Friday, September 17, 2010


Who makes the real decisions in the City of Miami?

Tomas Regalado?

Marc Sarnoff?


It's the Power Behind the Throne, Lobbyist and Puppet Master Armando Gutierrez.

1. Red light cameras?

"The camera initiative has been controversial from the start. Two years in the making, the contract was originally won by one company, then awarded to another after a bid protest. Along the way, the procurement director, who expressed displeasure with the process and the bevy of lobbyists hired, was let go.

"Frustrated, commissioners decided to start over, and last week Migoya finally awarded the contract and its $152,000-a-month windfall to American Traffic Solutions.

"The Arizona outfit hired lobbyists Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, who is running for state senate, and long-time Regalado friend and campaign consultant Armando Gutierrez.

2. City Planning Big Bash for Downtown Heat Opener?

While the Mayor and Commission vote on a budget that raises taxes and fees, "the city is pumping mad money into the effort." 

But the Miami Heat are clients of who?

You guessed it!

3. Inexperienced Raquelita Regalado wins the school board seat, raises a ton of developer cash.

Pedro Munilla (who donated a total of $25,000 to county commission races) and several members of the MCM construction family have donated the maximum $500 each, Munilla is a client of lobbyist and Tomasito adviser Armando Gutierrez who is also a Raquelita donor and whose wife (The MDX Chairwoman) is volunteering.

Need construction contracts at the City, MDX, and Schoolboard?

4. Will Republican Tomas Regalado endorse Democrat Alex Sink for Governor?

A man who is a dyed in the wool Republican and has made a living calling anyone who is even remotely a Democrat communist now wants to support the "Obama Loving" Alex Sink.

Wonder why?

Ask the Rick Scott Campaign who they DID NOT hire for the primaries or the general election.


Ever wonder why Mayor Tomas Regalado who once heavily supported the effort of the Florida Marlins to build an in-city stadium all of a sudden turned Anti Stadium crusader?

Mr. Gutierrez states on his website that he helped the "Florida Marlins as political advisor [sic] in 2001."

2001 was a long time ago.

And coincidentally enough, as soon as the Marlins dropped Mr. Gutierrez and hired "other" advisers, Tomas Regalado's position toward the Marlins changed dramatically.

Once again,

It's Miami Bitches!

And that's how business gets done!


Anonymous said...

Finally, the truth is coming out on all these jerks, this is what the Herald will not say, and how business is done in the city and county, lots of campaign cash and behind the scences shit, go get 'em TBM!

Anonymous said...

When pigs get hungry they don't like to share their food. Those pigs end up fighting to take the entire amount.

By the look at Armando Gutierrez and Steve Marin they both have obese appetites. On one end, you have Mayor Corruptaldo and Armando "fatass" Gutierrez and at the other end you have the "Boyz", Commissioner Liaroff, Commissioner "I'm crazy and clueless as my father" Suarez, and Commissioner "Dumbity Dumbity Dumb" Dunn joined at the hip with Steve "I'm so fat, I can't see my balls" Marin.

Commissioner Liaroff has told Steve and the other "Boyz" that they must stick together to preserve their voting bloc and have their agenda move forward. Commissioner Liaroff has made it known that Mayor Corruptalado has no vision, no ideas, and no plans for the City and his thoughts are borrowed and recycled thoughts. He's convinced the "Boyz" of this and that he will be running for Mayor in 3 years.

Interesting enough besides having the "Boyz" in his corner guess who else is assisting Commissioner Liaroff now, so later on he can get his and his friend's share of the power, money, and influence at Miami City Hall with Liaroff's assistance? CARLOS MIGOYA Why? For the last several years he's been in the same inner circles as STEVE MARIN!

Take a back seat ya'll, I see a Barn at City Hall with lots of pigs hungry! Oink, Oink!


Anonymous said...

That's right, it's a fight between Fat Ass Armando and Fat Ass Steve with Retardado and Liaroff as proxies.

Anonymous said...

