Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Close to a year into his administration, Mayor Tomas Regalado has become desperate, worthless and weak, wrecking havoc on the City of Miami as it tailspins into bankruptcy while lobbyists fight for the final spoils.


Fresh off a defeat at the polls to his grand plans to sell the City parking assets, realizing he would have to install red light cameras at every single intersection in the city to make up the projected revenue, and unwilling to lower the salaries of his friends, families, and cronies, Regalado and Financial Mastermind Larry Spring now want to sell the City Administrative building to the highest bidder.

According to our pals at Investigation Miami, there is a plan afoot to sell space on the side of the city building for more billboards.

And how much is this bringing to the city?  A little over $800,000 a year.

How cheaply Tomasito prostitutes himself.

$800,000 barely covers 3 firefighter salaries and pensions.

Allow us to suggest that Tomasito sell ad space on his cheap suits, or better yet, tattoo an ad to his giant forehead.

Any suggestions?


Interesting overlooked story in the Herald about the roadwork being done on Brickell Avenue by the FDOT, and how is pits pedestrians with automobiles.

The mayor's reaction?

Regalado, who said he came out of a meeting with Pego feeling frustrated...
"I am still hoping they will listen to us.''
Pobrecito Tomasito!
No one listens!!!

Didn't Big Johnny "Chief of Infrastructure" Martinez, $170,000 in base salary, work at FDOT?

Hell, we hear he used to have Gus Pego's job!

What about Super Alice "CIP" Bravo, $140,000 base salary, also work at FDOT?

And the new guy?  The one who replaced Glenn Marcos because Marcos asked questions.  
Three former FDOT TOP executives can't convince anyone at the agency?

And Tomas?

You and your daughter should call your pal Governor Alex Sink, maybe she can fix it.

Oh wait.......

She lost.
And so have you Tomas.
Miami's biggest loser.

You should tattoo that on your forehead.

Or maybe...



Anonymous said...

How can a Mayor allow for such a thing to happen? The former Purchasing Director never had any hidden agendas. He was extremely transparent, honest, ethical and with integrity. He never played politics and was never affiliated, connected, or tied to any politician. He wanted for the public procurement process to speak for itself and be played out.

The moment he was discharged all sorts of bells, whistles, and alarms when off! I really can't believe the Mayor and Commissioners allowed for the City Manager to make this move. It has been unpopular amongst city employees, vendors, public procurement professionals from other public agencies, and public administrators.


Commissioner Sarnoff was behind his dismissal.


Along with Commissioner Francis Suarez. This was all orchestrated. As a matter of fact, some of the bid rigging occurring is being done through a relative of Francis Suarez.

Martiza Suarez is a Procurement Supervisor whose husband is not only related to Francis Suarez's family, but when he was a Miami Police Officer he was one of the Sergeant-at-Arms for Xavier Suarez.

Anonymous said...

started to take a look at some of the questionable procurements and it all seems to have been issued by this Maritza Suarez. So it seems there might be something here.

The Honorable Judge Jeffrey Schwartz said...

"Marc, I'm sending this to your personal email to avoid public records request issues"

Man-O-Man! What else does anyone need to see? Sarnoff thinks he's way smarter than he actually is. This is a criminal misdemeanor and at the very least an ethics violation, oops, I almost forgot, Robert Meyers is too busy trying to get his dick wet to look into it.

The thing that really strikes me is that Sarnoff's ""compadre" is obviously well aware of his inclination and proclivity to dismiss those pesky little things called "laws"..
Did any miss the fact that ex-judge Jeffrey Schwartz started his email with an admission of the impropriety of corresponding through a "private" email?

Hey Marc, there are people out here that have a hard on for you that isn't going away anytime soon.
Your crooked ass could join a monastery tomorrow and never break another law as long as you live and it wouldn't make any difference at all... Like I said a while back, unless that little box you put on your desk before talking is a time machine it's not going to matter. The people engaged against you in this battle have more than enough past verifiable misdeeds and crimes to PUT YOU BEHIND BARS.

The horses have left the barn.

Anonymous said...

Tomas Regalado is looking more and more like an idiot.

Regalado and Sarnoff have engineered the removal of almost every honest person from the City.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:53, to say that the firing of the old procurement director has spawned a mob of unhappy supporters is ridiculous. That being said, I am sure that 95% of those complaining about Regalado didn't give his opponent money or work on the campaign. Face it, you have 3 more years of this bull. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Is that the reason why he hired a new communications director, Angel Sayon?

Anonymous said...

All the new hires are Cubans, Hispanics and Blacks. Does the City of Miami ever hire whites? After all, whites are 35% of the population.

Anonymous said...

Regalado doesn't want any smart ethical employees.


Anonymous @ 21:40. I'm not sure what a mob constitutes, but I can tell you there is quite an amount of unhappy folks due to the dismisssal of the former Purchasing Director. You need to have been working with him to understand that man stood his ground regardless of the pressures instilled on him.

Anonymous said...

Name one.

Anonymous said...

By the Nov. 11th at 12 pm marked his 1 year anniversary on the job.

Anonymous said...

By the Nov. 11th at 12 pm marked his 1 year anniversary on the job.

Anonymous said...

The former Purchasing Director caved in to former Mayor Manny Diaz and lackey CFO Larry Spring and he testified that the Marlins and the City did not need to competitively bid the infrastructure work for the Marlins Stadium work to get the best price. Total "gun to the head" move and the Director caved.

Anonymous said...

$12 Mil no-bid contract went to contractor, Hunt Moss, represented by lobbyist and Sarnoff friend, Brian May. No bid. No competition. Taxpayer money spent.
Purchasing Director testified that no competition was necessary.

Anonymous said...

Riot in Park West this weekend. Club customers close Biscayne Boulevard.

Anonymous said...

Scumbags drive to Miami to party at the drug clubs on NE 11th Street and end up destroying property. Where were the police? Spending all their off-duty money?

Anonymous said...

The Police approved the street closure, then they disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Is Regalado so stupid he would appoint a no-resume empty suit as a City Manager?

Anonymous said...