Thursday, March 17, 2011


90 minutes.

That's how long it took for jurors to see through your sham prosecution of Commissioner Michelle Spence Jones and the amount of trust they had in your "super-star" prosecutor Richard Scruggs.

Telling the press you disagree with the judge is just more desperation.  You know full well the press is not the third DCA.  If you have a problem with the judge's decision, appeal, but don't go crying to the press.  But we guess you have to after you fucked up.

"I'm finding it difficult to understand the state's theory," said Judge Rosa Rodriguez.  

Well Judge, let us explain:

Michelle Spence Jones was the only commissioner on the City of Miami dais who would question Mayor TomAss, Chairman Marc David Sarnoff, Esquire, and the Phantom Mayor.  She would not play along like the current house boy D5 commissioner.

So they had to find a way to cut her loose.

Bullshit "bribery" charges and now some other bullshit charges.

Forget that the Phantom Mayor collects money from clients who want to meet with the mayor.

Forget that billboard companies have donated to the Mayor, Sarnoff, and Raquel Regalado and that billboards are now popping up everywhere, even on the side of the city police building.

The State Attorney ignores all that and more, to focus on Spence-Jones.


Drop the bogus charges against Michelle, restore some sense of honesty to your office.  And get rid of Scruggs before he continues to embarrass you.

If you really stand for justice, then show us.


Anonymous said...

KFR, your time has come and gone. Step down and save yourself from being chased out of office.

Armando Gutierrez said...

I decide when politicians come and go!

pick up the phone said...

Dead on post! I will be calling her office today as well as the Dept of Justice. I suggest others do the same.

P. Nis said...

Are you pissed off about what Scruggs did to Spence-Jones? Forget about waiting for Rundle to do anything about it, complain directly to the Florida Bar...

Arlene Kalish Sankel
Chief Branch Discipline Counsel
305-377-4519 (fax)

Call, fax or email and ask them why a man who's a fugitive is allowed to practice law, ask them why Scruggs is allowed to lie to witnesses in order to elicit testimony that's favorable to the state then demand that they take action against him and his supervisors that allow him to behave in such an unethical and immoral fashion!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to tell the bar investigators how the lead witness in the case was "ashamed" of the way the prosecutor handled himself.

Anonymous said...

over the last couple days this blog, as well as IM, have lost major credibility with devout fans and readers through its efforts in portraying hero out of a half wit thugette. recall rundle = fine; celebrate the defense = fine; but give back her seat? QUITE FRANKLY, YA'LL TRIPPIN'. your contempt for sarnoff and regalado is warranted. however, your celebration of the illegitimate offspring of Teele is deplorable (and lets not play the race card shall we, bc those of us who have been around long enough know exactly what i'm talking about). let's use a scalpel instead of a machete next time.

Anonymous said...

It appears the backers of Michelle Spence-Jones are going to great lengths to re-write history. Spence was lazy. Spence did take taxpayers money inappropriately. We are lucky she is gone.

Do not attempt to re-write history.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are all lucky to have Dunn. Funny thing is none of you fuckers have ever stepped foot in Overtown except to buy crack and whores. Leave Michelle alone.

Marie Roberts said...

Every single one of you liars who accuse Michelle and slander her should get your evidence to the Prosecutors' office. You have all this crap to say and not a single thing to back it up. Not a shred of evidence. You are racist, thugs, probably republican who have no sense of right and wrong.

I am a white woman and I am calling it for what it is. I am sure some yahoo will say sure your white. I don't give a shit. The racism I have witnessed in these Miami blogs is disgusting and depressing.

Anonymous said...

To Marie Roberts,
Can we assume you are not a real estate developer or businessperson? Can we assume you never needed the City's help in District 5? Therefore, we assume Spence or one of her staffers never extorted money from you?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't any of these people you are talking about, go to SAO and show proof. God knows they need all the help they can get.

Anonymous said...

the race card is so adolescent, boring, and pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I am glad Dunn is in in office, he is so honest, never took money from God or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Michelle was so bad that the people of District 5 elected her to office at least 50 times and the only reason Dumb won is because Michelle was not in the race and Regalado raised money for him.

Anonymous said...

Spence is just another in a long line of corrupt politicians from Overtown and Liberty City. Hell, indicted deceased commissioner Arthur Teele represented Liberty City but he broke the law and he lived in another district. Spence refuses to send her kids to local public schools. Gets tuition paid by others? Paid by the bloggers above?

Anonymous said...

Armando, when are you going to stop your lies. Talking shit about Spence Jones because she wouldn't play your little game. Maybe the bloggers should hire your wife to do publicity for them or maybe TR can buy them off like he did with the Grapevine.