This is why they fired Glenn Marcos.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 9:15p.m. What do you mean?

Anonymous said...

City Hall Insider says...

Due to Carlos Migoya's past and current ties with Steve Marin, Steve Marin asked Carlos Migoya to protect Larry. Why, because when Joe Arriola was City Manager Larry did Joe's dirty work. It appears that Carlos is protecting Larry by convinving the Mayor he is not the bad of guy and that he is the ultimate teamplayer!

Ironically, yesterday when Commissioner Sarnoff stated in the meeting that he trusted Carlos Migoya's numbers, Larry Spring jumped off his chair from the staff room and told Diana Gomez that those were his numbers. He proceeded to say "maybe I should tell Commissioner Sarnoff and Carollo that those are my numbers to see what they say".

Larry- you are the ultimate team player!

Anonymous said...

It's a very dangerous game being played when the objective opinions of professional staff are ignored and replaced with the whims of lobbyists whose interests are their clients and not the taxpayers. The city has been taken over by the warring factions of Armando on one side and Steve on the other with the taxpayers getting fucked. Sad truth is no matter what anyone says and how many blogs are out there, Sarnoff will cruise to reelection next November.

Anonymous said...

Tomasito won't take a breath without first asking Armando for permission, it's pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Sarnoff won't take a breath without Steve Marin's permission.

The residents and taxpayers get screwed.

Anonymous said...

So why do we allow these idiots to continue running the city?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that it is the City Administration's job to apply the rules and regualtions or policies and procedures in a fair, consistent manner regardless who is the person, business, representiative, special interest (lobbyist), etc. Do you really think that the City Manager and the City Administration are doing their job. They are just as bad as these sleezy politicians.

Anonymous said...

Guess who is Armando Gutierrez' next door neighbor? Future Chief of Police Luisito Cabrera.................the hits just keep on coming!!!

Anonymous said...

Guess who is Armando Gutierrez' next door neighbor? Future Chief of Police Luisito Cabrera.................the hits just keep on coming!!!

Anonymous said...

No one in the Administration will speak up.

"Corruption? No problem, just keep my paychecks coming."

"No bid contract? Your are Armando/Steve's client? Step right up and sign here."

Anonymous said...

Let's not leave out that Maritza Gutierrez is the owner of Creative Ideas Advertising and Armando Gutierrez' wife. Someone needs to take a look at what has come down the pike for Creative Ideas Advertising. Regalado takes care of her as well by offering his support if you hire Creative Ideas. If you look up all of the corporations (Wini Corporations)that are in the Names of Armando Gutierrez and or Maritza Gutierrez you will find well over 30 different corporations. Keep digging MFC/TBM.

Anonymous said...

This Monday at 5:00PM at City Hall is the CRA meeting. Watch as the commissioners fall all over themselves to give money to Maritza and Creative Ideas.

Anonymous said...

Monday at 5:00 pm watch commissioners vote on a pay package for the novice CRA director that exceeds $200,000.
Billboard Bockweg.
No experience with CRAs? No problem.

Anonymous said...

Bockweg was making $77,000 at the city and was overpaid then.

Now he is getting a 260% raise? $800/mo car allowance. $300/mo phone allowance. Additional 10% of salary for 401K - no employee contribution required. Additional 9% of salary as deferred compensation. 6 weeks vacation. 6 weeks sick time. 11 Holidays. Automatic 9% raise each year - no board action required. Six months severence - even if fired for stealing.

These are all new benefits being conferred by Sarnoff on his billboard guy.

DUNN sells out Overtown.

Anonymous said...

What was the threat that silenced Miami For Change?

Anonymous said...

Why is Dunn letting Sarnoff divert CRA money to Sarnoff's "billboard guy"?

6 weeks paid vacation?

$10,000/yr for a car?

Anonymous said...

Retroactive to July 23rd?

What a scandal.

Anonymous said...

Keep spending OUR money!

Be patient said...

