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The Herald takes a stab at the Billionaire Braman / Tomasito recall effort, but the story misses several key points.

Targeting Miami-Dade mayor for recall faces a test.

"For the second time this year, the county mayor has been targeted for recall."
Braman attorneys and the Herald would do well to carefully read Section 8.02 (7) of the County Charter:

"No recall petition against such an officer [the Mayor] shall be certified within one year after he takes office nor within one year after a recall petition against him is defeated."
The Herald also needs to ask Braman the following:

1. What exactly was discussed at your secret meeting with Mayor Tomas Regalado this past Saturday?
Was lobbyist Armando Gutierrez present?   

2. Why is the recall effort focused solely on Mayor Carlos Alvarez?
The Mayor PROPOSES the budget, but the County Commission APPROVES the budget.  
Why not go after the County Commissioners then?  
And, why were you asked by Mayor Regalado to spare his friends Boris Bruno Barreiro and Natasha Seijas?

3. The City of Miami just transferred 10.4 million in C.R.A. funds to cover losses in their general fund.

The Herald has quoted experts that seriously question the legality of this move.

"Frank Schnidman, a professor at Florida Atlantic University and one of the top CRA experts in the state, questioned the transfers."

"Where is the paper trail that shows that this was the intent of the parties, rather than just another effort to steal redevelopment money from the poor to fund pet projects of elected officials?'' asked Schnidman."

And yet, Mr. Braman says nothing about this, in spite of his vociferous and aggressive opposition to the Mega Plan?

Norman Braman's motivations are not as pure as some would believe.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

But in the year of the Miami Heat...

Braman and Tomasito better watch their backs.


Anonymous said...

Alvarez is an arrogant prick. Braman is an asshole. Take yuor pick.

Anonymous said...

To Norman Braman: He is a termed out Mayor. Don't waste your money on him...GET THE COMMISSIONERS OUT THEY ARE NOT TERM LIMITED. I WILL GET SIGNATURES FOR YOU....PLEASE HELP. The Mayor being removed is a waste of time and money. You almost have it right...broaden that net -- I am begging you.

Anonymous said...

Sarnoff asks why everyone HATES him? Answer.....because you so Hateable!

Anonymous said...

I dare you Braman, go after Sarnoff, and Bockweg, and all the other BMW drivers over at the CRA. Then take out your "pal" Regalado.


Earlier Monday, commissioners passed a series of FEE HIKES AND FINES setting the stage for the 2:30 a.m. budget approval.

Also used to balance Miami's $499 million 2011 operating budget: $23 million in reserves, an emergency withdrawal that leaves a city once flush with $141 million in rainy day money with just $16 million.

Tuesday's vote means A HIGHER TAX BILL for about one in five in a city of 127,000 homeowners.

The city's property tax rate is $8.64 for every $1,000 of property owned, a 33-cent increase caused by obligations from a bond voters approved this decade.

The owner of a $200,000 home that retained its value would pay an additional $62 in taxes.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious Braman has a hard on to screw the Mayor. All the hot air he spewed last week was crap. His only focus is Alvarez. He and his multi millions should really be focused on the real problems-bad commissioners and the big flaw in the system-term limits on commissioners. The Mayor is termed out. This Braman shenanigan is gonna cost the taxpayers 4 million dollars. Yep, $4,000,000 pissed away.

MPA said...


Anonymous said...

I just want to know where I have to go to sign the petition. We pay taxes to provide the tax payers with needed services, and if we have anything left we try to help CBO's. We dont pay taxes to provide employment for selected individuals with run away retirement packages. Additionally, where does it say he have to give so much money to the CBO's. The people employed by the CBO's are getting paid by us, no wonder they dont want any decrease in there little money bag like everyone else. I realise that some CBO's due provide some services, but at what cost to us the tax payers. Even CBO's in Dade County have that smell of corruption that lingers like most things in our local governments.

Anonymous said...

You wanted Regalado, now you get Regalado and all his crazy lame brained ideas. Of course he wants to privatize the MPA! The company from Chicago is already in contact with Larry Spring and the mayor, get ready to pay higher fees.

And Braman is just a tool of Regalado.

Anonymous said...

Its the commissioners stupid. (county and city)

Anonymous said...

I hope Norman Braman is ready to fund and staff a proper recall effort.

Carlos Alvarez is a fool. The Cubans who voted for him (and every other taxpayer) will be paying for the Marlins Stadium and Garage for over 50 years.

Sgt. York said...

How can we change our elected officals, when we have a majority of registered voters, who continue to re-elect them. Yet they are the first ones that suffer the most. A large number of them are on Social Security and just can't afford to pay more for anything. We need to tell everybody that these elected officals work for us, and if we don't like them, kick them out of office. Also, they are not God's and are not blessed with alot of smarts. They should be working hard every day to make life better for all of us but they refuse to so we must fire them, like any good boss would do. After all we are their boss's, so lets fire them all.

Anonymous said...

Wake up Norman! You're getting used by Tomas and Armando. Go after Natasha and Sarnoff, then you'll be respected. Until then, you're just Tomasito and Armando's very deep pocketed puppet.

Anonymous said...

Why did the Miami city commissioners as the CRA vote to pay Armando's Gutierrez's wife? No explanation of what this was for.

Anonymous said...

Why did the commissioners vote in '06 to make it more difficult to recall them? What are they so scared of?

Anonymous said...

Why did the commissioners vote in '06 to make it more difficult to recall them? What are they so scared of?

Anonymous said...

County commissioners are in for life, unfortunately.

Pray they get caught taking bribes on video tape.

Tax Certificates ARE a good investment. said...

Is Commissioner Sarnoff a DEAD BEAT?


Anonymous said...

City of Miami Commissioners following the recommendation of Mayor Regalado raised taxes too. Why doesn't Braman start a recall against all the commissioners who voted to raises taxes, fees and fines?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Commissioner Liaroff pay his fair share? He doesn't pay property taxes!

Anonymous said...

Sarnoff gets $104,000 per year from the City, plus a taxpayer paid SUV and driver. The driver costs $140,000 per year.

Sarnoff's home is 1/2 mile from City Hall, far too far for Sarnoff to drive himself in one of his own vehicles paid for by the taxpayers.