Friday, October 29, 2010


Check out the video in the Crespo Gram Report.

Mayor's aide and felon Jose Marrero campaigning on city time and our tax dollars.

But why is it surprising?

This is the same Mayor that allowed another aide, Jose "Pepe" Fulgueira to campaign for Raquel Regalado on city time.

And the same "24 Hour" Mayor who also campaigned for Ms. Regalado on city time.

Three lawbreakers.

So where is the State Attorney on this matter?

Or is the Mayor and his staff above the law?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010



Some advice from Chairman of Everything Marc David Sanorff, Esquire:

"We should all pause in our daily routines and thank a city of Miami police officer, firefighter, park worker, for doing more with less."


While the regular "Jose" and "Juana" among us scrape by in the worst recession since the Great Depression...

While people lose their jobs and homes...

While the county-wide unemployment rate is 13%...

While the median household income is less than $30,000...


When Mayor Regalado lies about raising taxes and raises fees...

We're supposed to be thankful???

Only an arrogant asshole with a giant sense of entitlement would think that way.

So yes, thanks a lot Marc David ASSHOLE!

$$$$$ OUT OF LINE $$$$$

Jackie Bueno Sosa published a piece in today's Herald asking the question: Are County Salaries Our of Line?

The same can be said about the City of Miami. 
Overall, our local public employees -- particularly when factoring in overtime pay, pensions and other benefits -- are paid wages that are grossly out of line with the pay of the community that supports them.

In 2009, the mean annual wage of a police officer in the metro Miami area was $62,500, more than 50 percent higher than the mean annual wage of all occupations in our area ($41,070), according to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

By comparison, the same figure for a police officer in metro Atlanta, $43,670, was 4 percent less than the overall mean annual wage earned by residents there. In New Orleans, police wages outpaced the income of the rest of the population, but only by about 6 percent. 

In Miami-Dade, the gap is made worse when you consider that about 1,300 Miami-Dade police officers this year will gross more than $100,000, according to a Miami Herald compensation analysis earlier this year; or when you factor in pensions and other benefits that most private-sector workers lost years ago.
Ms. Bueno Sosa left out the car and phone allowances and the very generous vacation and sick days.

Our good friend Billboard Pieter Bockweg is the poster boy for this excess.

Remember that:

"Under terms of the agreement written by Bockweg, he would get a 9 percent annual raise. His base salary would be $135,000 a year, but he would also be allowed to cash in unused vacation, sick and holiday time. With six weeks' vacation, six weeks' sick time and 11 holidays a year, that could total another $36,400 a year. Bockweg would also collect almost $27,000 in deferred compensation and an $800 monthly car allowance."

Over $210,000 in total.

