Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It's starting!

The Herald reports this morning how Daddy Warbucks is already rearranging the chairs on the City of Miami Titanic sinking ship.

He's leaving, so he doesn't give a shit who he leaves behind, as long as he does his master Regalado's bidding.

And guess who the Deputy City Manager is?

None other than our good friend, the number one Tom Ass kisser himself.......

Tony Crapp Jr.

As we reported yesterday, Crapp's stellar resume makes him uniquely qualified to run a multi-million dollar organization and the State's signature city.

His vast experience dating back to the late 1990s, his lips permanently attached to TOM ASS.

And who replaces Tony?

Deputy Police Chief Luis Cabrera, another Tom ASS kisser, Godson to the Mayor, Campaign Chauffeur to the Mayor and Lobbyist Armando Gutierrez.

Cabrera was "a police department lieutenant in charge of employee relations before he was appointed to the deputy chief post" and will remain a police officer (maybe for the shiny gun and free car) and keep his over $160K a year salary.

Tom ASS kissing guaranties a quick ascension in the city pecking order.

And a quick descent for the City overall.


To notch schooling?

Real world experience?

Who needs it!

Here's a lesson kids.

You want opportunity?

Leave Miami!

Or learn to feed Armando Gutierrez.

And learn to kiss Tom ASS...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It's not official yet, but it might as well be.

Unless Tomasito completely has sold his soul to the police union (in which case Armando's wife Yolanda gets the job) or unless he is actually serious about governing,  Tony Crapp, Jr. will be your next city manager.

Tony has been the longest TomASS kisser at the city, starting back in 1996, having held NO OTHER JOB outside the city or outside of the employment of TomASS.

His "promotion" from Mayor's Chief of Staff (a position that where he had so much impact that it has yet to be filled) to Assistant City Manager at $140,000 plus executive benefits was the last step in his eventual rise to become the City's top dog.

Just imagine the "public relations" coup when Tomasito can put his arm around Tony and announce that he, a Hispanic mayor, has appointed an "African American" to the City's top job.  And even though the "African American" in question is woefully unqualified, the press will eat it up.

Here is Tony's bio

"In 1998, at the age of 25, he was promoted to Chief of Staff becoming one of few African-Americans who have served in that capacity for a Hispanic elected official at Miami City Hall."

The racial/ethnic undertones are already there.

What the "bio" fails to mention is that Tony supervised two felons and a fairy, that is why he needed extra resume building from his appointment to Assistant City Manager.

"He was very active on the Metro-Miami Action Plan Trust, an organization created after civil disturbances in the 1980s to address disparities within the African-American community."

The MMAP?  Oh yeah, read the New Times article on the MMAP disaster, and why Tony resigned "because he was too busy to attend meetings."

"In January of 2010, he was selected to chair the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Committee on Economic Initiatives."

Tell us how that is going Tony, we are still waiting for your recommendation on how to improve the City's double digit unemployment rate.

All this bullshit resume patting is just sickening, but completely acceptable in city of Miami government, where you get a raise for showing up, and a bonus for having an idea every once in a while.

The disservice is that there are plenty of professional African Americans and others in this city who are incredibly qualified to run a city or other business but will get passed up because the only thing Mayor Regalado is looking for is the TomASS kisser with the biggest suctioned lips.

And in Tony, he's got the number one TomASS kisser.

Which is why Tony Crapp Jr, will be your next city manager.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Downtown Miami this weekend was turned in to a zoo by rowdy so called "music" fans and the City of Miami police where nowhere to be found.

This happens after the much publicized and viewed beating incident during Halloween captured on video of two City of Miami police officers beating up unarmed citizens during an arrest.

Fearing another "public relations nightmare," Mayor Regalado quipped: "They should have informed us, the political leader, of the consequences that this video would have."

Expo counters: "We normally do not discuss internal investigations with the mayor, but as I mentioned, he knew about it before we did."

Between the secret police to unearth corruption, the false arrests of city employees, and the FOUR shootings this Summer, Expo is having himself quite a year as police chief.

Speaking of shootings, do we have the results of the investigations yet?

Of course not!

Chief Exposito continues to be an UNMITIGATED DISASTER!

And Regalado does nothing.

The citizens of Miami deserve and expect a professionally led police force, which we are not getting.

Crime and mayhem, ALL continue to be Mayor Regalado's fault.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Go check out the Crespo Gram report.

After we broke the Robert Meyers Zippergate story, Gary Nelson over at Channel 4 asked Mr. Meyers to do "splaining" as to the leaked letters between himself and his assistant.

Mr. Meyers comes across as a complete arrogant asshole, typical of the $230,000 a year bureaucrat who thinks he deserves every red cent of his taxpayer supported salary.

