Monday, October 25, 2010


While Mayor Tomasito and Chairman of Everything Marc David Sarnoff, Esquire, will continue their plans for a "watered down party" to celebrate the Miami Heat's opening home game, City of Miami police have something else in mind:  a GIANT protest! 

Dear Brothers and Sisters: 

The Miami Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #20 is asking for statewide assistance on October 29, 2010.  The City of Miami has declared a "financial urgency" on our union and in turn they have destroyed our modest wages and pension benefits.  We have filed several lawsuits in court because we feel that the use of financial urgency statute is unconstitutional under Florida law.  All municipalities in Florida are keeping a close eye on what happens with the City of Miami.  If they prevail, the financial urgency clause will sweep across our state destroying all benefits and wages in every municipality. 
Date: Friday, October 29, 2010
Meeting Place: 2300 Northwest 14th Street (Miami PBA Hall)
Time : 1600 HRS

From this location, we will provide transportation to Downtown Miami.  Refreshments and shirts will also be provided.  The demonstration will be held during the first home game of the Miami Heat.  We guarantee a good time!  Come join us in defending our hard earned benefits!
A guaranteed good time?

What can be more fun that watching Armando and his gang demonstrate against the Mayor they worked so hard to elect!


Anonymous said...

Is the press release from NBC6 or Schwartz Media Strategies? At any rate, if I were to go to a restaurant to see the games, it would be Moe's in Coconut Grove.

It's my way of telling Mayor Corruptalado and Commissioner Liaroff, FUCK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Sarnoff will seek re-election?

Anonymous said...

Fucking bunch of loser cops/firemen creating more of a traffic mess in downtown. Stay at your lousy union halls and do everyone a favor.

Anonymous said...

Don't union cops and firemen watch 60 Minutes? Read the papers? Unemployment in South Florida is well over 15%, counting the underemployed and people who gave up looking. People with jobs make 30% to 50% less than they did several years ago.

Union Cops and firemen are greedy pigs. 85% do not even live in Miami. $300,000 base pay? They want more?

Nationally, people are catching on that unions bear responsibility for ruining our country.

Oink Oink.

Anonymous said...

85% of all the revenues coming to the City of Miami go to employees -pay and benefits. Do the cops and firemen think money grows on trees?

Maybe some of the cops and firemen should move to Miami? Let them become taxpayers and feel the pain.


Yeah how many of you would run into a burning building once every 20 years (or more), lift weights all day, wash a fire truck once in a while, cook for your fellow workers, hang around the fire station four 3 days a week for a mere $125,000 a year HA! How Many of you? And I haven't even gotten to the part about retiring on 100k a year, I'm sure a lot of you folks appreciate your firefighters a lot more after learning these facts.

Or how many of you would like to ride around in a car with lights and pull over good looking women and hit on them or ride a horse in Down Town for about 75K base salary plus benefits a year? then retire at 50 with a 60K-70K pension for life plus a 3% COLA increase every year and then go work somewhere else. Believe me double dipping is extremely stressful.

See you at the protest.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing the weird people who stick up for the politicians who have squandered hundreds of millions of dollars and parrot the talking points, "gee the Unions are the cause of this".. When will they ever learn. Oink Oink. That is a real educated response. Look at the stadium, the port of Miami tunnel, Miami 21 Project, hundreds of millions of pork barrel spending that the politicians used to waste my taxes and blame the unions. If only some of the ignorant commentors would dig just a little and read and get a little educated.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the city of miami is that it's run by corrupt assholes like sarnoff and regalado. If these assholes would worry more about doing the right thing instead of worrying about their little useless pet projects, then things would improve. The money for that dog park and traffic circle on sarnoff's street should have gone to the ghetto to make it better. But no, sarnoff had to make his street better while running his illegal law office out of his house. Let's not mention how many of regalado's family members got hired with the city while he's been there. Let's not mention how many payoff's sarnoff's been linked to.

Put down firemen and police officers all you want. I am a fireman and a paramedic and I earn every penny of my money. The fact that you uneducated and ignorant people who think that I don't have a purpose or significance in what I do will one day open your eyes and see the truth. Countless times I have run into a burning building when you pussies wouldn't think of going in. Countless times I've done cpr on someone to bring them back to life when you assholes wouldn't know what to do. Countless time I have dealth with blood, feces, death, vomit, domestic violence, drunks, drug addicts, senior citizens, kids, and other things that would gross you out. But yet all you do is mention money. I didn't get into this line of work for the money. But I was told I was going to make a certain wage and now it was wrongfully taken away from me. Yes wrongfully.

It's easy to throw stereo types around like oh those firemen only workout all day. Oh those cops only pull over cute chicks. But I understand that it's easy to make ridiculous comments like that when you have nothing better to do than to collect food stamps and smoke weed all day. I work for a living mother fuckers, so go fuck yourselves and get a job.

