's what we hate most about Tomasito...

His complete and perfect hypocrisy.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Check out the Crespo Gram Report.

Seems like Tom Ass is still kissing the Chinese Consul's ass, breaking bread with her while her government continues the crackdown on the Jasmine Revolution and other dissidents.

When eating with the Chinese Consul and on his trip to the Far East, we wonder if Tom Ass will advocate for the hundreds of political prisoners trapped in Chinese jails by the Communist government the same way he tells Fidel Castro to release political prisoners.  

City Hall insider sources tell us that Tom Ass is in the process of planning a trip to India that may include a stop over in China.

Although the City continues to bleed cash on a daily basis, Tom Ass is taking advantage of his position to travel the world.  No stranger to using taxpayer money for his and his family's benefit (gas cards anyone???), the Mayor forgets the city is in a "financial crisis" and instead is warming up his passport for the impending trip.

Instead of taking care of the very serious problems plaguing the city, including the completely erroneous budget forecasts based on bullshit numbers, Tom Ass is off to see the Taj Mahal on our dime!  Sources say he also plans to take his family along with him.

We will be looking to see where Larry "Foreclosure Specialist" Spring finds the money to pay for Tom Ass' trip.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


90 minutes.

That's how long it took for jurors to see through your sham prosecution of Commissioner Michelle Spence Jones and the amount of trust they had in your "super-star" prosecutor Richard Scruggs.

Telling the press you disagree with the judge is just more desperation.  You know full well the press is not the third DCA.  If you have a problem with the judge's decision, appeal, but don't go crying to the press.  But we guess you have to after you fucked up.

"I'm finding it difficult to understand the state's theory," said Judge Rosa Rodriguez.  

Well Judge, let us explain:

Michelle Spence Jones was the only commissioner on the City of Miami dais who would question Mayor TomAss, Chairman Marc David Sarnoff, Esquire, and the Phantom Mayor.  She would not play along like the current house boy D5 commissioner.

So they had to find a way to cut her loose.

Bullshit "bribery" charges and now some other bullshit charges.

Forget that the Phantom Mayor collects money from clients who want to meet with the mayor.

Forget that billboard companies have donated to the Mayor, Sarnoff, and Raquel Regalado and that billboards are now popping up everywhere, even on the side of the city police building.

The State Attorney ignores all that and more, to focus on Spence-Jones.


Drop the bogus charges against Michelle, restore some sense of honesty to your office.  And get rid of Scruggs before he continues to embarrass you.

If you really stand for justice, then show us.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011



As reported by Investigation Miami before anyone else.

Now that this political vendetta orchestrated by the State Attorney is over, it is time that District Five Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones be reinstated into office immediately.


One clown down.

88% voted to recall County Mayor Carlos Alvarez.

So who's next???

Sunday, March 13, 2011


The Miami Herald Mayor's Press Office declares that a report from the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics has "cleared the son of the mayor of Miami of any wrongdoing" with regard to the "racy" predators police video.

Reporter Press Secretary Chuck Rabinlado fails to mention that this is the same Ethics Commission whose executive director, Bob "Wear Something Nice" Meyers resigned earlier this year after we exposed his un-ethical behavior with his secretary.

That the Meyers led ethics commission would clear Tommy Regalado after they cleared any wrongdoing by the lead ethicist himself Chairman Marc David Sarnoff, Esquire, is no surprise.

Meyers as we all know was too busy clipping coupons and giving his secretary fashion advice to be much of an ethical watchdog.

And when was the last time the Ethic Commission DID find any wrongdoing?

Rabinlado also allows Mayor Regalado to call video producer Scott Hervey a liar and lets him get away with it.

In a letter from Hervey to the City of Miami Police Attorney:

Hervey "notes Mayor Tomas Regalado “fully supports” the project, and says the mayor told the chief to cooperate with producers to move the show forward.

"But Regalado told The Miami Herald he’s never spoken to the chief about the video, and isn’t in favor of a series moving forward. Hervey “made that up,” the mayor said."

Regalado says Hervey made it up!

Everyone lies, while Regalado tells the truth.

Did Rabinlado think to call Mr. Hervey?  Of course not! 

If Regalado says Hervey is "making it up" then it must be true!

Just like Jose Prado never really met Fidel, Regalado really didn't know about Fernandez Rundle Street, that's not really Tommy Jr as executive producer in the video, the attorney for Mark Siffin didn't really write the billboard law inside the Mayor's office, and Armando Gutierrez is not really the Phantom Mayor, etc, etc, etc...

The lies continue, but they don't ever come from the Mayor, not according to the Herald Press Office.


How many times can Regalado LIE TO YOU before you grow a pair and expose him for the hypocrite two-faced liar he is?

