Saturday, January 29, 2011


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Rumors abound that the Miami Herald Mayor's Press Office will take the negative press on Chief Exposito even further.


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Several days ago a very interesting post made its way to the Leo Affairs police blog website regarding Dianne Fernandez and a story she was allegedly preparing on City of Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito.
I have a friend that lives on Brickell Key, who told me that Channel 7 reporter Dianne Fernandez Is getting ready to blast our police department. It turns out that she is a friend and neighbor of Tommy Regalado, the Mayor's son. Their kids play together in the playground, and she and her husband frequently go out together with Tommy and his wife.

As a favor to Tommy, who has a vendetta against MPD, because the chief exposed his potential profitting from the proposed MPD reality show, Miami's Finest, She is digging up any dirt she can get on our department. My friend tells me they are even filming our guys out there in hopes of cathing them doing something wrong.

This is highly unethical when a reporter stoops this low for personal reasons. I know Channel 7 is tabloid news, but this goes beyond anything they've done before. She's not even an investigative reporter.

The news director at Channel 7 better get on the stick before this blows up in their face.

Like clockwork, we get a story from Channel 7 news today, "Officers make allegations against police chief," from none other than Dianne Fernandez herself.

The entire story is based on anonymous sources because the otherwise tough "predator" cops are too afraid to speak out against the Chief.
"Opponents of the chief have expressed fear because of their views concerning Exposito. "Just an atmosphere of fear. It's a gestapo type of atmosphere," one officer said. "The chief is trying so hard to stay there that he's doing things that shouldn't be done, and everybody on the force knows that."

"Officers are afraid. Absolutely I'm scared. I'm scared for my not safety, because they're not going to hurt me physically, but they can hurt my career," a second officer said. "I think it's corrupt from the top. Absolutely."

This is the same police department who trailed former Chief John Timoney, performing surveillance to catch him in the now infamous "Lexus Gate" but they are now too afraid to speak up against Chief Exposito.

Fernandez echoes the climate of fear created by Mayor Regalado:
Another police officer said, "There have been allegations that he's following members of the department who don't agree with what is happening right now."

The allegations were brought to light earlier in the month when City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado said he was being followed. "I was concerned for me and my family," the mayor said.

Miami City Manager Tony Crapp, Jr. is currently reviewing the Exposito's controversial tenure as Miami's police chief. Crapp is the only person with the power to fire Exposito.

Perhaps  Ms. Fernandez should have asked Mayor Regalado why the fuck he hired Exposito in the first place!

Lost in all this is that Mayor Regalado's first official act in office was to fire John Timoney and replace him with Exposito.

The Mayor brought this upon himself and is now trying to act as though he had nothing to do with it, while a very complicit press let's him get away with it.

Bottom line:

Whether you are Team Tommy or Team Expo, this bullshit two-ring circus is driving the city to a halt.

And while our focus this week has been on the recall over at the County, it's time to start thinking about how a recall can fix the giant mess the City of Miami is in.


Anonymous said...

“There’s been nothing but turmoil since [Timoney] started at this police department. It’s been hell on our troops. He’s basically destroyed morale.”

Yeah Armando, where the fuck are you now you Tom Ass kissing little bitch?

Two Women and a Gay are running for the D2 Seat! said...

Michelle Niemeyer throws her hat in the ring
Village Council chair, Michelle Niemeyer, filed with the City today to run for the District 2 Commission seat, now held by Marc Sarnoff.

This makes three in the race now, as we reported last week, Kate Callahan, also on the Village Council, also filed.

What's ironic about this is that at the last Village Council meeting, Michelle and Kate were put up for the position of chairman, but Kate said that she declined so that she could put all her efforts toward the campaign for District 2 Commission seat, while Michelle feels that she can chair the Village Council and also run her election for Commissioner.

Our County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez is interested in being County Mayor, since there is a recall election and a seat might open if Carlos Alvarez needs to step down. So Gimenez's seat will be open. Rumors are going around that City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff is interested in running for that seat, but Sarnoff told me last week that he was running for reelection for his City Commission seat.

The County recall election is March 15, the City Commission election is in November. Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy year.

Armando Gutierrez said...

They are all corrupted!!!