But look at a highlight of these other BASE SALARIES who are higher than Bockweg's:
Julie Bru ----- City Attorney ----- $228,238
Maurice Kemp ----- Fire Chief ----- $223,329
Maria Chiaro ----- Deputy City Attorney ----- $211,155
Warrwn Bittner ----- Deputy City Attorney ----- $210,268
Reginald Duren ----- Deputy Fire Chief ----- $203,704
Miguel Exposito ----- Chief of Police ----- $196,000
Seven Assistant Fire Chiefs ----- $194,004
Priscilla Tompson ----- City Clerk ----- $192,270
Henry Hunnefeld ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $182.716
Victor Igwe ----- Auditor General ----- $182,512
Larry Spring ----- CFO ----- $171,431
Johnny Martinez ---- Chief of Infrastructure ----- $170,000
Ilene Temchin ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $166,333
Luis Cabrera ----- Deputy Chief of Police ----- $163,343
Pedro Gomez ----- Exec. Asst. to the Fire Chief ----- $161,728
Tomas Pupo ----- Exec. Asst. to the Fire Chief ----- $161,714
Roy Brown ----- Assistant Chief of Police ----- $160,611
Edward Piedermann ----- Chief Fire Officer ----- $157,506
Rafael Suarez Rivas ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $157,055
Peter Korinis ----- CIO ----- $155,493
Hugo Rodriguez ----- Chief Fire Officer ----- $150,006
Iliana Forte ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $149,576
William Juliachs ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $149,576
Richard Blom ----- Assistant Chief of Police ----- $147,525
Gail Dotson ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $146,379
Jose Siegle ----- Police Major ----- $146,010
Alfredo Alvarez ----- Police Major ----- $146,010
Roman Martinez ----- Police Major ----- $146,010
Mimi Turin ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $145,248
Diana Gomez ----- Director of Finance ----- $145,120
David Magnusson ---- Police Major ----- $145,058
Craig McQueen ----- Police Major ----- $145,058
Manuel Orosa ----- Police Major ----- $145,058
Gamaliel Souffrant ----- Fire Captain ----- $142,654
Craig Radelman ----- Fire Captain ----- $142,653
Thomas Klimoski Jr. ----- Fire Captain ----- $142,653
Keith Cunningham ----- Police Major ----- $140,394
Orestes Chavez ----- Police Major ----- $140,394
Jorge Martin ----- Police Major ----- $140,394
Raul Herbello ----- Police Major ----- $140,394
Christopher Green ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $140,206
Steven Caceres ----- Police Major ----- $140,169
Tony Crapp, Jr. ----- Chief of Operations ----- $140,000
Alice Bravo ----- Director of CIP ----- $140,000
Orlando Toledo ----- Dir. Building and Zoning ----- $139,645
Ernest Burkeen ----- Director of Parks ----- $135,776
Robin Jackson ----- Assistant City Attorney ----- $135,058
Cynthia Torres ----- Director of ERP ----- $135,000
Lourdes Slazyk ----- Zoning Administrator ----- $134,355
Jorge Castro ----- NET Commander ----- $132,736
David Patino ----- NET Commander ----- $132,736
Ricardo Roque ----- NET Commander ----- $132,736
Gary Eugene ----- NET Commander ----- $132,735
Jose Fernandez ----- NET Commander ----- $132,735
David Sanchez ----- NET Commander ----- $132,735
Add in the car allowance, phone allowance, vacation, sick time, annual raises, health benefits, defined benefit pensions, and all the other perks...

You get the idea.

So here's a suggestion:

Why don't the Fire and Police brass give up some of their salaries to help shore up the "modest salaries and pensions" of those men and women in uniform down the line?

Or does the loyalty to the brother/sisterhood only run so deep???

Monday, October 25, 2010


While Mayor Tomasito and Chairman of Everything Marc David Sarnoff, Esquire, will continue their plans for a "watered down party" to celebrate the Miami Heat's opening home game, City of Miami police have something else in mind:  a GIANT protest! 

Dear Brothers and Sisters: 

The Miami Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #20 is asking for statewide assistance on October 29, 2010.  The City of Miami has declared a "financial urgency" on our union and in turn they have destroyed our modest wages and pension benefits.  We have filed several lawsuits in court because we feel that the use of financial urgency statute is unconstitutional under Florida law.  All municipalities in Florida are keeping a close eye on what happens with the City of Miami.  If they prevail, the financial urgency clause will sweep across our state destroying all benefits and wages in every municipality. 
Date: Friday, October 29, 2010
Meeting Place: 2300 Northwest 14th Street (Miami PBA Hall)
Time : 1600 HRS

From this location, we will provide transportation to Downtown Miami.  Refreshments and shirts will also be provided.  The demonstration will be held during the first home game of the Miami Heat.  We guarantee a good time!  Come join us in defending our hard earned benefits!
A guaranteed good time?

What can be more fun that watching Armando and his gang demonstrate against the Mayor they worked so hard to elect!

Friday, October 22, 2010


City officials say they have no intention of privatizing the authority -- a move that has resulted in higher parking rates elsewhere, notably Chicago --



Authorizing discontinuance or modification of Off-Street Parking Department, transfer of assets, operation,
management and control

Shall the Miami Charter be amended to authorize the City Commission, by ordinance, to discontinue the Department of Off-Street Parking (DOSP) and the DOSP board, modify the DOSP board, transfer DOSP's assets to the City of Miami (City), allow for the operation, management and control of parking facilities by
the City or DOSP, and authorize the management, lease or sale of any or all of the parking facilities to a public or private entity?