Thursday, March 10, 2011


We told you last week how the Regalado Descarado music video is making its way throughout Miami.

A loyal reader with a watchful eye has pointed out that the very last scene in the video (shown in the screen capture posted above) does not show Mayor Regalado at all.

Instead it's a picture of Jose Prado, president of Tele Miami, hanging out with non other than Fidel Castro.

Tele Miami is the television station where Tomas Regalado hosted his mid afternoon news show for years while he served on the Miami City Commission.

The folks at Tele Miami love Tomassito so much, they forgot to take him off their website where they advertise Tom Ass still "delivers hard hitting news that affects our local community."

We all know that Tom Ass is an ardent Anti-Communist who made a living behind a radio microphone firing verbal bullets at Communists and denouncing Cuban artists who planned concert visits to Miami.

Together with his close pal Ninoska Perez-Castellon, they denounced Gloria Estefan for supporting these artists, while they worked together to get Ninoska's niece a job at the City Attorney's office.

Tom Ass is also the first one to make sure there are plenty of TV cameras around to capture him hugging freed Cuban political prisoners when they make it to Miami.

We are sure Tom Ass had NO IDEA that his boss and pal Jose Prado was hanging out with Fidel!

Much in the same way that Tom Ass had NO IDEA the Chinese Consul General is a Communist when he "expressed his gratitude" while he partied with her at City Hall.

In fact, we are sure that Tom Ass has ridden his NO IDEA stupor straight into the mayor's office where he and the Phantom Mayor can steer contracts to their friends.

Truth is, Tom Ass is a lying two faced Commie hypocrite who is selling off our city to the highest bidders, and those who generously donate to his and his daughter's political campaigns.

Too bad all those little Cuban old ladies that absentee voted for him don't know the real truth.


Hot on the heels of our report on Katherine Fernandez-Rundle's refusal to prosecute corruption at Miami City Hall, check out the Crespo Gram and Investigation Miami for more news on Ms. Fernandez-Rundle and the City Commission's plan to name a street after her.

Lawton Chiles used to say "even a blind pig finds an acorn every once in a while," and Chuckie Rabin finally found an acorn!

In his story, we learn that "All it will take is a Miami commission vote Thursday for State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle to be able to peek out her office window and see a street named in her honor.

But there is a mystery, NO ONE KNOWS how the item was placed on the City Commission agenda!

"No one is owning up to placing the designation item on the agenda. There is no sponsor on the legislation. The city manager and the mayor said they didn’t add it to the agenda. Commission Chair Wifredo “Willy” Gort said he doesn’t know where it came from. And Public Works Director Nzeribe Ihekweba said the item may have simply been in a stack of legislation that piled up for years.

“I think the state or the state attorney’s office reached out to the city manager a few weeks ago,” offered Mayor Tomas Regalado.

"Okay, except the state attorney’s office said it wasn’t them. Ditto at FDOT. Even former City Manager Pete Hernandez weighed in, saying he has no recollection of the item ever reaching his office."

Once again in his own inimitable way, Mayor Tomas Regalado comes across as the IGNORANT SLUT he really is.

If NO ONE at the City knows how an item "magically" appears on the City Commission agenda...

Can we really trust them to manage the City's finances?

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


*** *** *** *** *** UPDATE *** *** *** *** *** 

Tamarac Mayor Flansbaum-Talabisco was arrested and "charged with unlawful compensation, bribery, official misconduct and conspiracy to commit unlawful compensation. She had been under investigation by the Broward State Attorney’s Office for allowing developers Bruce and Shawn Chait to contribute $21,000 through a political action committee to support her 2006 campaign in exchange for favorable votes involving the development company..."

Let's see:

1. Billboard companies give money to the Mayor's campaign, and his daughter's campaign for School Board, the attorney for a billboard promoter writes a new billboard law inside the Mayor's office, the City Commissioners approve illegal billboards, and go as far as to sell space on the City of Miami Police Department building to a billboard company.

2. Gambling machine interests give money to the Mayor's campaign and that of his daughter's campaign for School Board, the Mayor passes a law making illegal machines legal, tries to prevent the Chief of Police from confiscating gambling machines.

3. Phantom Mayor Armando Gutierrez (who also ran Regalado and Raquelita's campaign) gets a sweetheart land deal for his client Rusty Pelican after they donate to the Mayor and Raquelita's campaign.

Bottom line...

The Broward State Attorney's Office IS DOING IT'S JOB.

Why can't Kathy Fernandez Rundle do hers???

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Katherine Fernandez Rundle makes very little sense.  Here she is going after Michelle Spence Jones on weak evidence while the rest of Miami continues to swim along in a sea of corruption.

