Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Rumors flying on Leo Affairs that Mayor Regalado Aide Ada Rojas was possibly "taken in" and arrested yesterday during President Obama's Miami visit.

Mayor's Aide 39'ed

Obviously the Mayor has nothing to say on this and the Herald has kept it quiet so far.

If she in fact was arrested, it is not the first Regalado Aide to have a brush with the law.

As we have documented in the past, Mayor Regalado's second floor City Hall office is a haven for felons, including Jose Marrero, a former special aide to disgraced County Commissioner Miriam Alonso.

"Court records show Marrero has faced criminal charges on three prior occasions: for cocaine possession in 1985, unemployment fraud in 1987, and making a false statement in 1999 as a result of the 1997 Miami election scandal. Adjudication was withheld in all cases, even though Marrero served probation in each instance."

At that time, "Marrero allegedly drove to job sites to work on the Alonsos' rental units and two contractors, one of whom, Isaiah Alvarez,  recalled Marrero driving ``what appeared to be a Miami-Dade County vehicle.''

Marrero still drives around town in a taxpayer paid vehicle, this time it's not county, but City of Miami.

Mayor Regalado also overlooked the potential criminal activity of Jose "Pepe" Fulgueira who may have violated state law by campaigning for the Mayor's daughter while on official city business.

Then again, our "24 hour mayor" was also caught campaigning for his daughter on our dime and time.

And it was Mayor Regalado who gave now deceased Mercado cop Pablo Camacho a no-show job as a "police liaison."

From the top on down, the man who promised us ethics, transparency, and accountability has been anything but.

Instead, Mayor "Keen Knack" surrounds himself with family, felons, and lobbyists, all feeding from the public trough.

Recall Alvarez?

Recall Regalado!


Anonymous said...

Why aren't they being arrested? Where is Ms. Fernandez Rundle?

Anonymous said...

Aida Rojas faked an injury while she was the head of the Community Relations Board. She attended a protest that was held last year in front of Versailles. Nobody instructed her to be at the protest. She went on her own voilition, but Larry Spring still decided to give her Worker's Compensation.

I thought Worker' Compensation are given to employees injured on the job? Apparently not in the City of Miami where rules are not uniformly applied.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...
Investigation Miami or Take Back Miami you should do a compare/contrast story to what happened in 1996 to what is happening today so the public can see that not much have changed.

Here you go, I've started the research for you. Click on the following link:

It is 7 pages long and be warned that history indeed repreated itself. The one name linked to the past and present is Pete Chircut. Mr. Chircut worked with Mono Surana and Dipak during the last fiscal crisis where illegal transfers were conducted. Back then, he was the Debt Service Coordinator and today he is the City's Treasurer. So where was he then and now. This guy is a sucmbag just like Larry Spring and Diana Gomez.

October 12, 2010 10:38 PM

Anonymous said...
Veronica Xiques is another City Attorney who will go along to get along. If she witnesses corruption she will not speak up.

October 12, 2010 11:26 PM

Anonymous said...
She is a very young, pretty, and untalented Assistant City Attorney who use to work for Manny Diaz's Law Firm. She is being hired by Pieter Bockweg because he has been dying to get into her pants. The hiring has been blessed by Commissioner Sarnoff because she has been the assigned counsel for the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) for the past 2 1/2 years. Unfortunately she is also a Sarnoff
syphocant. Her boyfriend, Jose Goyanes, has close ties to Sarnoff as he sits on the DDA Board. He owns La Loggia Restaurant, Tres Restaurant, and other businesses in the Downtown Area. Jose Goyanes also has close ties to Tadd Schwartz of Shwartz Media Strategies. This is the DDA's public relations firm. Jose and Tadd are old high school classmates.

October 12, 2010 11:30 PM

Anonymous said...

All you need to do is go to the MRC and look at Melania's personnel record. You will uncover all you need to know. Everybody in the Finance Department knows that this is Diana's babysitter.

October 12, 2010 11:35 PM

Anonymous said...
I'm a Finance Department Employee. Everybody knows that Melania was hired not on merit and the same manner that Triveni Chircut was hired not on merit. Melania has been Diana's babysitter for several years and Triveni is Pete Chircut's son. Nepotism and Cronyism at it is best in the Finance Department. Boy I love working for my boss. Especially going to our meetings in our conference room and hear her talk shit.

The entire Finance Department do not trust her.......I just read the Miami New Times 1996 story. Really there is not much difference between what Surana did and Diana. I really feel like throwing up. This sickens my stomach.

October 12, 2010 11:41 PM

Anonymous said...
Al, here you go....

Anonymous said...

Ada Rojas in jail. Please keep that bitch incarcerated for at least a year. She has talked shit about everbody, including the Mayor himself. She said that he is not mentally stable and can be fooled quite easily. As a matter of fact, she said that the entire Regalado family are not mentally sound.

I know because I worked with Ada in the past. Like I said before she has talked shit about everbody!

***NEWS FLASH*** said...


Regalado family not metally sound?

Anonymous said...

She's in jail?

Anonymous said...

She's in jail?

Finger Me said...

Nice Thumb!

Anonymous said...

Ada is fat. Interesting that she would fake an injury to get money.

Aren't there like 1,000 City employees getting money for one faked injury or another?

Anonymous said...

Being fat is not an injury.

Anonymous said...

I don't think she is able to balance her big fat head. She is bound to injure herself or others with that head. She should be required to insure her head and register her head as a lethal weapon with the nearest police department. Is she Regalado's bodyguard?

Anonymous said...

her constant ass kissing forms a protective forcefield around the mayor

Anonymous said...

Can she fit the big head in Regalado's ass?

Anonymous said...

Regalado's ass is pretty big, it's got a ton of people in there, including, Tony, Jose, Eric, Ada, and Pepe.

Al Crespo said...

The Crespo-Gram Report is pleased to announce the publication of the first document received as part of the Take A Flash Drive To Work program.

Check it out, along with an updated 2 Degrees Of Harry chart showing how far we've come from the first posting about Harry taking the city car home at nights on April 11th.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Facebook Friends. I see that u r in the right circles:

Larry Spring
Arthur Noriega
Basil A. Binns II
Francis Suarez
Joe Sanchez
Manny A. Diaz

Veronica Xiques likes:

Schwartz Media Strategies

Anonymous said...

What a list of suspects.

Schwartz Media? That is Tadd Schwartz the pr flack who gets $100,000 per year of the taxpayers money promoting the uselsss Downtown Development Authority. Anyone driven downtown lately? Still a dump.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21:37
Everyone knows who you are. Just cause the DDA doesnt give you money dont cry sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21:37
What do you have to offer to Downtown Miami.

Anonymous said...

Downtown Miami property owners can save $7 mil a year, eliminate the useless Downtown Development Authority (DDA).

Downtown property owners can invest in their own businesses, stop sending money to overpaid underworked useless DDA idiots.

Anonymous said...

7:09 and 7:10 must be getting taxpayer money from the DDA.

Anonymous said...

Anon 08:22
Everyone is getting $$$$ from the DDA and CRA. Get in line Asap.

Anonymous said...

Useless PE and BK stop crying and stop taking public money.

Anonymous said...

Contact Bockweg for the no-show jobs.

Anonymous said...

Veronica Xiques NEVER worked for Manny Diazs Law Firm.

Anonymous said...

Did Veronica Xiques ever work in the private sector?

Anonymous said...

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