Friday, March 04, 2011


Miami Today reports that "Miami plugged a massive budget hole last fiscal year without layoffs, but midway through this year pink slips might be inevitable."

The Shameless Mayor tell them:

"We come to the same situation in two weeks.  By the third week, we're going to have to start reducing costs in salaries. So people will have to be laid off."

But who does the shameless Mayor plan to layoff?

We remember when then Commissioner Regalado told the Biscayne Times:

"My fear is that, come budget process, the little people will be the ones affected and the big salaries will not be touched. To me that is not only wrong but also immoral."

Will the Mayor go after people like Crapp, Spring, Bru, the fire and police unions that make the big six figure salaries?

Hell no!

Regalado only cared about the "little people" when he spent his every waking hour attacking the previous administration. 

The Herald Mayor's Press Office and its reporter Press Secretary Chuck Rabin are put on notice.  

If Regalado and his administration go through with layoffs, it will be of the same "little people" that Regalado's demagoguery bullshit talked about when he was Commissioner.  

Regalado must be held accountable or perhaps his morals have changed now that he is mayor.


Anonymous said...

Why is Larry Spring C.F.O. still at the city? Why isn't he in Roswell, New Mexico?

Anonymous said...

No one that makes more than $120,000 will lose their jobs. Tomas will in fact fuck the little people.


Who is Mayor Corruptalado going to blame for this financial mess now? Did he not bring in Carlos Migoya to fix the City's financial woes? I THOUGHT THE LAYOFFS WERE AN UNAVOIDABLE BUSINESS DECISION MADE LAST YEAR TO BALANCE THE BUDGET! YOU MEAN YOU LIED AND DID NOT FOLLOWED THROUGH! WHY NOT?

Clearly, relief cannot exist on the City's expenditures without eliminating your major expense that
consumes 80% of the budget, personnel cost. Unfortunately, the inevitable layoffs provides relief to the City with a positive domino effect on salaries, health benefits, pensions, etc. So why are you in this mess Mayor Corruptalado? Because you are a complete mess and utter failure. You have no business being the Mayor of a major city in the U.S. You don't have any leadership ability, no vision, no fortitude, no ethics, no sense or pulse or understanding of the organization. The only quality you do have is knowing how to STEAL FROM THE LITTLE PEOPLE! You have no right to speak about morality. You of all people have lied, cheated, schemed, connived, stolen, and have associated yourself with criminals and thugs. Your POLICE DEPARTMENT HAVE helped you arrest and murdered innocent people. SO NOT ONLY IS THIS FINANCIAL MESS ON YOU, SO ARE THE MURDERS. Even your cohort Commissioner Dunn has created distance from you and went on television to say the same thing.

So when it is time to do the inevitable of layoffs, I crafted for you, Mayor, the message you need to send to the little people and employees of the City.

Thank you all city employees for helping me AND all of the Commissioners, Tony Crapp, Jr., Johnny Martinez, Alice Bravo, Larry Spring, Diana Gomez, Mirtha Dzeidizic, Luis Cabrera, Miguel Exposito, Maurice Kemp, Madeleine Valdez, Basil Binns, Ada Rojas, Kenneth Robertson, George Mensah, Julie Bru, Veronica Xiques, Koteles Alexander, Maria Chiaro, Victoria Mendez, Orlando Toledo, Pieter Bockweg, etc..........TO LIE, SCHEME, CONNIVE, AND STEAL; BUT, NOW IT IS TIME TO ADMIT THAT THE JOKE IS ON YOU. FOR YOUR GOOD WORK, I'M NOW REWARDING YOU ALL WITH NO WORK! HERE IS YOUR PINK SLIP!

Now City employees go to the mirror and be proud of what you have done and have become. One of them and a fucking hypocrite. Was it worth it?

Anonymous said...

What a silly question ... Of course the little people will be fired ... Instead they should cut by 50%, those making over$200k, cut by 40% those making between 150k and 200k, by 30% the salaries between $100k and $150k, by 20% those between 90 and 100, 10% for those between 80 and 90 and 5% for all others. O/T would be eliminated ... Oh ... Everyone will quit ?? ... And get a job where ??

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:08, you mean treat them like teachers are being treated. Let see, Firefighters and Police Officers are rewarded with fantastic pensions, because they have to deal with all of the problems on the street.

