Thursday, March 10, 2011


We told you last week how the Regalado Descarado music video is making its way throughout Miami.

A loyal reader with a watchful eye has pointed out that the very last scene in the video (shown in the screen capture posted above) does not show Mayor Regalado at all.

Instead it's a picture of Jose Prado, president of Tele Miami, hanging out with non other than Fidel Castro.

Tele Miami is the television station where Tomas Regalado hosted his mid afternoon news show for years while he served on the Miami City Commission.

The folks at Tele Miami love Tomassito so much, they forgot to take him off their website where they advertise Tom Ass still "delivers hard hitting news that affects our local community."

We all know that Tom Ass is an ardent Anti-Communist who made a living behind a radio microphone firing verbal bullets at Communists and denouncing Cuban artists who planned concert visits to Miami.

Together with his close pal Ninoska Perez-Castellon, they denounced Gloria Estefan for supporting these artists, while they worked together to get Ninoska's niece a job at the City Attorney's office.

Tom Ass is also the first one to make sure there are plenty of TV cameras around to capture him hugging freed Cuban political prisoners when they make it to Miami.

We are sure Tom Ass had NO IDEA that his boss and pal Jose Prado was hanging out with Fidel!

Much in the same way that Tom Ass had NO IDEA the Chinese Consul General is a Communist when he "expressed his gratitude" while he partied with her at City Hall.

In fact, we are sure that Tom Ass has ridden his NO IDEA stupor straight into the mayor's office where he and the Phantom Mayor can steer contracts to their friends.

Truth is, Tom Ass is a lying two faced Commie hypocrite who is selling off our city to the highest bidders, and those who generously donate to his and his daughter's political campaigns.

Too bad all those little Cuban old ladies that absentee voted for him don't know the real truth.


Anonymous said...

This is so true, what a Tom ASS hole!

Anonymous said...

They say that a picture is a thousand words. In this one, a thousand miss information. This picture is from the historic day when Fidel Castro opened the door to the Catholic churches and the Bishop from Miami went.

Anonymous said...

Hey Armando, stop trying to cover up for Tomasito, you are both going to jail!

Armando Gutierrez said...

You are all liar. That was a costume party and this guy was wearing a Fidel outfit. It is a completely innocent picture.

Anonymous said...

The picture was taken at Tomasito's 70th birthday party.

A guy in Fidel suit popped out of a cake. Tomasito grabbed his radio microphone and tried to kill him, but it was all a gag.

Tomas is not a commie, and Armando Gutierrez is just an honest businessman. There is no corruption at City Hall whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

How bout them Marlins!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Look at Jose Prado's face. It's like he is looking at Jesus he is so excited. How disgusting!

Anonymous said...

He actually has a cynical smile looking at Castro and the priest is ready to kill him.

Anonymous said...

I left Cuba in the 1960s seeking political freedom and have not stepped foot on my homeland since. We need to have a sense of shame about claiming political persecution, and then visiting Castro.

If Prado sought asylum in the United States, why then is he standing in front of the man whom he claims persecuted him?

I do not care if this day was "historical" or not, there is no need to be in the company of the man who kicked you out of your own country, killing so many in the process.

If you want to know why Cubans have been in exile for over 50 years, this is as clear of an example of the hypocrisy and lies as you can get.

20/20 said...

4:45 - Hahahaha. Come on Armando and Maritza "Glutton R Us" put your eyeglasses on and look at the photo again. The Priest looks happier than if he spotted a 10 year old innocent alter boy and Jose Prado looks like he is getting ready to ask Fidel for an autograph.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 07:10, I would never appear in a picture with a dictator.

The mayor knew about this and still does business with this guy.

Grateful said...

Thank you 7:01! Clear, concise and to the point!


The Honorable Tomas Regalado said...

I did not know Jose Prado visited Fidel.

I did not know that I put the Kathy Fernandez Rundle item on the commission agenda.

I did not know that Raul was convicted for cocaine possession.


I don't know shit of the City....

I don't know that my daughter Raquelita is both a whore and lesbian....

I don't know my son is gay.....

I don't know anthing about steal money from the City by using the City issued credit card for personal gain...

I don't know how my friend, lover, and confidante Armando Gutierrez client's continue to secure City contracts...

Anonymous said...

i wonder who is going to turn on who? Will Diana turn on Larry or will Larry turn on Diana.... If you read below the College President turn on the House Speaker to save his own head!!!!!

Ray Sansom case shocker: Ex-college president flips on him, developer

The criminal probe into former House Speaker Ray Sansom took a dramatic turn when a defendant also charged in the case cut a deal with prosecutors to testify against Sansom and another defendant.


TALLAHASSEE -- In a major development playing out Friday in a Tallahassee courtroom, prosecutors have announced that ex-college president Bob Richburg is no longer a defendant in the criminal case involving him, ex-House Speaker Ray Sansom and developer Jay Odom.
That likely means Richburg has cut a deal to testify against Sansom and Odom, who allegedly conspired to get $6 million in the 2007 state budget for an airplane hangar in Destin.
All three faced grand theft charges, and the trial had been scheduled to begin on March 21.
Richburg was the longtime president of Northwest Florida State College and close to Sansom and Odom.
The scandal broke in 2008 when Sansom, R-Destin, took a six-figure job at the college on the same day he was sworn in as speaker of the Florida House.
The Times/Herald then reported a series of stories showing how Sansom funneled millions to the school, including money for the airport building.
He and Richburg insisted it was for an emergency operations and training center, but records and other evidence pointed to Odom’s plan to use part of the building to store aircraft for his private jet business, which he built next door at Destin Airport.
Richburg, 65, became president of the small school in 1987. Over the course of his career, he left a mixed record.
Many say he expanded educational and financial opportunity in the Panhandle. He brought to campus a renowned arts center and symphony. He established a nursing program and started a charter high school.
But Richburg had plenty of detractors, too, and he has been in the middle of ample controversy. The airport deal led to his dismissal by the college board of trustees.
If Richburg were convicted, he would have faced numerous penalties including the loss of his state pension.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

How many more years of this bullshit? By 2013, the next mayor won't have anything left.

Anonymous said...

Tomas Regalado and THAT MORON Larry Spring are destroying the City of Miami. The City goes broke as these two crooks get rich.

Anonymous said...

Alvarez on March 15, Regalado is next, RECALL the bastards!!!

The Honorable Tomas Regalado said...


Anonymous said...

I see just another day in the Majic City, Castro,Castro,Castro nothing seems to change.

Armando Gutierrez said...

When will you all learn that is not really Fidel Castro in the picture. It was a costume party. Stop the misinformation.

Anonymous said...

Where's Harry Gottlieb?

Anonymous said...

Gottlieb is hanging out with Grace Solares, Elvis Cruz, and Steve Hagen.

They all meet daily at "La Cuevita" with Former Mayor X and Francis to plot their comeback.

Anonymous said...

THAT MORON Larry Spring is still driving his XXLLG SUV. Must be carrying the proceeds from ripping off Peninsula Bank.