Thursday, December 02, 2010


A reader alerted us to the fact that today, at 3:00 PM, during her scheduled radio show on "La Poderosa" 670 AM, School Board Member and Daughter of Tomasito, Raquelita Regalado had as her guest none other than our pal Jose "Pepe" Fulgueira.

For those of you who don't remember "Pepe," he is employed by Mayor Tomasito as a "Special Assistant."

Now, what on Earth does a "Special Asistannt" do for a Mayor?

Glad you asked.

For one, Jose "Pepe" goes on Raquelita's radio show at 3 PM, when most of us are at work.  This would not be such a big deal but for the fact that Jose "Pepe" is being payed by all of us, the taxpayers of Miami, to be working at his city job, whatever that is, at 3 PM.

Instead of specially assisting the mayor, handling constituent complaints, of trying to fix the incredibly fucked up inner workings of the city, "Pepe" is on air, on our dime, yucking it up with the Mayor's daughter.

This is our tax dollars at work.

Yet, it is not surprising.

Above we see the picture of "Pepe" along with the "24 hour mayor" clearly skirting state law by campaigning for Raquelita while on city time.

Did "Pepe" get in trouble for breaking the law?

Of course not! 

He is a member of the Tomass inner sphincter, along with Tony Crapp, Ada Rojas, and Jose Marrero, all grossly under-qualified, grossly overpaid, and all above the law.

It's Miami Bitches!

So while the rest of us try to eek it out in a double digit unemployment rate economy, our city workers are living it up!


Anonymous said...

Jose "Pepe Tolete Maricon" Fulgeira its one of Regalado's bitches.

Mayor Regalado




Anonymous said...

On a 1 to 10 this story gets a 1.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ada, get back to "work" taking pictures with your I phone....

Anonymous said...

Anytime a story is done to expose dirty politicians and their corrupted followers gets a "10" in my book.

Ada por favor metate el dio en tu culo, ya que no lo tiene en tu boca! All of your prior employees are talking about your abusive ways......Very soon.....this story is coming out and the Mayor will have no choice, but to give you your walking papers.

How do you say scramble eggs in Spanish? Yeah, that is what you like!

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about, exposeing dirty politicians. All you have to do is look at the un-qualified political leaders in the City and County. But being a dirty politician in the City and County gets you elected and re-elected till you have stolen all you want and pushed pet project after pet project that nobody wants or needs. The more unqualified the office seeker is the better his odds are he will win here in Miami, home of the brain dead......