Why the lies???

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado worked for more than eight years to see the opening of a brand-new fire station in Flagami. But on Saturday, Regalado and his fellow commissioners weren't there to celebrate the dedication of Fire-Rescue Station 11.
"I do resent it,'' Regalado said. ``At least they could have recognized that I worked many, many hours as a commissioner for that fire station. One thing has nothing to do with another.''
Pobrecito Tomasito!
Who is in charge here?

The Unions?  

You ARE the Mayor.

So why not show up?
Why are you so afraid of them?

You prefer playing the victim to the bad press?

Avoiding another "public relations nightmare."

Pobresito Tomasito!
No leadership.

No cojones.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Young, African-American professional, well educated.

B.S. in Management, with a major in Accounting from Tulane University.  

Eight year private sector banking, with management experience in auditing, financial and regulatory accounting, and controller duties.  Also a Certified Public Accountant.

Sounds quite impressive.

And sounds like a well qualified professional who would be making a great living in the private sector, contributing to the City of Miami economy.

But Larry Spring is not in the private sector world, since 2003 he has been a public employee.

So why would someone with this much "talent" not be making money in the "real world" and instead be in the public sector?

The same question applies to "new media mogul" Will Plasencia, recently hired by our friend Chairman Marc David Sarnoff.

The answer?

Larry and Will know that life in the Miami private sector will NEVER be better than in the public sector.

It's part of our City's "Third World" charm bitches!

Take Larry for instance:

$171,000 base salary, plus the car and phone allowance.  

The six weeks paid vacation and the six weeks paid sick leave.

A pension.

And all this for relatively low pressure.  

With all the financial shenanigans going on at City Hall, any C.P.A. would have lost their license by now.

But not Larry.

He and Will know they'll never find a job like this anywhere.

Which is why Larry will do ANYTHING to keep his job.

And working for the city means Larry can keep his "OTHER" job.

Oh, you didn't know Larry has a side business?

It's not his fault, most high paid City bureaucrats have side businesses too...

Thursday, October 14, 2010


We find it highly ironic that the first document sent to Al Crespo after his challenge to city employees is a memo reminding firefighters about APM 1-81, Limitations on Political Activity.

It exposes the hypocritical double standard of the Tomasito administration where laws are meant for the rest of us while Tomasito and his pals can do whatever they want.

If you oppose the Mayor and his friends, like the firefighters did during their protest of the Miami Marina opening, then you are reminded of the law, the APMs and the repercussions for not following them.

You are ominously told that your supervisors will enforce compliance with these laws.

Meanwhile, if you are a friend of Tomas, these laws don't apply to you.

Mayor's Aide Jose Marrero can ride around in a city issued SUV campaigning for Tomas' daughter without a problem.

Mayor's Aide Jose "Pepe" Fulgueira can attend a bookbag giveaway for the Mayor's daughter, drive there in a city car, and campaign on city time, without a problem.

Mayor's Aide Ada Rojas can attend political rallies, hang out at the FOP in support of the Mayor, and even get arrested, without a problem.

The Mayor himself, who Diana Gomez described as a "24 hour mayor," can use city time and resources to campaign for his daughter, even having a City of Miami policeman drive him and his daughter to polling places on election day, without a problem.

So why should the firefighters be any different?

Either the laws apply to EVERYONE, or they don't apply at all.

But "it's Miami Bitches!"

Double Standard.

Mayor Tomasito, friends, felons, and lobbyists are above the law.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Rumors flying on Leo Affairs that Mayor Regalado Aide Ada Rojas was possibly "taken in" and arrested yesterday during President Obama's Miami visit.

Mayor's Aide 39'ed

Obviously the Mayor has nothing to say on this and the Herald has kept it quiet so far.

If she in fact was arrested, it is not the first Regalado Aide to have a brush with the law.

As we have documented in the past, Mayor Regalado's second floor City Hall office is a haven for felons, including Jose Marrero, a former special aide to disgraced County Commissioner Miriam Alonso.