The headlines tell the story:

And when Codina took the stand he "then lashed out at Scruggs, saying the prosecutor purposely mislead him during an interview into thinking the Lyric Theater event never happened; Codina said he remembered later that two of his associates attended the event. (Scruggs responded, during later questioning, that Codina misunderstood him.)"

This is the same prosecutor Scruggs who in December of last year "withheld key information from attorneys on both sides of the [Gaston] Smith case as well as from a New Times reporter. It was all part of an effort to convict Smith for allegedly stealing more than $10,000 in county grant money."

Meanwhile, as we read in Investigation Miami, the Phantom Mayor Armando Gutierrez and the Wannabe Steve "Wait Until Francis is Mayor" Marin, have cooked a very "fishy" deal for their friends and clients at the Rusty Pelican and Rickenbacker Marina.
"The only way to determine if the city is getting fair value from the lease is through an independent appraisal.   The Rusty Pelican submission to the commission includes NO APPRAISAL!

"This "deal" has been worked on for nearly 10 years.   And good sources tell us that the reason it has taken so long to get done is that the Diaz administration refused to give away the property under the terms that then Commissioner Regalado was pushing for his friends at the Rusty Pelican

"Those friends of Regalado have given him thousands of dollars of campaign contributions over the years - and we won't get into all the free meals and events.
"In the end, Sarnoff and Regalado take care of their campaign contributors.   The favorite lobbyists and campaign managers walk away is thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars of fees and favors.

"And the taxpayer gets screwed every time.  Its all about big fat lies, big fat lobbyists and big fat sweetheart leases.

"The charter violations are clear.  These people should be charged!"

Problem is, they won't.

They won't be charged because Katherine Fernandez Rundle is more interested in convicting Michelle Spence Jones with flimsy evidence that she is about rooting out the true source of corruption at the City of Miami.

With Regalado as mayor, it's open season for Tomas Regalado and the Phantom Mayor.

Rusty Pelican will get anything they want.

When Tony Crapp decided that there should be a new "marina" on Virginia Key, guess whose idea that was?

And whose idea was it to sell the side of the police headquarters to a billboard company for $80,000

Mayor Tomas Regalado's corruption knows no bounds.

And the State Attorney is doing nothing to stop it.

Monday, March 07, 2011


Go check out Investigation Miami and The Straw Buyer if you want to sleep better at night knowing who is looking out for the finances at City Hall.

Just remember that the City's finances were "squared away" based on the PROJECTED revenue from Red Light Cameras purchased from the Phantom Mayor and the takeover of the Miami Parking Authority. 

So how did that work out for ya?

Friday, March 04, 2011


Sources tell TBM that a meeting with the Mayor can only be brokered through the Phantom Mayor Armando Gutierrez.

For a fee, the Phantom Mayor will arrange a meeting with mayor Regalado.

$10,000 for a meeting.

$25,000 for placing an item on the City Commission.

$50,000 if it passes.

City Hall is for sale, to the highest bidder.

More billboards anyone???


Miami Today reports that "Miami plugged a massive budget hole last fiscal year without layoffs, but midway through this year pink slips might be inevitable."

The Shameless Mayor tell them:

"We come to the same situation in two weeks.  By the third week, we're going to have to start reducing costs in salaries. So people will have to be laid off."

But who does the shameless Mayor plan to layoff?

We remember when then Commissioner Regalado told the Biscayne Times:

"My fear is that, come budget process, the little people will be the ones affected and the big salaries will not be touched. To me that is not only wrong but also immoral."

Will the Mayor go after people like Crapp, Spring, Bru, the fire and police unions that make the big six figure salaries?

Hell no!

Regalado only cared about the "little people" when he spent his every waking hour attacking the previous administration. 

The Herald Mayor's Press Office and its reporter Press Secretary Chuck Rabin are put on notice.  

If Regalado and his administration go through with layoffs, it will be of the same "little people" that Regalado's demagoguery bullshit talked about when he was Commissioner.  

Regalado must be held accountable or perhaps his morals have changed now that he is mayor.

Thursday, March 03, 2011


"To provide the full range of legal services and representation to the City Commission, and the Administration in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner." 

"The office employs approximately 58 professionals including two Deputy City Attorneys and 21 Assistant City Attorneys, who provide legal advice and serve as counsel to the City’s elected public officials as well as all appointed officials, and all boards and departments. Lawyers in the Office of the City Attorney are recognized for their excellence in the area of local government law and are experienced and skilled in many practice areas, including civil rights and tort litigation, government contracting and procurement, land use, labor and employment, public records, sunshine law and ethics." 

These 58 "professionals" despite being "recognized for their excellence" and that are "experienced and skilled in many practice areas" CANNOT defend Mayor Regalado, Tony Crapp, Larry Spring, Diana Fernandez, and others from an SEC investigation.

Ms. Bru "so far, has spent $659,724.33 on outside counsel hired to represent the city."