The threat that closed Miami for Change will be published later. Lawyers are arbitrating now. Information can't be published now because of delicacy of the issue. Jail time is currently part of the equation. Be patient

Be patient said...

The threat that closed Miami for Change will be published later. Lawyers are arbitrating now. Information can't be published now because of delicacy of the issue. Jail time is currently part of the equation. Be patient

Anonymous said...

You mean jail time for Tomasito and Sarnoff, MFC ain't going no where

Anonymous said...

Does Miami For Change need a defense fund? I am willing to contribute. The talkers on this website should put their money where their mouth is.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe they should show up at a CRA or city commission meeting. Or call a commissioner's office.

Anonymous said...

How about they complain to a commissioner about huge raises to Sarnoff's toadies while he cuts pay and health insurance for regular city employees.

New CRA director who used to make $77,000 gets:

- raise to $135,000?
- automatic 9% salary increases?
- 6 weeks paid vacation?
- $13,500 for 401k with no employee contribution?
- Over $12,000 in deferred compensation?
- automatic severence even if fired for cause?
- $800/mo car allowance? (Doesn't the CRA have its own vehicles)?

Who authorized all these perks.
Fire and police don't even have some of this b.s.

Sarnoff's gofer and flack get huge raises, time to tighten up the golfer.

Sarnoff and Dunn; do as I say not as I do.

Anonymous said...

On Monday's agenda:

Martiza gets paid off, and

$500,000 is set aside for beautifying the area around the arena (no vendor listed or mention of bids, this ones for you Micky), and

$500,000 is set aside for "expenditures" for film businesses (no businesses, criteria or bids specified), and

Sarnoff's new hires have to take an ethics course.

Marty Kohn said...

Be Patient, those are some pretty big claims. Just how long will we have to "be patient"?

Anonymous said...

CRA money is supposed to be spent to eliminate slum and blight. Why waste it on a $200,000 annual pay package for a novice no experience Executive Director? What is Sarnoff thinking?

70% unemployment in Overtown and money meant to help Overtown gets wasted?

41& of OMNI CRA money is obligated to go to bail out the Performing Arts Center. Why waste scare tax money on useless employees?

Dunn is the Chairman of Overtown CRA.

Who is looking out for the stakeholders ie the taxpayers?

Patience Marty, Patience said...


It is a process, as it should be. Justice does not happen over night. Sarnoff is allowed the process just as you are allowed the process, but it is takes time. Be patient, Sarnoff will be removed in due time. It is only a matter of time. We've heard from the grapevine that when all the information is sees the light of day, the man will be gone, but we know the County and the State will do nothing. They are a part of people like Sarnoff. The feds. not so much. But to belabor the point, it takes time. Be patient and continue to provide information that will bring the piece of SHIT DOWN!

Anonymous said...

Also Marty already the Sarnoff's are beginning to obey the law. The lovely wife Teresa now walks the dogs on a lease and picks up their massive SHITS!

Farmer John said...

...but they don't shit where they eat! Here piggy piggy piggy!

Anonymous said...

Does Sarnoff still make policemen drive him to and from City Hall in a City SUV? At taxpayer expense?

Law does not apply to me said...

The police drives him everywhere. Which is against the law, but hey, it's Sarnoff!

Anonymous said...

Having a chauffeur who makes $140,000 per year driving a $50,000 SUV available 24/7 should have a taxable value of $50,000+ per year? On call 24/7. Think commissioners are reporting the value to the IRS?

Brent Cutler said...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Over at ,the editor of that blog asks the question if it is not time to have the Governor of the state take over the management of the finances of the City. The investigation team has found that the City has spent over $2,000,000.00 prior to any approval by the commission, as required by ordinance. Another tid-bit the editor reports is one of Commissioner Sarnoff's big backers and a contributor to his campaign war chest, EAC Consulting, is asking for a lucrative $400,000.00 contract. Seems fair enough if this consulting firm was the best of all bidders, but alas this is a no-bid contract. We have to assume that Sarnoff will leave the Dias during the vote, only because it would be the ethical thing to do.

