Friday, April 29, 2011



“This is a huge complex that will bring to Brickell Avenue, downtown Miami and East Little Havana an energy it has never, ever seen before,” said Regalado, who will take the nontraditional step of presenting a developer’s project to the City Commission.

“I think it needs to carry the clout of the office of the mayor to send a message that this is a huge project for the city of Miami.”


Tomás Regalado, the longtime city commissioner whose campaign platform centered on putting a stop to what he has called wasteful spending on large public projects, won a sweeping victory in Miami's mayoral race yesterday. He had attacked Mayor Manny Diaz, who was not up for reelection, on development initiatives like downtown highrises...

Ask the man most people expect to be Miami's next mayor to describe his vision for the city, and you might as well stick eight years of skyline-filling rapid development in mothballs.

"Tell the people how their money is being spent. No backroom deals. Any grandiose projects, we take to the voters,'' says Miami Commissioner Tomás Regalado. ``We do need to take a breather.''

The anti-Manny Diaz? The approach may be sticking.

Mr. Regalado comes across as favoring a quieter, simpler time in Miami’s past, serving the constituents he’s sipped cafecitos with for decades while trying to protect them from the “uncompromising dream of a bustling metropolis”. As far as he is concerned, the city is trapped between the vise-like grip of developers and politicos, and is in danger of losing its’ soul.

I have known Tomas Regalado for 30 years. I used to sell Spanish Language radio ads and do some marketing for WQBA-FM.

Tomas was a star newscaster on WQBA-AM. He is a first class gentleman. I don’t know how he has managed to survive in the snake pit that is Miami politics and government. I told him today that this day for him announcing his candidacy for mayor is long overdo.

I am most confident that he will win.

Miami deserves to be lead by a leader that cares about the people and not one that is pals with the developers and lobbyists

Oh Harry...

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Like the rantings of a fucking lunatic, Mayor Tomasito's latest target of attack is the immigration bill currently making its way through the state legislature.

"Our residents and businesses fear that harsh immigration bills will create a division between the local community, and harm the image of Miami as a welcoming city for tourists.”

Oh sure!

How does it feel to get your ass kicked over the billboards issue Tomasito?

And why don't you get your team of high paid taxpayer funded lobbyists to kill these bills?

Tomas has ZERO influence north of Flagler Street and everyone knows it.  That is why despite of being the marquee and most important city in the state, NO ONE pays attention to Tomas.

Both Tomas and Raquelita supported the loser in the Governor's race, and Tomas hired Angel Zayon who ran against Senator Marco Rubio and called him a faggot.

And now Tomas wants the Governor and Marco Rubio to help out the City?

Fat fucking chance!

We'll see how the budget treats you Tomasito.

We are willing to bet you will bring ZERO dollars home this session.

And how much EXACTLY are you spending on lobbyists?

And for what?

Tomas was always used to criticizing, and never leading.  Now the city suffers from his idiocy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well known for his vehement opposition to the Florida Marlins stadium deal, Mayor Tomas Regalado and his daughter Raquelita have no issues in taking money from the team.

The latest example comes from this Herald Press Office article about a new playground for Citrus Grove Elementary School in Little Havana.

When the School Board (of which Raquelita is a member) could not give money to the school to build a new playground because they spend all their money paying the six figure salaries to administrators, the private sector stepped in and pitched in the money for the new playground.

Among the biggest contributors to the $59,000 price tag?

Hunt Construction, builders of the stadium, and the Florida Marlins.

This did not stop Tomasito and Raquelita from grandstanding and taking credit!

Read the list of contributors here

Neither Tomas nor Raquelita gave a red cent to this project.

Is this because Tomas still claims to be poor and worth $5,000?

What about Raquelita?  We are sure that a successful attorney such as her could have spared $1,000.

It's ok for Tomas to dump all over Hunt and the Marlins, but it's ok to take their money and stand there for a photo op when he needs one.

This fucking hypocrite and his daughter need to go!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Raquelita Regalado has become the sixth City of Miami commissioner feeling it her right to attend meetings of the City of Miami and act as a co-participant with her father the mayor.

Here we see two recent examples where Raquelita attends a press conference where Mayor Regalado is calling for a census recount and at a meeting held yesterday where the City Commission opposes cuts in federal funding.

We are hard pressed to come up with any reasons why a school board member would care about either the census or cuts in community development block grant money other than she is running for mayor of Miami and using her father to insert herself into the business of the City of Miami commission.

Back in March we told you how Raquelita already has begun plans to run for mayor in 2013 when her dad steps aside and her recent behavior confirms our predictions.

With Raquelita positioned for 2013, and her brother waiting in the wings, it is time for people in Miami to realize what's going on, or we are all to suffer more Regalado ineptitude well into the next two decades.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Remember the lawsuit from the Herald, demanding that Mayor Regalado turn over his phone records?