"I go out to lunch with people all the time and I don't see where that's a big deal. Having a glass of wine or two, it's not a matter of anybody's concern but mine."

Au contraire Mr. Meyers.

It IS a matter of concern when you drink while on taxpayer dime, and go back to the office to "investigate" ethics matters. 

From the look of your athletic physique, and judging from your cheap tastes, 2 glasses of wine will put you over the .08 BAL limit.

Drunk on County taxpayer time.

It IS a big deal if you take your assistant out to lunch, tell her to "wear something nice," and are then accused of favoritism, or worse yet, sexual harassment. 

And guess who pays the bills from the lawyers if you do get sued Mr. Meyers?

We the taxpayers.

So yes, it IS a matter of concern.

In typical bureaucrat government cover your ass fashion, the so called bullshit "Commission on Ethics" is NOT investigating the relationship between Meyers and his Assistant, but instead going on a hunt for the person that leaked the documents.

Meyers seeks to intimidate his subordinates into silence, Gestapo style.

Mayor Alvarez needs to REMOVE this investigation from the jurisdiction of the Commission on Ethics, apparently they cannot police their own.

An independent authority should step in, perhaps even from another County, so that a FULL AND INDEPENDENT investigation take place.

If this does not take place, it sends the message that Mr. Meyers and his $230,000 a year salary are above the law, beyond reach, while the taxpayers get fucked again.

Does anyone doubt why Mayor Alvarez raised taxes?

It's Miami Bitches!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Close to a year into his administration, Mayor Tomas Regalado has become desperate, worthless and weak, wrecking havoc on the City of Miami as it tailspins into bankruptcy while lobbyists fight for the final spoils.


Fresh off a defeat at the polls to his grand plans to sell the City parking assets, realizing he would have to install red light cameras at every single intersection in the city to make up the projected revenue, and unwilling to lower the salaries of his friends, families, and cronies, Regalado and Financial Mastermind Larry Spring now want to sell the City Administrative building to the highest bidder.

According to our pals at Investigation Miami, there is a plan afoot to sell space on the side of the city building for more billboards.

And how much is this bringing to the city?  A little over $800,000 a year.

How cheaply Tomasito prostitutes himself.

$800,000 barely covers 3 firefighter salaries and pensions.

Allow us to suggest that Tomasito sell ad space on his cheap suits, or better yet, tattoo an ad to his giant forehead.

Any suggestions?


Interesting overlooked story in the Herald about the roadwork being done on Brickell Avenue by the FDOT, and how is pits pedestrians with automobiles.

The mayor's reaction?

Regalado, who said he came out of a meeting with Pego feeling frustrated...
"I am still hoping they will listen to us.''
Pobrecito Tomasito!
No one listens!!!

Didn't Big Johnny "Chief of Infrastructure" Martinez, $170,000 in base salary, work at FDOT?

Hell, we hear he used to have Gus Pego's job!

What about Super Alice "CIP" Bravo, $140,000 base salary, also work at FDOT?

And the new guy?  The one who replaced Glenn Marcos because Marcos asked questions.  
Three former FDOT TOP executives can't convince anyone at the agency?

And Tomas?

You and your daughter should call your pal Governor Alex Sink, maybe she can fix it.

Oh wait.......

She lost.
And so have you Tomas.
Miami's biggest loser.

You should tattoo that on your forehead.

Or maybe...


Sunday, November 14, 2010


A budget of over 2 million dollars of taxpayer money.

15 employees, 5 making over $100,000.

Robert Meyers - $230,747
Michael Murawski - $146,671
Ardyth Walker - $137,097
Manuel Diaz - $106,859
Christina Seymour - $102,320

And what do they have to show for it?

In a County where politicians run free to do as they please.

Where the Mayor of the City of Miami violates state laws by campaigning for his daughter on city time, and allows his staffers to do the same.

Where police so called "sergeant at arms" drive around lobbyists in city SUVs.

Where lawyers for billionaire developers write city ordinances behind the closed doors of the Mayor's office.

When was the last time the Miami Dade Ethics Commission found anyone to be unethical?

Marc Sarnoff operating a law office illegally from his house? DISMISSED

Joe Martinez having a house built by the Latin Builders Association? DISMISSED

Complaints against Jose "Pepe" Diaz?  Natasha Seijas? Dorrin Rolle?


We have an idea.

The entire Miami Dade Commission on Ethics should be DISMISSED.

Starting with Robert Meyers.

They have shown themselves to be a waste of time and taxpayer money.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Take Back Miami has obtained a memo from Mayor Carlos Alvarez to the Chair of the Miami Dade County Ethics Commission alleging "inappropriate conduct" on the part of Commission Executive Director Robert Meyers.

