Thursday, September 23, 2010


Just because the boys over at the C.R.A. have been misbehaving doesn't mean we've forgotten about our favorite police chief.

While we continue to wait for the outcome of the investigations into the four police shootings that took place this summer, it seems there is dissent in the ranks with our friend the police chief.

The FOP is still livid about the way the contract negotiations went down with the city.

Alert readers posted a review that appeared on a famous travel site allegedly written by the FOP with the alarming headline "CRIME IS RAMPANT IN THE CITY OF MIAMI - DON'T BECOME A STATISTIC."

For your benefit, in its entirety:

Miami Tourist Safety

The Miami Fraternal Order of Police wants to welcome you to our magnificent City. It is our duty as Law Enforcement Officers to protect our visitors and residents from harm. So far in 2010 we have had:
• 37 Homicides
• 847 Violent Robberies
• 2,079 Burglaries
• 1,165 Auto Thefts
• 30 Sexual Batteries
• 7,083 Larcenies
• 1,417 Aggravated Assaults

(Statistics Reported In the FDLE 2010 Semi-Annual Report)

That is a total of 12,658 crimes this year alone. While visiting our city, we ask that you keep these simple safety tips in mind:

•Please be careful with your luggage at all times - when you check-in and check-out at the airport and at your hotel.
•Always keep your hotel door locked, and don’t leave any valuables in an easy-to-find place in your room.
•When driving or sightseeing, have your route planned prior to departing your hotel. Be very careful about opening a map in an obvious way – declaring your status as a lost tourist which may increase your chances of becoming a victim of a crime.
•Avoid arguments with other drivers - Miami drivers officially have the worst road rage in the country.
•Keep your car windows rolled up and doors secured at all times. Car break-ins are rampant in the City of Miami.
•Don’t wear flashy or expensive jewelry.
•If approached by someone, run away quickly. If followed, go to a well-populated place.
•If you find yourself in trouble, call 911.

In these tough economic times, criminals are more motivated to take advantage of those who visit our community. Our Miami Police Officers are here to protect you. DON'T BECOME A STATISTIC, BE ALERT!

Sponsored by The Miami Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #20 
12,658 crimes this year alone.

Whose fault is that?

The same chief of police the FOP supported?

Exposito, who at $196,000 base salary per year, makes more then General David Petraeus, has been an utter disaster from the start.

So has the FOP.

Maybe they should ask for a refund of their $500 contribution to Raquelita's campaign.

And add to the list, party poopers too!

Remember the Heat party Tomasito and Chairman Marc wanted to throw?

It's on the "Back Burner" according to CBS 4.

"The Mayor's uncertain assessment of the party's future came shortly after the union representing Miami police officers vowed a "massive" protest at the event and advised its members not to sign up to work the celebration.

"We're going to be out there in force demonstrating on opening day," said Fraternal Order of Police(FOP) President, Sgt. Armando Aguilar.  "What I've told our employees was to not volunteer for the Heat game so that they can assist us in the demonstration."
We hear the slots for overtime are almost full.

And a "public relations nightmare?"

Poor Tomas.

Poor Expo.

Poor Armando.

All your shenanigans are catching up, and not too soon.


Anonymous said...

This has been going on for a while, the rank and file are pissed off at Expo and Armando and their litle cabal running the place. Timoney and Fernandez were hard asses, but at least they knew how to run a police department. Expo and Cabrera are just a bunch of clowns.

Remeber the Movie 'Clockwork Orange' said...

How about the up swing in 'home invasions' in the City of Miami. Police Department is NOT recording those stats! WHY???

Anonymous said...

Sarnoff leaving Commission meeting today at 5:00PM to meet with his 'Smear Machine'! Unions have asked for volunteers to 'legally' monitor his activities.....


The Sarnoff smear machine is in gear. What does Sarnoff have to hide? Read the sordid details at The Crespo-Gram Report. It gets ugly and it gets nasty when tyrants and toadies try to preserve their positions.

Saint Liaroff said...

Momma Terry could not have said this better than God-Like Commissioner Sarnoff----->>

At the Coconut Grove B.I.D. meeting Comm. Sarnoff made an opening remark saying that avoiding the appearance of impropriety is of utmost importance. When people keep secrets, rumors start. Full disclosure needs to be the rule with everything.Comm. Sarnoff ended the meeting with another great thought, basically that we need to know our neighbors and that people are basically good at heart.

Anonymous said...

This entire administration starting with Regalado and Sarnoff on down have been an appearance of impropriety.

Anonymous said...

Police officers are too busy collecting overtime from the drug clubs on NE 11th Street.

Anonymous said...

MPD Insider says...

Chief Exposito and Assistant Chief Blum have conspired to get rid of Deputy Chief Luis Cabrera. Commissioner Sarnoff has told Exposito and Blum that he will help them with getting ridding of Cabrera, if they and Major Al Alvarez assist him with putting a stop to the blogsites.

Commissioner Sarnoff told Exposito and Blum that they have to follow his orders. He is in-charge and nobody, not even the Mayor possesses the power he has.

Chief Exposito, Blum and Sarnoff were laughing during a meeting at Police Headquarters that Cabrera has been placed in the dungeon.

Pissed Off Taxpayer said...