"Court records show Marrero has faced criminal charges on three prior occasions: for cocaine possession in 1985, unemployment fraud in 1987, and making a false statement in 1999 as a result of the 1997 Miami election scandal. Adjudication was withheld in all cases, even though Marrero served probation in each instance."

At that time, "Marrero allegedly drove to job sites to work on the Alonsos' rental units and two contractors, one of whom, Isaiah Alvarez,  recalled Marrero driving ``what appeared to be a Miami-Dade County vehicle.''

Marrero still drives around town in a taxpayer paid vehicle, this time it's not county, but City of Miami.

Mayor Regalado also overlooked the potential criminal activity of Jose "Pepe" Fulgueira who may have violated state law by campaigning for the Mayor's daughter while on official city business.

Then again, our "24 hour mayor" was also caught campaigning for his daughter on our dime and time.

And it was Mayor Regalado who gave now deceased Mercado cop Pablo Camacho a no-show job as a "police liaison."

From the top on down, the man who promised us ethics, transparency, and accountability has been anything but.

Instead, Mayor "Keen Knack" surrounds himself with family, felons, and lobbyists, all feeding from the public trough.

Recall Alvarez?

Recall Regalado!

Friday, October 08, 2010




Honoring a criminal.

That was the reaction of the Chinese government upon learning that dissident Liu Xiaobo had been awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize for peace.

Liu is the first Nobel Laureate to be awarded the prize while incarcerated, he is currently serving an 11 year prison sentence for "subversion."

According to the New York Times:
"By awarding the prize to Mr. Liu, the Norwegian Nobel Committee provided an unmistakable rebuke to Beijing’s authoritarian leaders at a time of growing intolerance for domestic dissent and a spreading unease internationally over the muscular diplomacy that has accompanied China’s economic rise"

“If not for the work of Liu and the others to broker a peaceful withdrawal from the square, Tiananmen Square would have been a field of blood on June 4,” said Gao Yu, a veteran journalist and fellow dissident who was arrested in the hours before the tanks began moving through the city.

His most recent arrest in December 2008 came a day before a reformist manifesto he helped craft began circulating on the Internet. The petition, Charter ’08, demanded that China’s rulers embrace human rights, judicial independence and the kind of political reform that would ultimately end the Communist Party’s monopoly on power.

"For all these years, Liu Xiaobo has persevered in telling the truth about China and because of this, for the fourth time, he has lost his personal freedom,” his wife said in an interview on Wednesday. 

In the same way that Mayor Tomas Regalado honored the release of Cuban dissident Ariel Sigler (pictured above) and welcomed him at the airport during a staged press event...

We dare Mayor Tomas Regalado to maintain an intellectually honest and consistent opinion on human rights violations by Communists around the world and issue a statement on behalf of the people of Miami honoring Liu Xiaobo and rebuking the Communist Chinese government for their repeated violations of human rights.

That statement should be addressed directly to Mayor Regalado's new friend, one of the first people he received in December 2009 when he had just became Mayor, Chinese Consul General Gao.

After that meeting, the Chinese Consulate issued a statement saying how Mayor Regalado will "try his best to join hands with the Chinese Consulate General in Houston to promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation to bring more benefit for the people of China and Miami."

Hey Tomasito:

Tell that to Liu and the other Chinese dissidents and political prisoners, you two faced hypocrite!

Thursday, October 07, 2010


Finally someone will do what Billionaire Braman won't:

Recall those actually responsible for the Miami-Dade tax increase.
Media Contact: Vanessa Brito
Phone: 786.547.8084

Petition Forms to Recall Five Miami-Dade County Commissioners to be Submitted Today

Miami, Fl (October 7, 2010) – Political Action Committee (PAC) Miami Voice heads to the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts office this morning to submit petition recall forms for five (5) of the 13 Miami-Dade County Commissioners. Miami Voice will launch a campaign to collect voter signatures calling for the recall of Barbara J. Jordan (District 1), Audrey M. Edmonson (District 3), Bruno A. Barreiro (District 5), Dennis C. Moss (District 9), and Natacha Seijas (District 13).