Mr. Meyers, who according to documents obtained by Random Pixels, makes $230,747 of our hard earned tax money to chase crooked politicians is instead accused of chasing his secretary.

According to the note:

Mr. Meyers and his secretary "take extended lunch hours to enjoy food, drinks, and 'conversation' at the County's expense."


So when you wonder why Chairman of Everything Marc David Sarnoff, Mayor Tomasito Regalado, his daughter Raquelita Regalado, and all the other crooked politicians get away with all they do while the so called "Ethics Commission" looks the other way, now you know.

And Bob, what is it with all the "Miami Spice" coupons anyhow?

You make over $230K!

Crooked and cheap.

Friday, November 05, 2010


Our inbox this morning was abuzz with comments from our Spanish language friends about an appearance last night on the highly rated "Oscar Haza" show on Channel 41 of one Dr. Emilio Gonzalez.

The interview with the former immigration service director, member of the Bush national security team, and Army veteran started off with a general overview of national politics and the midterm elections but quickly turned to local politics.

When asked, Dr. Gonzalez opined on the defeat of the Miami Parking Authority takeover, pointing out how a City that is on the verge of bankruptcy due to poor fiscal management made a desperate attempt to increase revenues by acquiring control of the parking authority, and yet voters failed to go along with the Mayor's proposal, indicating a deep lack of confidence in the Mayor's ability to manage the City's finances.

Asked point blank whether he would run for the Mayoral seat in 2013, Dr. Gonzalez coyly did not deny that he would not be seeking the Mayor's office.

Meanwhile, facing a drubbing at the polls, losing the MPA takeover, backing a loser in the Gubernatorial race, and continued record high unemployment in the City of Miami, Mayor Tomasito went on a Spanish language radio offensive of his own, bringing out his favorite topic once again, the Florida Marlins.

While people are suffering from an economic downturn and the City is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, is this really the best Tomas can do?  How many times can he beat the Marlins' dead horse?

You better come up with some real solid plans soon Tomas.

You're politically weak, the knives are out, and they are aiming for your back!

We hope that a worthy challenger does step up against you, and give Miami the leadership we all deserve.

Thursday, November 04, 2010


We kept wondering why it is that a seemingly clear cut case of ethics violation would be dismissed by the Miami Dade Ethics Commission...

And then it hit us!

Remember back in December when the City passed its ethics ordinance requiring "tough new ethics training" for politicians and lobbyists?

Guess who is administering the training???

So how much City money is going to the Ethics Commission for this course?

Maybe Super Investigative Reporter Chuck Rabin can find out.  And Chuck, don't just "ask" them, they'll lie to you.  File a records request like the rest of us and do your job.

Once again, Chairman Marc David Sarnoff, Esquire, proves to be quite the smart one, making sure the Ethics Commission is on the monetary hook with the City.

Sarnoff opens the city wallet, and becomes above the law.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


The big plan has been shot down.

Taking over the MPA and then leasing out the assets was the way Tomasito and friends would save the city from bankruptcy.

Getting the voters to approve it would be easy.  Go on Cuban radio, blame the MPA for spending too much money.  Accuse the MPA director of "Living la Vida Loca..."

Tomasito's relentless campaigning could not convince voters to give him control of the MPA.

So now what?

This is a major defeat for Tomasito in several ways, the worst of which is that now he and Manager Migoya have to figure out a way to keep the city from going bankrupt.

The other defeat is a tarnish to his power and image, for the first time, Tomasito could not get voters to go along with him.

This is in addition to his and Raquelita's support for failed gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink will send a message to the city commissioners (Carollo and Suarez especially) that Tomasito's air of invincibility is not what it seems.

Tomasito's blood is in the water, and the commission sharks will soon begin to circle around him.

Of note:

The Herald ran a story about Sarnoff beating his ethics complaint, but no story yet on the failed MPA takeover.  Maybe Chuck was too busy to write a story that matters.

Also, former Mayor Manny Diaz who was the state chairman for Fair Districts got a big win last night with the passage of Amendments 5 and 6.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010




More to come...


"I was treated like everyone else. I think the system is inherently fair, and works.''
Because "everyone else" gets a call from the ass kissing zoning director to tell you that some pesky activists are after you and gives you time to explain and correct your violations.

And this is surprising how exactly?
Forget about the Ethics Commission or the State Attorney taking any action against the Chairman.

Unless the Department of Justice finally wakes up and brings the broom down to Miami to sweep away the "Culture of Corruption..."
The only way to beat Sarnoff will be at the polls in November 2011.