Wednesday, January 12, 2011


People Person City Manager Tony Crapp issued his first decree while in the city's top office, and boy was it a doozie!

Here is APM 11-01, Media Relations Policy

In a nutshell: unless you are Tony, or authorized by Tony, you have no business talking to the press. 

Now don't think that this will have the effect of preventing leaks to the media.  Like all other APMs, it will be used as a tool of retribution to go after the Mayor's enemies.  Case in point is the APM prohibiting political campaigns on City time.  Both Jose "Pepe" Fulgeira and Jose Marrero of the Mayor's staff violated the APM and were never reprimanded.

This APM is indicative of the bunker mentality that has besieged City Hall.  Where "the cops" are following the Mayor.  And the City Manager's number one concern is to silence any opposition of dissent.

We are anxious to see how this attack on the media is perceived by Regalado's buddy and  lap dog Chuck Rabin and the rest of the folks at the Herald Ivory Billboard Tower.

The Headline?

Miami City Manager Clamps Down on Reporter's Access

versus the earlier

New Policy Bans Most Miami Employees From Talking to Reporters.

The updated headline turns it into an attack on reporters, which it is.

Funny enough, "Regalado could not be reached on Wednesday for comment on the new policy."

Must be blue plate special night at the old folks home.

NBC 6 was even better, running this photo:

Moment of Silence: Miami Employees Banned From Talking to Media

"As far as who can communicate with the media, that number has shrunk from pretty much every employee with an opinion to just Crapp and his staff, and the designated public information officers for the Police and Fire departments."

So much for Regalado's promise of "transparency" and "accountability."

Maybe finally Chuck and the rest of Miami Media will start to realize what an asshole Regalado is.

What is more chilling is that reporters are traditionally assigned to shine a light on the inner workings of public officials, to shed a light so that taxpayers may make informed decision, the press honors its role of holding elected officials accountable.

These actions will make that job that much harder.


Anonymous said...

Regalado learned from the school of Castro and Chavez, silence the opposition. Chuckie and the Herald can suck on it for being such Tom Ass kissers.

John Quincy Adams said...

You will never silence us! It's called the 1ST AMENDMENT. Surely you recall that little document called THE CONSTITUTION!

What a joke. All you did is give the city employees an incentive to dig even deeper for corruption. What the city leaders still don't get is that THIS IS AMERICA WHERE MANY PEOPLE HAVE GIVEN THEIR LIVES TO HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

That ridiculous memo will largely be ignored.

City of Miami Employee said...

I was going to say something, but now I can't.

The Honorable Tomas Regalado said...


(Tony won't let me talk)

Anonymous said...

Tomas Regalado ran his last campaign pledging transparency in government.

What a joke!

Anonymous said...

This is transparency, Tony will tell you anything you want to hear.

Anonymous said...

Tony "I spent 10 years in a closet" Crapp can tell you everything he knows. That takes 30 seconds.

Anonymous said...

Tony you are nothing but a PUSSY, I'm mean PUPPET. Okay, both!

Anonymous said...

An assinine PR move by Crapp.
He needs some advice.

Anonymous said...


Nice start! Cute.

Fidal Castro

The Honorable Tomas Regalado said...

The timing of the APM had nothing to do with Chief Exposito's press conference calling me a liar.

This was all coincidental.

Anonymous said...

Press Release:
Mayor Tomas Regalado's son pimps out violent Miami for a new cop show. Pilot available on You Tube. Details to follow.