Anonymous said...

by Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower
Scruggs was one of the 1,100 Reagan-Bush holdovers brought into the Clinton Administration specifically for that reason. They are the C&C Crowd, the Conspiracy and Cover-up Crowd. They control conspiracies and their ensuing cover-ups. These are the ones who are held over from administration to administration.
Scruggs was one of the "Miami Boys" that Reno brought with her to Washington . He rose to the rank of National Security Advisor to Attorney General Janet Reno, while at the same time being under indictment for kidnapping in Costa Rica.
Radek, Margolis, Richards and Scruggs were all involved in the so-called Reagan-Bush kidnapping policies that started in 1986 and were extant until 1991. It involved kidnapping both US and foreign citizens on foreign soil. After the US Supreme Court in its 1986 landmark decision gave the administration the right to use "extralegal" procedures to bring foreign fugitives before American courts. There were 21 in all who were kidnapped, mostly those who were under indictment for cocaine trafficking in the United States. The commonality is that all of these cocaine traffickers were controlled by the CIA. In their own defense, they had all begun to leak out information to Congress and the media about their connections to the CIA. That's why they were targeted for kidnapping.
It all fell apart when they tried to kidnap a cocaine trafficker named Israel Abel form Costa Rica in 1991. And how did it fall apart? Someone tipped off the Costa Rican government -- when, where, and who the people were.
Gee, I wonder who that could have been!
Scruggs was actually stupid enough to go along himself and the Costa Rican government nabbed him. He got indicted for violating Costa Rican national sovereignty and other felonies. The US Government exerted pressure against President Oscar Arias Sanchez to return Scruggs and so he got returned.
Then the Costa Rican Attorney General's Office proffered a bill of indictment with the US State Department seeking the extradition from the United States of William Richard Scruggs to stand charges in a Costa Rican Court of Law pursuant to these crimes.
A friend of mine in Costa Rica would send Scruggs a postcard from San Jose. It was a picture of the Costa Rican national penitentiary. And on the back of the card, he'd write, "Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here."

Anonymous said...

To 14:43
Who is paying you? You are not a typical Spence uneducated low IQ corrupt supporter. Who is paying you? Why are you trying to re-write history? Where you not around when Spence was selling her vote? New to Miami?

Anonymous said...

Awh, Scruggs, crying in your beer...

Anonymous said...

To 15:52, the Phantom Mayor Armando Gutierrez is paying me, with the proceeds he made from the Marc Siffin billboard deal and the illegal gambling machines.

Anonymous said...

Attorney General Reno asked Richard Scruggs, an experienced federal prosecutor, to
conduct the factual inquiry into the activities of the FBI and Department of Justice at Waco,
including the April 19 operation. Scruggs was an acquaintance of Attorney General Reno’s who
came to Washington, D.C. from Miami at her request to assist her in her new role.
The FBI compiled memoranda of interviews and other documents. Scruggs and his team then drafted a summary of the beliefs of the Davidians and a narrative of the events occurring at Waco. Scruggs and his team did not conduct a formal investigation. They did not make efforts to determine or challenge the veracity of the statements of witnesses, nor did they test or challenge the FBI’s widely publicized contention that it did not fire guns or use pyrotechnics during the standoff.

"The failure of the Scruggs team to discover and report that the FBI used pyrotechnic tear gas rounds was the result of initiating the investigation with the assumption that the FBI had done nothing wrong, was inconsistent with the responsibility to conduct a thorough and complete investigation, and was clearly negligent."

Anonymous said...

To 16:09
Thank you clearing that up. We knew if someone was writing positive blog comments about disgraced ex-Commissioner Spence that person was on someone's payroll.

Anonymous said...

To 18:32, you are right, but since I am a whore, if Richard Dumb steals some more money and gives it to me, I will say nice things about him and Steve Marin too.

Anonymous said...

It was predictable that anyone paid to convince others Spence is not corrupt would be "a whore".

towerofpower said...

The disingenious attempt to steer clear from the facts is not surprising. This prosecution was an attempt to keep Michelle out of office and in that respect it worked. What it did along the way was to take the law and bend it, twist it, and make it up as they went along in an attempt to get a guilty verdict. This is without a doubt prosecutorial misconduct. Scruggs will be investigated as will Rundle's office. Watch, I predicted Spence Jones would be found innocent. I will be two for two.

Anonymous said...

Report Richard Scruggs if you think he is a piece of shit.
Click on public information
Click on client assistance
Click on attorney complaint form