Please read the story and write your commissioner and ask that they do the right thing and put this out to bid. It's what Glenn Marcos would have done, but then again he was fired, some say at the behest of Commissioner Sarnoff.

Brent Cutler

I am the GOOD said...

Today is Sunday. The day that the good Commissioner Sarnoff spends 105% of his time on commission issue. God almighty, you gotta luv the guy!

Anonymous said...

TBM, Are you ever going to post again?

Anonymous said...

At the September 16th County Commission meeting County Commissioner Bruno Barreiro proposed a resolution that was deferred to the next County Commission meeting to conduct a feasibility study to create a uniform citation process for Red Light Traffic Cameras. He feels since the County funds a portion of the local court system municipalities should share their revenues with the County to assist with funding the local court system. Currently, the system is set-up that if a violation occurs in a city operated red light traffic camera system the city is obligated to collect the revenue ($158) and make payments as mandated by state law and then share the remaining $75 with the private company installing, operating, and maintaining the Red Light Traffic Camera System.

It appears that County now wants a share of the $75. I wonder why? Could it be because Armando Gutierrez has been Bruno Barreiro's Campaign Manager in the past and desirous of his client ATS to have system control and subsequent revenues of the entire county instead of just several municipalities. Wow, the pig's apetitie is growing by the day.

Anonymous said...

Is Sarnoff on board Bruno?

Anonymous said...

The most likely scenario is that the plan has been in the works a long time. Miami set the fine at $131.25, but the state allows $158. So Miami always planned on giving the difference of $26.75 to the county.

Anonymous said...




Is the City of Miami administration an ongoing criminal enterprise?

Al Crespo said...

Tonight, the Crespo-Gram report will focus in part on the CRA and the $500,000 that they supposedly want to give the film industry. Sometimes the best thing you can do is let the weasels run wild, because only when they've actually done something can you properly nail them for corruption.

Sgt. York said...

Is there any question that the City of Miami is a Banana Republic. Its taken 50 years to reach such a point but we have. We a have a voteing block in the City that are just very stupid people. Look at who they elect, any jerk who is a Cuban-American, because if your not Cuban you don't get elected (outside of the token black and one non-latin Grove seat). If you think all the budget problems are solved in the City your smokeing to much weed. This upcomming years budget will break the City and the State will have to take over the City as they will be unable to pay their bills.
The County is not far behind, because the same type of elected officals also run the County. They all seem to act like they are gods who know better than us tax payers and we should shut up and let them steal tons of money and destroy our home. I say lets re-call all of them......

Anonymous said...

What about the $200,000 pay package for the novice?
6 weeks paid vacation?
6 months severance even if convicted of a felony?
$800/mo $10,000/yr for a car?

Don't these people read the newspapers? Watch TV?

Anonymous said...

Check the public records, the previous dirctor made $123,000 NO car allowance, NO raises, 2 weeks vacation. Compare their qualifications - not even close.

Anonymous said...

But how did he feel about mega billboards?

Anonymous said...

DUNN sells out Overtown

Anonymous said...

Did he have a $82,000 pr flack or a $105,000 gofer on staff?

"I was shocked, to be honest with you. I didn't see it coming" said Sarnoff regarding the hiring of his staffers.

"I'll put my hand on the Bible" said Bockweg.

Dunn is Koteles next?


Anonymous said...

Bruno Barreiro helped Frank Carollo get elected through his parents. They helped with the absentee ballots. Steve Marin also helped Frank Carollo, and Armando Gutierrez helped Frank Carollo. Now you should really ask him about the numbers and don't let him request a break so he can make a phone call!

Anonymous said...

Dunn got his campaign manager, Kieth Carswell, appointed Assistant Director of Solid Waste.

This is why there are unions; to provide some alternative to patronage and the appointment of incompetents and syncophants.

Anonymous said...

Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief.

"reverend," caretaker commissioner, liar, thief.