Miami Voice Chairman Vanessa Brito and Treasurer Barbara Walters will visit the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts office today at noon (12:00pm) seeking approval of the five petition forms. The recall effort comes as a response to the Commission vote approving a 14% property tax increase for Miami-Dade County homeowners. All five commissioners voted in favor of the increase.

“The recall effort is a direct response to the Board of County Commissioners and the decisions they have made over time that have led to this tax increase,” says Miriam Planas, Co-Chair of Miami Voice. “Residents have given commissioners countless opportunities to reverse the effects of their decisions, but they have continued to put their interests over ours. Now, we have to pay the price – this is unacceptable.”

Miami Voice’s effort is separate from Norman Braman’s campaign to recall Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez. Miami Voice supports Braman’s efforts and will collaborate in every way possible.
Let's see how much support Billionaire Braman will give this effort, and Mayor Regalado who begged Braman not to go after his friends Commissioners Boris Bruno and Natasha.

And what about City of Miami?

Can a recall effort for Commissioner Chairman Marc David Sarnoff, Esquire, be far away? 

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


With a city at nearly 13% unemployment and continuing to face a declining revenue base, the news that a brand new Publix and Whole Foods will be built downtown comes as a pleasant surprise.

The Daily Business Review reports how the Downtown Miami Whole Foods project is back on.  The downtown Whole Foods will join a Publix up the street in the Omni area, bringing two new markets to the neighborhood in addition to the concentration of markets south of the river in the Brickell area.

Both these markets will not only serve the residents of the area, but create sorely needed jobs in the area.

So much for the "empty condos" Tomas!

What allowed these markets to determine they need to open stores in downtown Miami?

Could it have been the vision of former Mayor Manny Diaz who turned downtown Miami into a residential neighborhood?

Tomas Regalado and Marc Sarnoff have no idea how to continue the development.

Regalado and Sarnoff have turned the CRA and DDA into personal piggy banks to hand out contracts to lobbyist friends and pay back political favors.

Instead of using CRA and DDA funds to further stimulate economic activity in the area and eliminate "slum and blight," the CRA and DDA are rudderless, with no direction whatsoever.

For the Diaz naysayers, the condo proliferation downtown has turned it into Miami's hottest neighborhood.

Too bad Tomas and Marc don't get it. 

Neither do Billionaire Braman or Billboard Bockweg.

Giant LED Billboards don't bring jobs, they only make your pals extra rich.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


"Madam Consul, what is the difference between a Chinese and Cuban political prisoner?"

"Oh Mr. Mayor, Chinese government have lots of money, Cuban government not so much."

"Senor Alcalde, Communists put me in prison, they are all bad!" "Ariel, Cuban Communists are bad, Chinese Communists made that flag you're waving, the suit I'm wearing, and that wheelchair you're sitting in ."

"Mr. Regalado expressed his gratitude to Consul General Gao and said his team highly values the relationship between Miami and China. China is the most important trading partner of Miami. 

"He will try his best to join hands with the Chinese Consulate General in Houston to promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation in order to bring more benefit for the people of China and Miami."

And "join hands" he has.

We reported back in December 09 of this highly unusual meeting between the "Anti-Communist" Mayor and the Communist General Consul, being struck by the Mayor's hypocrisy in making a living and reputation by slamming communist Cuba in one breath, while embracing communist China with another.

So in today's Herald we read that plans for Watson Island are back on track, and once again, Chuck Rabin does the bare minimum reporting on the outright hypocrisy of Mayor Regalado's stance on this project.
"It was a bizarre scene even by Miami standards: A well-heeled lobbyist standing in front of Miami commissioners holding a $200,000 cashier's check. The mayor wanting it -- yet worrying it was being used as a lure to string the city along."
"When Regalado was elected mayor in November, he made Watson Island a priority. He met with Bayraktar and his advisors and came up with an agreement in March in which Bayraktar would pay the city $200,000 and the plan would live yet again."
"Other issues surfaced: It turned out Shangri-La Hotel & Resorts, China's largest luxury hotel operator and the company that was to build on Watson Island, had connections to Cuba. In a city filled with thousands of exiles from the communist nation, the news rubbed some raw."
Is that all Chuck?  