Hmmm. but before they hit the street, where are they instead? THAT IS RIGHT, SCHOOLS!

I feel no pity or sorrow for you all PIGS!

Anonymous said...

Miami's NET Offices are headed by highly paid political cronies of the mayor and commissioners. Their function is to rally support by paying special favors to the so called community activist and political supporters. An example of this is their ability to solicit free food from different restaurants to feed the elderly through out the year and during political campaigns. These community meetings comprised of old people, looking for a free meal, a familiar face, still hoping for a free Cuba is their voting base. They provide the elderly with easy voting registration and a voting ballot. On election day the unions but mostly the Fraternal Order of Police will get many police volunteers and their families to drive the elderly to their voting precient. Most of the buses are provided by Regaldo's supporter, Balsera in Flagami for free. One of Regalado's bitches, Marrero is the go-between Regaldo and the NET Administrators. Does anyone ever wonder why Regalado and his daughter received more votes through absent ballots than on the actual voting day?

Anonymous said...

@ 10:08
Great suggestion - your proposed numbers are even less of a paycut than the police officers took. And they are out there fighting the scumbags.
The problem is that Tony Crapp isn't qualified to be city manager - not his fault, but Regalado's for appointing him. And that could even work, if the mayor was running the show and telling Crapp what to do - but even that isn't happening.
Nobody is running the show, and the pencil pushers are trying to hide their misdoings, and in the meantime, the city is headed to the crapper.

Anonymous said...

Layoffs? Funny! Look into who is being hired and promoted. No hiring freeze.

Anonymous said...

hoe long do we need to recall Corruptado????

Anonymous said...

It's the same old bullshit story from the city government. It's not our fault, it's the employee's fault. So again the only solution is going to be to lay people off and cut pay again. And next year, the same thing again, and so on. Why? Because these incompetent idiots can't run a government for shit. When most of the employees last year took paycuts, which didn't the top earners take a cut too? Why did that bitch Ada Rojas get two raises and a brand new car when everyone else got paycuts? You guys bitch about it's the employee's fault but open your eyes and see who's really at fault. There's no money but as we speak, they are tearing up streets in the city of Miami to build new traffic circles! FOR WHAT???? You finance a baseball stadium in your land and give away most of the earning potential? Build a tunnel where most of the port traffic will not be able to travel? What the fuck??? They screwed up the traffic camera numbers and everything else they projected. Give me a f#$$# break with the same shit of it's the employees fault.

Armando Gutierrez said...

The cameras will bring the City $8 million, I PROMISE!!!

Anonymous said...

You want to see how they are laying off, go to the purchasing department, they just hired a ex-CIP, DDA employee that who knows where she has been hiding these years as the NEW Procurement Supervisor, someone with no experience, why, because she is big time political and a Sarnoff ally, and what else are they going to do, promote within the department a Procurement Supervisor to Assistant Director, and who might that be, an ally of Commissioner Suarez. Therefore, CORRUPTION will only get worse but these two individuals will ensure the companies representing Marin and Gutierrez continue to get all the business. How about Angel Zayon, will he get fired. How about all the attorneys working in the Law Dept who are there because of they know the Mayor or their families are tied to the Mayor. No, none of these folks will be touch, only those that actually work, the real employees of the City those that break their ass, show up for work and put in 8 full hours. That want to do the right thing and want to ensure that the taxpayers dollars are well spent. Do I sound ANGRY, you bet my ass I am, worked to long and hard to let these assholes continue to rape this city and the employees are the ones that pay.

Anonymous said...

Why did they split the communications department in half?

So Angel Zayon could get a $80,000 job.


Anonymous said...

recall recall recall

Liar, liar, Prada pants on fire said...

Didn't Sarnoff give his solemn promise that "HE WILL NOT ACCEPT A PENSION FROM THE CITY"?????

Imagine that... another LIE.

Anonymous said...

Sarnoff lie? NO WAY!

Regalado lie? NO WAY!

Anonymous said...

Anon 13:01. you should not be to surprised, don't you know that TomAss had cronies working for the city as temporary employees??? The Agenda office had a nonEnglish speaker, Parks department had someone without experienec and the Asset Management department had the son of a radio friend. Why didn't Braman recall TomAss too?

