Thursday, December 02, 2010


Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez will voluntarily dismiss his lawsuit in the Billionaire Norman Braman recall lawsuit after discovery motions have shown that Clerk Harvey Ruvin did in fact certify the petition signatures.

This gives the Billionaire Braman (who contributed to Ruvin's clerk campaign) the green light to proceed with the recall of the mayor.

The Billionaire and his pal Tomasito are out for revenge against Alvarez for the Marlins deal and even though it was the COUNTY COMMISSION that voted to approve the higher taxes, Alvarez is getting the shaft.

Alvarez nonetheless is out fighting, defending his actions before the Downtown Bay Forum.

"I was not going to be the mayor that closes down fire stations, that closes down parks, basically all these things that I've been working for my entire adult life," said Alvarez, his voice occasionally cracking with emotion. "I was not going to do that. I'd rather be recalled."
Well Carlos,
It may happen sooner rather than later.


Anonymous said...

No Carlos! You are the Mayor who made sure to raise our taxes, while your ass and the rest of the County employees receives a pay raise. In other words, fuck the Miami-Dade County residents at the expense of your County employees. You value your employees more than your taxpayers, while a significant amount of your taxpayers are unemployed. You can try to spin it in any direction you would want, but please understand that the last spin you will feel quite well when your ass is spun right out of Office.

What you have is not fiscally responsible!

Marty Kohn said...

Rewind three years and look at the Alvarez installed command staff at the MDPD. Fast forward to today and see how many of his cronies had to resign amidst massive scandals where taxpayers money was stolen and squandered. Alvarez is no different than his cronies, CROOKED!

Now, Carlos, put that emotion that crackles through your voice aside and STFU then GTFO!

Anonymous said...

Carlos Alvarez was the ringleader and the promoter who demanded the Miami-Dade County Commissioners vote to give the Marlins over $3.5 BILLION in our tax money. In fact, Carlos Alvarez went to the City of Miami and sold the scam to the Miami commissioners. 4 of the 5 voted the way Carlos wanted. Two were later indicted and 1 is now working as a security guard.

Recall Carlos now.

Anonymous said...

In a recession, Carlos Alvarez recommended and a majority of Miami-Dade commissioners voted to give raises to overpaid public sector employees using the money from overworked and underpaid private sector employees.

Carlos Alvarez is a nitwit. Time to go, Carlos.

Anonymous said...

Does Carlos Alvarez still have two Miami-Dade County SUV's and a police driver AND the luxury BMW he made Miami-Dade County Procurement research for him? All paid by the taxpayers? He must think he is King.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Alvarez spent years lobbying for the Marlins Stadium and Garage. Now the taxpayers are stuck having to pay over $3.5 Billion. Just the interest costs on the bonds total billions.

Alavrez is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

George Burgess is laughing as he waits to start collecting his pension. In the meantime, Burgess and Alvarez ruin Miami-Dade County. Corruption much?