You forgot to mention exactly who was "rubbed raw" and led the effort against the "Chinese" hotel.

From Miami Today, November 2005:
"The Herald's headlines on its story will turn stomachs in Miami after years of ethnic harmonies: "Hotel plan bashed for communist ties" and, in massive type on the story's continuation, "China link angers Cubans."

"The Herald story quotes three persons who are upset that a company based in China could be allowed on a city site, saying it is a slap in the face to Cuban Americans, who are anti-communist.

"Note up front that nobody can link Fidel Castro to a company that operates 48 luxury hotels very capitalistically on multiple continents - except in the minds or on the tongues of professionally virulent name-callers."
"Of the three quoted hotel foes, two are radio commentators who make a living by trying to link disliked individuals and organizations to Fidel Castro. They do it well enough to persuade the Herald that when three persons speak, a newspaper should respond with "China link angers Cubans" - a vastly broader group than the three represent."
And who are these two "professionally virulent name-callers" radio commentators?

Ninoska Perez Castellon, whose niece works as a City Attorney, and our esteemed Mayor Tomas Regalado.

But now the plan is ok.

Chuck Rabin forgets about it, and we're still waiting for the Miami Today follow up story.
A $200,000 check, and countless in campaign contributions to him and his daughter, the Mayor forgets about the Cuba connection because some Commies are better than others.

Next time you suck up to your "base" and make a press event out of greeting a former Cuban political prisoner, explain to him the differences between Chinese and Cuban communists.

Monday, October 04, 2010


KATHY IN 2012 2011
So you want to be the county mayor?

You may get your chance sooner rather than later.

Here's some advice, learn this legal maxim:

Princeps legibus solutus est

That's how politicians in Miami think, and you have the power to stop it.

Go check out Investigation Miami and the Crespo-Gram Report.

Our pal Chairman Marc David Sarnoff is in a real bind with his "law office" and potential mortgage fraud.  And he is using tax payer money to hire people that will ease his re-election bid.

Why start raising money so far ahead from the election?  Ask anyone who has business in front of the City of C.R.A. and they'll tell you.

Our other pal Mayor Tomasito Regalado campaigned for his daughter on taxpayer time, has a billboard deal hatched in secret, calls for violence in the inner city, uses a secret police to persecute enemies, and fills the city administration with friends, family, lobbyists, and cronies.

Then, our esteemed mayor has the balls to lecture on ethics!

"The sovereign is not bound by the laws."

That's how it works down here.

And you Kathy have the power to stop it.

You want to be county mayor?

Learn to use it.

Friday, October 01, 2010


Mayor Carlos Alvarez is ready to fight, opening a PAC and hiring a lawyer to counteract the Braman / Regalado revenge recall.

We previously recommended that Braman lawyers look at the County Charter provision dealing with recalls, and it seems it's Alvarez' lawyers took our advice.

According to Haggman:
"The mayor is contemplating a legal challenge contending that Braman is precluded under the county charter from launching a recall drive now because a separate, unsuccessful effort was launched earlier this year. The charter says that a recall petition cannot be certified ``within one year after a recall petition against him is defeated.'' 
The plan is to go to court and delay vote gathering efforts slated for election day in November.
Now for more free advice to the Mayor.
Have your PAC "Citizens for Truth" (nice name) ask Braman the following:

1. Why did Braman not join in and help Lazaro Gonzalez' failed recall effort earlier this year?

2. Why does Braman single out Mayor Alvarez whose sole function is to propose the budget when it is the Commissioners who approve the budget?

3. What involvement does city Mayor Tomas Regalado have in the recall?  This is especially relevant since Mayor Regalado himself lied about not raising taxes in the City of Miami.

4. Braman owns property in the Miami C.R.A., and given his criticism of the Mega Plan and C.R.A. dealings when Manny Diaz was mayor, why is he silent on C.R.A. matters now, including the $10.4 million transfer of funds to cover the city budget?
This is going to get really interesting in the next few weeks.
Look out for Mayor Regalado asserting himself into this matter.  
The motivation for revenge is far too great for him to stay out of this.