Thursday, April 28, 2011


Like the rantings of a fucking lunatic, Mayor Tomasito's latest target of attack is the immigration bill currently making its way through the state legislature.

"Our residents and businesses fear that harsh immigration bills will create a division between the local community, and harm the image of Miami as a welcoming city for tourists.”

Oh sure!

How does it feel to get your ass kicked over the billboards issue Tomasito?

And why don't you get your team of high paid taxpayer funded lobbyists to kill these bills?

Tomas has ZERO influence north of Flagler Street and everyone knows it.  That is why despite of being the marquee and most important city in the state, NO ONE pays attention to Tomas.

Both Tomas and Raquelita supported the loser in the Governor's race, and Tomas hired Angel Zayon who ran against Senator Marco Rubio and called him a faggot.

And now Tomas wants the Governor and Marco Rubio to help out the City?

Fat fucking chance!

We'll see how the budget treats you Tomasito.

We are willing to bet you will bring ZERO dollars home this session.

And how much EXACTLY are you spending on lobbyists?

And for what?

Tomas was always used to criticizing, and never leading.  Now the city suffers from his idiocy.


Anonymous said...

Who cares ??

Anonymous said...

No one cares, that's why Regalado is mayor. It's also why you Armando are a fucking thief and Kathy won't prosecute you. No one cares indeed.

Anonymous said...

Call Steve Marin! I'm sure he's on the city payroll.

Anonymous said...

Not one City of Miami lobbyist showed up when HB 1363 the billboard bill was heard.

Not one.

al crespo said...

That's old news. At yesterday's Commission meeting it was announced that the bill had passed with the language intact by a vote of 116 to 0. That means that all of the members of the Miami-Dade Delegation who voted, supported the bill, which should come as no surprise since this legislation represents a $4 million windfall to the billboard and mural companies like CBS, Clear Channel and Carter.

You can bet that they had their lobbyists pushing this bill. While it means that the City is closer to losing $4 a year, it also means that Siffin stands less chance of getting his 500 foot LED Towers, because without the millions he planned on using to essentially bribe the Commissioners with, there's no reason to give him anything, and this should provide the anti-billboard crowd with a leg up in their fight against these signs.

Anonymous said...

The point is, where were the city's lobbyists? Are they not paid hundreds of thousands to advocate on behalf of the city?

Anonymous said...

Who cares ??

Anonymous said...

apparently YOU DO

Anonymous said...

HB 1363 passed in the House. If a companion bill passes in the Senate the City of Miami stands to lose $4 mil per year in revenues, or more. Lobbyists are being paid to protect Miami. They didn't even show up. Regalado? Kirk Menendez?

What happened?

Anonymous said...

Siffin is still scheming and scamming to get permission to put up 40 to 50 story monster billboards.

Rumors have Rosario Kennedy running around the School Board handing out envelopes filled with cash. Is Junior Miss Regalado carrying water for alleged drug dealer Siffin?

Why should the School Board sell anything? Why sell in a down market?

Anonymous said...

You talk about lobbyists getting paid to protect Miami but it is the responsability of our ELECTED by the people for the people legislators to protect the interests of the people and that means not just the utopian thinking billboard and mural haters but everyone else. The only people who stand to gain are the owners of the billboards and murals who will continue to make millions on their billboards while the people who need the money the most will get very little. Of course the politicians will get their kickback piece of the pie but the money will not flow to the Cities that need it to provide services as well as badly needed jobs to their residents.
You talk about Regalado not having any power in Tallahassee as if it was personal and your were making fun of him. First of all how sad the our ELECTED officials in Tallahasse care so little about their constituents in Miami that they would hold lack of personality of our Mayor against us and financially destroy us. I truly hope people will remember at election time, I know I will especially if it hurts me in my pocket.
I am tired of all the political CRAP! Politicians, you are in your positions because of us, THE PEOPLE, stop playing personal political games and acting like children. GROW UP!!! and do the job you were elected to do, represent us and our needs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So true.
It appears none of the elected officials made a call or stepped up to help Miami.

Dump them all.

Anita said...

18:52 So true. It appears none of the elected officials made a call or stepped up to help Miami. Dump them all.