And the settlement where the Herald would get "records of [Regalado's] cell phone calls during October police raids that resulted in 28 arrests and the seizure of hundreds of video gaming machines."

Did Chuck and his pals at The Herald Press Office find anything?  
Why haven't they published the records?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Poor poor poor Commissioners...

The Florida Legislature has them by the balls!

"Miami commissioners say they are being squeezed into settling a lawsuit by a politically connected owner of a billboard company that is using its Tallahassee influence to undermine an ordinance that could mean more than $4 million a year to city coffers."


By who? A couple of well connected lawyers?

What bullshit!

Why does the City of Miami spend hundreds of thousands on high paid Tallahassee lobbyists?

Can't any of them talk with the Speaker and Senate President?

Why doesn't the Mayor get the Speaker and Senate President on the phone and tear them a new one?

What about rallying the Dade delegation (the largest state delegation) to your side?

What about calling his pal the governor?


For Tomas, it was just a lot easier to blame everything on Manny Diaz.

Tomas has ZERO influence in Tallahassee.

His army of lobbyists can't change that fact.

That's why it's so easy for a well connected lawyer bring the entire city to its knees.

Thanks a lot TomAss!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


We just had to laugh when we read that the L.A. Times has won a Pulitzer Prize for exposing the big salaries paid to public officials in the town of Bell, California.

We laughed even harder when the Miami Herald reported it, noting the irony that in a city full of corruption, the Herald applauds the L.A. Times, while ignoring their own backyard and walking away empty handed.

The Pulitzer Prize for public service, in our opinion, should be awarded to Al Crespo and his Crespo-Gram Report, to Investigation Miami, The Straw Buyer, Random Pixels, and this humble blog, for exposing the power, corruption, and lies that have dragged the City of Miami down to the corrupt Third World gutter it has become.

While newspapers congratulate one another in the Pulitzer award circle jerk, it is the blogs that are truly reporting what is happening in government and looking out for taxpayers.

Congratulations to us all!

Monday, April 18, 2011


On the April 14th City Commission agenda, Mayor Tomas Regalado proposed an ordinance entitled "Temporary Vacant Storefront Window Signs" in effect allowing billboards to be placed on vacant storefronts all over the city.

Well, guess who represents a company that specializes in storefront advertising?

You guessed it!

The Phantom Mayor himself, Armando Gutierrez.

Pearl Media "specializes in converting vacant retail storefronts into advertising opportunities."

They "afford advertisers the opportunity to 'own the streets' with a reach, frequency and impact that isn't possible through traditional outdoor methods. We offer a powerful medium that transforms windows of vacant retail real estate into engaging high impact advertisements."

It also lines the pockets of well connected lobbyists.

More billboards, just what the City of Miami needs.

Tomas will stop at nothing to help the Phantom Mayor.

And with Mark Siffin throwing around millions for more billboards, even at Bicentennial Park, soon Miami will be known for the visual pollution, and that includes covering the entire city with tacky billboards.

Just look at the MRC...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Three jeers to Tomasito's latest money making scheme, buses dressed up as "trolleys" circling city streets.

The plan will cost "$5.6 million to buy the fleet" and "the operations — gasoline, maintenance, drivers — are expected to cost Miami $3.3 million a year."

These projections come from the same folks that told us the red light cameras would bring in $8 million in revenues.

Tomasito tells Chuck: “It’s an attraction we can sell.”

"Come to Miami," says Mayor Regalado.  "Check out our buses!"

If anyone in this fucking town cared, the environmentalists would be in an uproar over 28 diesel guzzling, carbon emitting "buses" clogging up our streets.  

Miami Neighborhoods United only cared when it was big bad "Money Diaz."

Problem is, we remember when former mayor Diaz tried to plan a REAL fixed rail environmentally friendly electric streetcar system and was shot down by who?

You guessed it, Dr. No Regalado.

Back then, Commissioner Regalado told the Herald:

''I think the Streetcar is like Fidel Castro's health,'' said Commissioner Tomás Regalado. ``Everyone knows it's going to die, but we don't know exactly when.''

Studies have shown over and over that people who are not willing to ride buses will ride streetcars, as the City of Orlando found out when they tried the bus approach Regalado supports.

But at that time, in his opposition to the streetcar, Regalado said it only appealed to snobs:

"Maybe we can serve caffe latte on board," he sarcastically told the Herald.

Hey Tomass,

Maybe you can get Maritza Gutierrez to sell the ads on the buses!

You crapped all over the streetcar because it wasn't your idea.  Now you want gas guzzling buses.


What a hypocrite asshole...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


How many more times is The Herald Press Office going to write the SAME article about City of Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina?

We're not defending the guy, in fact, we applaud and encourage hard hitting investigative journalism.  But it seems the last 5 articles on the Hialeah mayor have been the same exact thing.

Meanwhile, here in the City of Miami we have Mayor Corruptalado who among other things, has Phantom Mayor lobbyist Armando Gutierrez running City Hall.