Did the Mayor's Press Secretary ask what firms this money is going to?  

Did any of these firms contribute to Regalado's mayoral campaign?

What about the campaign of Regalado's daughter, Raquelita, did the firms contribute to her also?

And exactly whom is the Shameless Mayor speaking with at the SEC to make a claim that "the city will likely agree to some type of fine without an admission of guilt."


The people of Miami are TIRED of your lazy ass bullshit reporting, especially when you take every single word that comes out of the Shameless Mayor Regalado at face value.

People's hard earned tax dollars are being wasted every single day by Tomas Regalado, his Phantom Mayor Armando Gutierrez, and the completely moronic and inept Tony Crapp.

Now we add you Chuck to the list.

Your constant attitude of "looking the other way" and providing excuses for Regalado and his band of cronies make you an accomplice.

The people are NOT STUPID Chuck, irrespective of what the opinion is at One Herald Plaza.

You and the Herald are now fully complicit with the corruption going on at City Hall.


Appearing as a comment on yesterday's posting, this YouTube video is making the rounds in Miami, calling Mayor Regalado "un descarado" translating to brazen and shameless.

Produced by the mysterious "Yudislady," the video shows montages of Regalado with the lyrics talking about Regalado's game machines and mafia connections. 

Meanwhile, the Herald Mayor's Press Office reports that "The City of Miami’s revenue projections for the current year were so overly optimistic that a reserve fund once flush with $141 million may be almost completely tapped by the end of the month, less halfway through the 2011 budget year."

Herald reporter Mayor's Press Secretary Chuck Rabin does not include a single quote from the shameless Mayor, or any indication as to how Regalado plans to fix this dire fiscal emergency.

Perhaps Mayor Regalado and Phantom Mayor Armando Gutierrez were too busy cashing their checks from the gaming and billboard industry to speak with Rabin.

Tony "I don't know" Crapp offers no help either except to say that "the city was looking into building a new marina south of Virginia Key that could add revenue to the reserve."

We wonder if the new Marina will come with giant LED billboards.

Regalado, Crapp, Spring, and the Phantom Mayor are running the city straight into bankruptcy.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Another City of Miami Police officer is arrested, this time for stealing!

Hot on the heels of Veldora Arthur's indictment, NBC 6 reports that Miami police officer Vernell Reynolds "has been charged with fraud and three counts of grand theft after she lied to get thousands of dollars from the "Step Up for Students" scholarship fund, officials said Tuesday."

We also learn that Ms. Reynolds is a high ranking member of the Police Union, the same Union that backed Mayor Regalado and wanted former Chief John Timoney out because Timoney's discipline had lowered morale in the department.

NBC 6 goes on to state that:

"News of the arrest adds to the Miami Police Department's growing reputation of a corrupt unit."

We thought that Armando Aguilar and the rest of the Union were bitching when Timoney was Chief. 

It was Aguilar who said of Timoney:

“There’s been nothing but turmoil since he started at this police department.  It’s been hell on our troops. He’s basically destroyed morale.”

That is why Regalado replaced Timoney with Exposito.  But now the police has a "growing reputation of a corrupt unit?"

How's morale now boys??  Were the seven shootings not enough to satisfy your "predator" cravings?

We'll see how long it takes the Herald Mayor's Press Office to report on this.

Maybe Chuck will actually do some work and tell everyone it is NOT the first time Officer Reynolds has been in trouble.

She has been "sanctioned for removing, while in police uniform, an electric meter box from an apartment she was renting to a third person and for placing the box in the trunk of her City of Miami police car."

Thankfully, we're paying people like Veldora and Reynolds to keep us all safe!


We love Uncle Luke's latest column.

Our favorite:

Sarnoff "began justifying why it is okay for a police officer to shoot first, and ask questions later. Following up on the seven shootings in black parts of the city since last summer, he told Ferre police officers are nervous when they pull people over in certain neighborhoods. He said he understood why they would shoot someone who ducked down in a car.

"He might even be justified in killing the suspect because his hand slips off the steering wheel. If that's the case, then why did the Miami Police Department go almost two years without shooting somebody when John Timoney was in charge?"

That's easy Luke!

John Timoney knew what he was doing.  Miguel Exposito has no business being Chief but he has a dossier on every elected official at the City of Miami and was able to become Chief because Tomas Regalado has no balls and was coerced by the police union.

As further evidence of the lack of balls, Exposito now goes around town talking shit about the Mayor, the house boy Dunn, and the ever so experienced Manager, and they do nothing about it.

"Sarnoff is the worst politician in Florida"

Hmmmm, he's pretty darned close.

But let's call this one a tie with "shit for brains" Regalado whose "keen knack" for hiring gave us Chief Exposito and Tony Crapp.