Anonymous said...

Did Armando Gutierrez work on Kathy Fernandez Rundle's campaign?

Anonymous said...

It appears that the Mayor and Commissioners have all prostituted themselves. Mayor do you think an individual can be regarded a "good father", if they have convinced their daughter to also prostitute herself? While you consider this question, please answer the next. How much is the going rate for her?

Anonymous said...

Current Qualifications for Mayor, City Commissioner, City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Chief Financial Officer, City Attorney, Chief of Fire-Rescue, Chief of Police, Chief Information Officer, Director and Assistant Director at the City of Miami:

1) Must be able to look away during the act of any impropriety.
2) Must be able to participate in the act of any impropriety.
3) Must not have any ethics.
4) Must know how to cheat, lie, and be dishonest.
5) Must not have any integrity.
6) Must be able to act extremely well.
7) Must not question any wrongdoing.
8) Should think like a criminal.
9) Must assist with funneling or direcing taxpayers' dollars to cronies, family members, lobbyists, companies represented by certain lobbyists, etc.
10) Say "Yes" regardless of the situation.
11) Must be able to dress for the part (Note to Commissioner Carrollo-stop wearing your brother Joe Carrollo's hand me down clothes).
12) Adhere to the following motto, "Illegal is good, Legal is bad"
13) Need to be arrogant.
14) Must believe that laws don't apply to oneself.
15) Must be greedy.
16) Must be able to act or make unfair or unjust, decisions.
17) Must be able to perform any other duties or responsibilites not listed herein, such as, but not limted to, sleeping with co-workers, rigging bids, preparing inaccurate financial statements, working with lobbyists in drafting legislation to benefit the lobbyists's clients (but not in the best interest of the city), etc.

Anonymous said...

Sarnoff sucks!

Anonymous said...

No City employee will object to the corruption for fear of being fired and losing their massive pay packages.

Monday at 5:00 at the CRA meeting Billboard Bockweg's $220,000 pay package will be voted on. Public Hearing. The public can speak. Employees are too scared.


"Sarnoff and Dunn give novice employee 300% raise"

Bull Wrinkles said...

CRA employees get pay raises and the first responders get pay reductions. Doesn't seem fair that Sarnoff would treat first responders this way. I understand he does spend a tremendous amount of time at the Police Barracks.

Anonymous said...

Also at Monday's CRA meeting, Maritza Gutierrez gets paid off for work she did not do.

Watch as Carollo, Dunn, Gort, and Suarez throw money at her.

No objection from the director. The last person to object got fired.

Anonymous said...

How do you think these lobbyist "campaign managers" get paid? Through business that flows in the city! You will never see a single entry on a campaign report for these guys, never.

Sarnoff Sucks! said...

Watch this evening's CRA meeting at 5:00 on Channel 77. Watch our 'boy' Sarnoff perform and perhaps preform, but only if he would just 'go away'! We all hate the S.O.B.!

Anonymous said...

The OMNI CRA agenda has an item reducing the salaries of the OMNI employees by the same percentage as city employees. CRA employees are paid 50% from OMNI and 50% from SEOPW. But the SEOPW agenda doesn't have a similar resolution. So the CRA employees are taking 1/2 the cut that city employees are because only 1/2 of their salaries are subject to the cut. Sarnoff and Bockweg think we are stupid and wouldn't catch the ruse. So Larry, Moe and Curly don't have to bleed like the average employee at the city. Being a toady has its benefits and they just keep on rolling in.

Read more at Investigation Miami----->

Anonymous said...

$220,000 pay package with 6 weeks paid vacation? For someone with no backbone?

$105,000 for a novice no experience Asst Director?

$82,000 for a full time PR flack?

No wonder the private sector hates the public sector.

This is white collar crime.

Anonymous said...

CRA Board ie. the commissioners just gave Armando Gutirerrez's wife $9,800. There was no reference to any work. No commissioner asked if she did any work. She got $9,800 anyway.

Anonymous said...

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