F*** the Police. What idiots to go out and post such a self serving announcement on sites such as trip advisor. The only people that are being hurt by this is the business community, the taxi drivers, hotels and restaurants.
All the cops care about is themselves and their pensions.
Also, have anyone been to the downtown Miami area lately? There are no cops, they must all be at the Dunkin Donuts on US-1 & 27th Avenue or their crackhouse of an FOP building on 17th avenue

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Miami Police !

Anonymous said...

Fuck Armando Aguilar. Let them call me for an FOP donation this year.

Anonymous said...

How about all the overtime they get following Fedex trucks around town

Anonymous said...

12,658 crimes this year alone.

Whose fault is that?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


The Sarnoff smear machine is in gear. What does Sarnoff have to hide? Read the sordid details at The Crespo-Gram Report. It gets ugly and it gets nasty when tyrants and toadies try to preserve their positions.

Anonymous said...

I miss the old Miami for Change format where I could go back and read through the comments.

Is there anyway you can go to the left hand column and list previous headlines?

Either way, I will continue to read. Keep up the great investigations.

Where's Sarnoff Now? said...


The Sarnoff smear machine is in gear. What does Sarnoff have to hide? Read the sordid details at The Crespo-Gram Report. It gets ugly and it gets nasty when tyrants and toadies try to preserve their positions.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 12:33 you must have been or have heard of the same meeting. In this meeting the Mayor had yet to attend when Chief Exposito told Commissioner Sarnoff that Cabrera might be the "Mayor's toy", but pulled rank by telling Sarnoff he is still the "Chief of Police". He concluded the conversation by telling the Commissioner he was not happy with the fact the Mayor is protecting Carbrera and wants him out. The Chief told Sarnoff that he will support him and Sarnoff told Chief Exposito will get him out.

Anonymous said...

Exposito and Cabrera are in a bitch fight and crime continues to go up.

Thanks Tom ASS and Marky Marc!

Sgt. York said...

I love it, just a few months ago the City Police and Fire fighters were out helping the current cast of loser City Commissioners get elected and re-elected, What happened guys? You got screwed, by the same bunch of trash you helped get elected. Lets see if the rank and file police and fire fighters have the guts to go after the Mayor and Commissioners big time not just a few lines in the morning paper.

Miami Cops said...

F.O.P. hearts Marc

News Flash! Sarnoff to go away! said...

I.M. asks nicely for Marc Sarnoff to just go away!

Anonymous said...

Did he go away....yet?

Mr. Chairman Marc Sarnoff said...

I am not going anywhere.
I have things to do.
(1) I have to remove the tiarras from everyone.
(2) I have to fix the 3 legged stool.
(3) I have to sharpen the tip of the spear.
(4) I have to shut down the Grove at 3am.
(5) I have to solidify the Chairmanship for the next commission.

Liaroff is frustrated! said...

The primary source of a sociopath's infamous rage is frustration, of a sort so alien and so extreme that almost no one else can understand what it means. Once they start getting taken seriously, that frustration, and the wild rage it provokes, will lessen, and since it is a primary source of the constant distrust that makes regular therapy fail sociopaths, the defusing of that rage and its maddening causes will be a huge step in the right direction.

Disregard for the rights of others said...

A sociopath is a person who has antisocial personality disorder. The term sociopath is no longer used to describe this disorder. The sociopath is now described as someone with antisocial personality disorder.

The main characteristic of a sociopath is a disregard for the rights of others. Sociopaths are also unable to conform to what society defines as a normal personality. Antisocial tendencies are a big part of the sociopath’s personality. This pattern usually comes into evidence around the age of 15. If it is not treated, it can develop into adulthood.

Agenda Man said...

What is Liaroff's agenda?

If you want a know a real sociopath you just have to to listen to them. Ask probing questions. You will find that they have been the victims of many situations if not all. They are quick to become angry at the most tiny sign of disrespect whether real or not. They do not give without reason. They have an agenda.

Anonymous said...

Sarnoff wanted to run for State Attorney. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Actually those crimes stat cited in the FOP letter aren't accurate. Homicides are 59, robberies are approaching a 2,000. The number quoted for robberies is just for violent robberies, i.e. armed robberies, strong arm robberies where a weapon is not used are through the roof. Exposito is more concerned with the "year book" that his office is publishing. He is mandating that officer leave the street to have their picture taken. Many officers have protested this but Exposito doesnt care.

Anonymous said...

Two of the police shootings have already been ruled justified, including the unarmed motorist in Overtown. Exposito just won't release any the findings because he doesn't want anymore bad pub. They are also afraid of how the rank and file is going to react to any type of mobilization.

Cabrera is being kept out of the loop and the day to day affairs of the department because he has been on the verge of a complete nervous breakdown for months now. They joke at the police department that they know when he is off his meds by how much he crys.

Anonymous said...

Police officers should spend more time fighting crime and less time gossiping. What a bunch of babies.

Police officers who actually drive around business neighborhoods probably realize companies are closing and people are being fired.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The police probably do not even know that 200 companies in Wynwood have had their A/C units stolen or damaged by criminals to steal copper. The police are too busy chasing overtime to actually patrol neighborhoods that create jobs.

When was the last time you saw a policeman walking a beat?

Anonymous said...

No more donut eating contests. Time to patrol the streets.

Anonymous said...

Sarnoff: It is abuse of office to use law enforcement to go after your opponents.

Abuse your office anyway.

Anonymous said...

Do the police know about all the thefts in Wynwood?