If you hate fire fighters and cops so much because of their pay and benefits, then why don't you apply and go through everything I went through to get hired? Why don't you go through all the training I went through? Why don't you put yourself through fire school, first responder, emt, and paramedic school out of your own pocket? Ofcourse not, because that would take effort and it's a lot easier to hate and bitch people who did the work to get to where they are at. So again I say onto the haters, GO FUCK YOURSELF.

And in the words of the great mark "the lying scumbag piece of shit pompous uncrupulous dick" sarnoff.... "In conclusion

And to the great commissioner richard the racist dunn.... I already took one for the team last year mother fucker so get your facts straight before you run your mouth.

Fire said...
• largest budget in the US [meaning they spend more than Miami]
• Social Services 20 % & Pentions 10 % [we’ll get to this in a moment]
• Spends 50 bill a year
• Receives: 27 bill in taxes and 14 bill in federal/state funds [obviously another source is present or debt is accumulating]
• total tax burden is among the highest in the US
• To offset revenue losses stemming from the weakening economy, the property tax levy was increased by $576 million

page 17: Gives a much larger budget showing for NYC
• not much to note, except that the last line lists (after taxes) a NYC resident as having 3466.67 in disposable income as opposed to 2488.00 for someone in Miami (if this includes Miami Dade county, demographically then these numbers should be LOWER for the City of Miami)

What you are asking for is a City of Miami (not increasing taxes) compared to New York City (which DID increase their taxes) who has a much larger operating budget, to have the same level of service AND percentage of the budget spent on Social Services (i.e. Fire, Police, etc.). This is a ridiculous statement. It will obviously show Miami as having much higher costs paid to employees to have the same level of service and be operating under a smaller budget.

nwa said...

Like NWA said:
Fuck the Police

Anonymous said...

Looks like Fireboy is having Roid Rage issues. Go back to the weight room.

Does the Cities Med Insurance cover your Steroids?

There's lots of folks doing hard difficult work for their money , as a matter of fact there's plenty of more dangerous lines of work with more fatalaties and injuries that make a hell of a lot less than you Pri Madonnas

Go pose for a calendar asswipe.

The only thing we might agree on is Corruptado and Liarloff being scum.

What is your choice? said...

This IM post is about a protest planned by the police. The firemen are the ones that have the $300K salaries and the huge retirement perks. The police make much less, and their benefits have been dramatically cut back.
It is an injustice to penalize the police officers for the salaries that firemen make.
For those that so blatantly criticize the cops as being useless donut eaters and chic picker-uppers - their job is not pretty. Crime, crack, domestic disputes - I couldn't be paid enough to deal with that shit.
And they do it for us, for mediocre salaries. Take a cop that works midnights in Overtown for
$40K versus a comfy staffer at the MRC who makes more, and you pick where you want to be.
Please do not compare cops to fire fighters - the only thing they share is that they both have unions, albeit different ones.
And no, I am not a cop. But I do appreciate them greatly.

Anonymous said...

This is a really bad move on a whole bunch of levels. Look, I am not going to speak as to the legitimacy of the protest. The question is the greater good of the community. Why pick a time that should be for celebration, and turn public opinion totally against you?? Honestly, you have to question the logic. Forget the merits of your argument FOP, think about the effect on public opinion. I wouldn't be surprised if this back-fires, and does so badly. Take emotion out of it, and think logically, for your own good. Time and place, before that game, and at the center of the party is neither the time nor the place. Wake up!

Anonymous said...

To Annon at 9:04... I don't do steroids and I don't pose in calendars. My medical insurance doesn't cover steroids but I wish it did. Maybe then I could be in the calendar. Oh no wait, I don't work out all day at the station because I'm actually working.

As far as being as asswipe, maybe I am an asswipe for taking such good care of scumbags like you when you call 911 crying over your twisted ankle or because someone beat your ass at a bar.

Keep throwing adjectives my way, it's ok. I know you want what I have but obviously you couldn't make it. So I actually feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

Fire union members became fat and happy and rich because they got everything they wanted in the last contract plus more. Their goal is to get as much from the taxpayers as they can get. The Administration and the elected officials who gave them what they wanted and more are the guilty ones. The elected officials are the idiots for not researching the contracts and then blindly voting to approve.

Hopefully, the elected officials will learn that firemen do not vote and they do not pay taxes in Miami.

Anonymous said...

Which one of you firemen said,

" will be most difficult for me to support a candidate that does not have the endorsement of the FF union"?

Anonymous said...

85% or more of City of Miami fire union members live outside Miami. Hence they don't vote. They don't pay taxes.

If a candidate accepts a Fire Union endorsement wouldn't that mean that candidate supports bloated pay and excessive benefits?

Anonymous said...

To the men and women of the Miami Police and Fire Department, thank your Union Leaders and you the members for suppporting us.

