Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Mark today as the day the Raquelita for Mayor of Miami 2013 campaign has started.

With her unintelligible Op-Ed piece in the Herald Press Office, Raquelita has tipped her hand and revealed what we have been thinking all along, she is in the running for her dad's post.

Raquelita, who had no bearing whatsoever on the recall election other than blabbering on a Spanish radio station no one listens to, pens the epic "Recall's lessons still being absorbed," where she manages to quote Shakespeare and talk about the recall, Tallahassee, the School Board, Charter Reform, Alvarez and Burgess.

While her name recognition is high among the Cuban elderly who put her father in office, Raquelita needs to boost her profile among the Anglo "thinking class" who still read and think the Herald Press Office matters.

Ask yourself, why the hell else would she opine on the recall?  And why does the Herald Press Office give her the opportunity to do so?

Rumors have been circling around town that Tomas Regalado is tired of being in office, and he is literally sick, having been seen with shaky hands at events, and looking more and more uncomfortable in his own hunchbacked self.

Phantom Mayor Armando Gutierrez cannot fathom the possibility of losing his iron grip over City Hall, so enter Raquelita.

Her election to the School Board had nothing to do with children, it had nothing to do with her wanting to improve education, but had everything to do with giving her a profile, fund-raising base, and machinery with which to run for future office. 

When her father declares that he does not want to run, but wants his legacy to continue, he will point to his eldest daughter, the single mother, who loves children and is on the school board, and the daughter of Cuban radio personality and his beloved dead wife "Raquelita" as his logical successor.

The Cuban elderly will cry with passion over how beautiful it is that Tomasito wants to pass on his legacy to Raquelita.  Tomasito will say he is for women's rights, because a woman has never been elected mayor.

Phantom Mayor Armando and his wife Maritza will orchestrate the absentee ballots and press strategy.  Every single developer, lobbyist, billboard company, gambling machine operator, and anyone else in Miami will be shaken down to fill up Raquelita's coffers.

And the City of Miami will get more of the same.

Raquelita likes Romans, we prefer the Greeks, specifically the oracle at Delphi.

Don't say we didn't see this coming, and don't say we didn't warn you.

If Phantom Mayor Gutierrez, Tomasito, and Raquelita are not stopped now, prepare for a Regalado dynasty until 2025.


Anonymous said...

I read the unintelligible Op-Ed piece you referred to and came to the same conclusion ... No more Regalado's elected to office ... PLEASE !!

P. Nis said...

Manface for 2013!!!

Anonymous said...

God help us. From hunchback to horse face. And we get to keep little tommy too!

Anonymous said...

This is precisely why we need to make sure Tomas is thrown our of office otherwise we have a good decade or more of this family.

Anonymous said...

She is trying to come off as a thoughtful "intellectual" type so that Braman will say oh wow she is really smart maybe she should be mayor

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Want to report Richard Scruggs because you think he is a dirt bag. Go to:

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Anonymous said...

Is this the same person "Raquelita" that use to be an attorney???

If anyone knows, please write in.

Anonymous said...

Alcaldesa Regalado

What the fuck is this!

Anonymous said...

Who actually wrote the piece? It was hard to understand.

Anonymous said...

Like father, like daughter. Hard to understand.

Anonymous said...

Seriously people. Is Tomas Regalado Jr. a cross dresser? I swear that Raqueltia must be Tommy!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can see it now. She's going to win by a landslide because of her father's popularity and media connections. You'll hear and see commercials on all the shitty media outlets that no one but all the cuban exile elderly pay any attention too like radio caracol and La Ley with their bullshit shows. She'll be able to pay for all the media she can get because all her fathers lobbyist's will back her and she will aim to please. And what are the chances that the African American's will come out to vote in mass against her? Slim to none. The city of Miami government is rotten to the core and what it needs is a all colon cleansing starting with Regalado.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Raqulita was once an attorney???

Please respond if you know.

Anonymous said...

She is an attorney. I believe a trademark attorney.

Anonymous said...

She is an attorney.

Who wrote the Herald piece for her?


Anonymous said...

Pappy Regalado sure seems to be screwing up Miami. Maybe even worse than the crook Manny Diaz.

Anonymous said...

Please. No more Regalado's. No mas.