Anonymous said...

88 of the highest paid City employees work for the Fire Department. They have massive pay and benefit packages.

Tomas Regalado and Marc Sarnoff keep putting political hires on the payroll. Zayon? Plasencia? Karsh?

Anonymous said...

If Tony Crapp were smart and experienced he would fire 500 employees now. And he would fire many making $70,000 to $365,000.

If he was smart...

Can;t Take the Injustice Anymore said...

Q: How many Staff members from Mayor Regatardo's Office have City of Miami take home cars, free gas and free insurance funded by the taxpayers?

A: _____?

Q: How many Staff members from Mayor Manny Diaz's Office had City of Miami take home cars, free gas and free insurance funded by the taxpayers?

A: ZERO! NADA! NO one from Mayor Diaz' staff had a take home City car! No free gas and no free taxpayer paid insurance.






Anonymous said...

I am fed up with the BS going on at the City of Miami! Regalado SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:19

I remember Mayor Diaz recommended the NET Offices be closed to help save the City. Now we know why Regalado refused! Where the duck would he put his cronies??

Anonymous said...

Manny Diaz had a very well paid Chief of Staff named Suzanna Valdes. She never did anything and she was paid $115,000. She always seemed bored.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to do a public records request to identify how many people are being hidden in the mayor's office and the manager's office. They used to call it the million dollar alley when Manny was in office but I'll bet Tomass is hiding more than a million in salaries too.
Then you should request a list of all employees citywide especially the unclassified "friends of tomass" that have been hired since the hiring freeze was instituted.
These are the people that need to be fired first.

Anonymous said...


Leave it alone people, what about Regalado and his "city manager" token negro Tony Crapp making $200,000???

That is the real outrage!!

Anonymous said...

"Manny Diaz had a very well paid Chief of Staff named Suzanna Valdes. She never did anything and she was paid $115,000."

Tomas Regalado had a vry well paid Chief of Staff named Tony Crapp. He never did anything.

Regalado then promoted Crapp to City Manager, pays him $200,000, and he still does nothing.

Anonymous said...

Tony Crapp, Jr. makes ambition look bad.

When will Crapp starting reducing the City's deficit by firing incompetent blacks? Basil Binns, Priscilla Thompson, Keith Carswell, Larry Spring, are you listening? Or will Crapp just fire whites and raise taxes?

(Of course, Tony Crapp does not live in Miami so raising taxes doesn't bother him.)

600 employees need to go.

Anonymous said...

Tony Crapp,
You approve a no-show job?
You promote a former CIP clerk?
You giving promotions to more non-City residents?

Anonymous said...

Tomas Regalado lets a corrupt employee make $120,000 per year while she sits at home in Broward County. Regalado allows at least one no-show job. Investigators?

Anonymous said...

To 3/4/11 @ 6:52pm
The amount of people being hidden is now in the open thanks to the Crespo Gram Report and his persistent quest for public records. There are 575 new employees since the hiring freeze went into effect and 68 unclassified that have been identified. All I can say to this is as a citizen of Miami, this must stop. It is time for the employees to march on City Hall and demand that all of those persons be fired and that the salaries and furlough days be given back to the employees. Enough is enough of this Cuban run banana republic.

Anonymous said...

Of course the little people will be screwed. Just like I was screwed the first time!!! I did my job and did it well. And out of the blue, without any kind of warning was given my pink slip. Due to a union BS agreement, I was being "rolled back" but unfortunately I had nothing to roll back to b/c my former position was eliminated. After almost a year, union agreements were made and I was offered my job back. I took it b/c there's not much out there as far as jobs go but at a price. A dramatic cut to my salary. I earn less now then what the starting salary of this position was. I also learned that in my absence, the person replacing me couldn't do the job alone. An additional person had to be hired to help him. SO, TWO PEOPLE HAD TO DO WHAT I DID BY MYSELF! How did the city save any money???!!! What was the point!!?? A bunch of fools run this city. It's such a joke.

Anonymous said...

"Bunch of fools run this city". So true.

THAT MORON the CFO Larry Spring steals from a bank WHILE working as the City's CFO. And Regalado does not demand the City Manager fire him? Wow.