Because of your support we have been able to pay you back by fucking you over. Please pass by our homes during Halloween so we can explain to you all how we "tricked you all about having a treat of a contract".

We both want to graciously thank Chief Exposito and Chief Kemp and Deputy Chief Cabrera and Chief Duren for providing us with the big jars of vaseline to give to each and every one of you. We came together to recognize the fact that the older veterans are to be "treated" with rewards, while the younger veterans are "tricked" into working and performing the same duties for lesser pay and benefits.

Happy Halloween,

Mayor Regalado and Commission Sarnoff

P.S.- Booo! Ha Hahaaaaa Ha Hahaaaa!

Anonymous said...

More like Boo Hoo Hoo. I look forward to the protest though. It will be interesting to see how the Mayor spins it.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

If you do any amount of reading, the crooks in the City of Miami have been the politicians. They treat the City of Miami like it is their own little piggy bank. And then, when they run out of money, they raise taxes, blame someone else and get dummies to parrot their lies and stupidity. You do a good job at this. Keep it up and while you laugh hahahahahaha, the 81 million the City cut from salaries of 4000 employees is a drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds of millions in pet projects and take care of their lobbyists and supporters. commissioners have awarded and plan to award millions and millions and millions of dollars of contracts without ever airing them in the public.

The mayor and Commissioner Sarnoff have passed an ordinance, which will authorize the city manager to execute the bids and sign contracts without ever letting the public know who he is contracting with on behalf of the city taxpayers and what price he is negotiating.

Hahahaha... Happy Halloween Taxpayer. Looks like while you were laughing at the trick or treaters, you got robbed by the pro's.

Anonymous said...

Is Sarnoff working to give no-bid contracts to his supporters?

Anonymous said...

Tell you what all, how about having an educated argument over at Just to warn anyone who comes trying to bash Police and Fire though, you will be expected to back up your comments with facts, or else be removed.

The Gauntlet is down folks...

Sergeant Javier Ortiz, Miami Fraternal Order of Police said...

I wonder after reading many of these comments, if we live in a third world or communist country. The last time I checked, the first amendment gives us the right to freely express ourselves. And, for those that are so ignorant about the law, under the Florida Constitution, everyone has the right to collectively bargain.

Why is this such an important right? It gives our Police Officers some protection when serving the public. Imagine making a lawful arrest, only to get wrongfully disciplined or terminated because he/she was friends with a public official. That is why our Police Officers stand strong with the Miami Fraternal Order of Police.

If your elected officials in City Hall would have bargained in good faith with the unions, we wouldn't be in this mess. We didn't give away millions of dollars in taxes to the Miami Marlins when they gave them the Orange Bowl land. We weren't the ones that allowed the amount of wasteful spending that goes on in their pet projects. YOUR COMMISSIONERS DID THAT.

As far as our wages, I don't make $100,000 a year. Not even close. And, when you compare my salary to an Atalnta Police Officer, think about this: I paid $250,000 for my 900 square foot apartment in Kendall. In Atlanta, I could purchase a 3,500 square foot house with that type of money. You also need to take into account the cost of living in Miami. Florida is also #3 in Officers killed in the line of duty. The City of Miami ranks 38 out of 50 police municipalities in pay within South Florida. Yet, we are #1 in the amount of calls for service and have the most dangerous communities in Florida.

I will be standing proud with my fellow brothers and sisters in our City. I look forward in seeing all of you there. We aren't looking to become millionaires, just compensated reasonably. Ask your commissioners: When the City loses in litigation for their illegal decisions, WHAT IS THEIR PLAN B?
Sergeant Javier Ortiz, Vice President
Miami Fraternal Order of Police

Anonymous said...

Sgt Javier Ortiz lives in Kendall. Therefore he is not a resident or a taxpayer in Miami.

Fact; the fire union members get paid much more than police union members.

Fact; police union members make 100% to 1,000% more than the citizens they interact with every day. Think about that the next time you report a stolen cell phone. The police officer taking the report makes twice what you make, and he has much better benefits.

Anonymous said...

Sgt Ortiz I $250 for 900 sq foot apartment? It's not anyones fault but your own that you fell into that trap, today you can but that same apartment for about 60K.

You know as well as anybody that when the Unions "bargain" with our politicians the taxpayers are not getting a bargain, because sadly we are not represented. Especially when it comes to Fire Fighters Union.

Yes you have a dificult job but so do soldiers who make much less and there are at least 12 private sector jobs that are much more dangerous that being a Police Officer that pay much less.

I'm not arguing for POs to make 25or 30K a year but only an unreasonable person will argue that the status qou is acceptable.

Anonymous said...

I wish all fire union member and all police union members were forced to live in the City of Miami.

Clearly the fire union has much better contracts.

City still going bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

Oink Oink.

Anonymous said...

The City has more financial problems that have not been disclosed.

Where is the SEC investigation?

Anonymous said...

city administration still doing illegal money transfers?