Just by reading the Crespo Gram Report and Investigation Miami, one would think the Herald Press Office would find a treasure trove of Pulitzer worthy news stories to write about Mayor Regalado. 

Chuckie Rabin just can't get his head out of the Tom Ass.

Makes us wonder what the Herald's not-so-hidden agenda is.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


The Press Office reports yesterday that Miami will fight census figures, believes population is over 500,000.

But Chuckie forgets to mention that former Mayor Manny Diaz penned an editorial for their newspaper that ran on March 25!

Cities must challenge U.S. Census count.

"Residents of cities like Miami cannot afford not to be counted. Miami, and cities like it, must challenge the 2010 census results. Failure to do so means only that we forfeit the economic and political benefits we rightly deserve."

So the Anti-Manny and his daughter take up the cause.

Now, why would Raquelita be involved in this unless she is planning a run for mayor in 2013?

And would it have been all that hard for Chuck Rabin to include mention of the Diaz editorial in his story?

Here's a great story idea for Chuck:

Look into all of the policy initiatives and programs that Diaz started that the Anti-Diaz has taken on as his own.

Nothing like continually criticizing someone and then stealing all his ideas.

But Chuckie won't do that will you.

We hope that whatever Regalado is paying you is worth enough to sell your journalistic and personal integrity.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


A set of bills to repeal red light camera legislation are making their way through the state legislature.

But Tony, Larry, and Tomasito banked on $8 million from red light camera revenues to balance their budget.

Is there a plan B, or a plan C?

Of course not!

This is what happens when you turn over the reigns of a city to a man who made a career out of sitting behind a radio microphone accusing others of being a commie.

It's also what happens when greedy lobbyists like Gutierrez and Marin sell the city on bullshit revenue enhancers.

Time to start looking for ways to balance the budget Larry.  Maybe getting rid of all the take home cars is a good start. 

But how will Ada and pals drive to tennis tournaments and other fun parties around town? 

Plus, gas is EXPENSIVE these days!  Why should Ada and Pepe and you have to pay for gas when the city taxpayers can foot the bill?

Can higher taxes to fund the bureaucrat lifestyles of the rich and famous be far off???

Monday, April 04, 2011


We told you this was a giant farce, a big fuck up from Tony and Regalado.

Now the New Times is catching on...
It was a recent Tuesday night at an Overtown community center, and McNeil had come to hear a presentation by Paul Philip, an ex-FBI chief hired by the City of Miami to investigate the Police Department's fatal shootings of seven black men since last summer. McNeil's son Travis was the most recent to die by a police bullet, and it was her first chance to meet Philip, a man she hoped would hold the department accountable.

So she was surprised when he announced that his research showed that under current Chief Miguel Exposito, police weren't shooting more often than they had under ex-Chief John Timoney.
Then she saw his report.

The first entry in Timoney's section read, "Dog Shot by Officer." So did the second. And the eighth. And the tenth.

"It was crazy to see him even associate the life of a person with the life of a dog," McNeil says.

What's also crazy is how the Herald and the rest of the media are giving Philip, Tony, and Regalado a free pass on this!

Where is the accountability?

Why is Philip being paid $70,000 to do something the Feds are doing FOR FREE?

Why won't Regalado, who was so quick in getting rid of Timoney, do the same with Exposito?

When Regalado says that in the inner city "violence will be met with violence" he is equating the residents of the inner city with dogs.  So it is no surprise that Dunn, Crapp, and all the other "professional blacks" will echo the master's chorus.

To Chukie and all the other "journalists," start asking the tough questions, start holding the mayor and manager accountable, or continue to wallow in irrelevance.

Saturday, April 02, 2011


$70,000 of taxpayer money down the drain.

For what?

Now that the Feds are FINALLY looking into the police shootings (no thanks to you Tony or Regalado), what is Philip's role in all this?

The Fed's review is free.

Phillip is not.

Way to look out for taxpayer money Tony!

Friday, April 01, 2011


Too busy enjoying your swag Kathy?

Are you even paying attention to what is happening in Overtown?

Dunn denies friendship with Townson:
The controversy over the future of a popular Overtown farmer’s market widened Thursday, when Miami Commissioner Richard P. Dunn II denied he is friends with a Liberty City man looking to partner with the market operator, who gets public money to run the project.
Dunn says Townson is "social friend"
Dunn said he’s known Townson “for years,’’ but he doesn’t consider him anything more than “a social friend” — not a personal friend with whom he’d spend time or know closely.
Towson says they are friends:
Townson told The Herald Thursday he considers the commissioner a friend, but agreed the relationship is not close.

So which one is it?

Kathy, you prosecuted Michelle Spence Jones and failed...

Why won't you investigate Dunn and these pay to play in Overtown allegations?

Is Professor Marvin Dunn not a credible enough witness?

Stop your high class partying Kathy and do your fucking job!!!