Tomas Regalado tells the truth, everyone else lies.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason for conducting a nation wide search for a Police Chief and it called Chief Exposito. If they stay in house, for the next Police Chief you will get the same we are getting now a Police Department without a profesional Police Chief.

Anonymous said...

With Police Chief Miguel Exposito working 24/7 to keep his pay check and most of the force chasing overtime and off duty money no one is investigating the criminals stealing from the taxpayers.

A perfect storm for the criminal and corrupt - no one to stop them.

Anonymous said...

When will all of you learn?

The same exact way that Tomas Regalado chose Tony Crapp to be the city manager is the same way that the next chief of police will be chosen.

No need for a national search. No need for any qualifications.

All that matters is how loyal are you to Regalado and Armando Gutierrez.

That's all.

Anonymous said...

This city is going back to the eighties CORRUPT public officials and violent crime is all we know.

The Honorable Tomas Regalado said...

Back to basics.

This is not a metropolis.

Anonymous said...

It's just a simple coincidence that there is a post on Leoaffairs about this and that just a few days later the story comes out.

Make no mistake, Armando and Tomasito are in major spin mode.

Anonymous said...

Pure coincidence!

Get ready for the Herald's take tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

The Herald is going to do Regalado's dirty work and keep going after Chief Exposito, just watch.

Anonymous said...

Exposito's goons use leoaffairs just like they used the fax machine at Gran Paris Bakery. They began to spin the story before it came out. They knew she was on their heels because she aggressively went after him at an awards ceremony two weeks before the story. She also made public records request for the report that was written at the scene of Vega's daughter's non arrest. These grave robbers are specialists at pointing fingers and clouding issues, that is how they have survived so long. I don't know if Fernandez and the Regalado's are linked, I do know that Exposito and his goons are much better at spinning gossip and hiding the truth than they are at running a police department. By the way Al Crespo had the story way before fernandez and I don't think he is in Regalado's camp.

Anonymous said...

If you notice the leoaffairs posts only bash fernandez and allude to a negative story about the police department. It was not a negative story about the police department, it was a negative story about Exposito and his goons. Come on TBM you guys are way smarter than this post!

Anonymous said...

TBM is just pointing out the coincidences, how did anyone know that Fernandez would come out with this story?

Armando must be busy tonight porque le picaron el culo...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this, its sad that the local media is controlled by politicians. I think its healthy not to have a chief and mayor who sleep in the same bed it keeps them honest. What will happen when the mayor gets his wish and gets a puppet chief?

Anonymous said...

Again, who is it that made sure that Exposito became Chief?

Why does the Herald and the media ignore this???

Anonymous said...

The old days where you could manipulate the media and no one would find out are over. Too many leaks, and now we have blogs that are willing to say what the press does not and breaks the press monopoly. I know for a fact that reporters at the Herald and other media outlets are very aware of what happens in the blogosphere and now think twice about what they write. Even then, Chuck Rabin and the Herald are completely in the bag for Regalado, but now since they are being called out on it have to be more careful. The people are no longer sitting by and being spoon fed by the Herald.

Anonymous said...

Remember you heard it first on TBM. When the Spence-Jones case starts you will get a glimpse of how Regalado, Rundle, and Sarnoff worked together to get her out of office. These people are malicious,when they want you out of there way, there is no limit to what they will do. Including sending a innocent person to jail.
You see it happening now all over the city with people being fired, and demoted if they don't play ball with Regalado or Sarnoff. But when it happens to an African Americans its ignored by the public. It's only getting this kind of attention because it is now happening to hispanics also.

Let me give you a prime example, Kathy Rundle stated that she removed Richard Scrugs from the Senators case because she needed him to concentrate on the Spence-Jones case. When actually she would rather let another agency take that case so that she can remain in good standing with the Republican Hispanic community. Rundle understands that she will need their support when she decides to run for another office. Rundle could care less how the African American community thinks about her.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Rundle, Tomas Regalado, Exposito, Carlos Alverez, and last but certainly not the least Marc Sarnoff must go. These people are dividing our beautiful city.

Anonymous said...

If Norman Braman is really so interested in the public good as he claims, why does he continually ignore the wrongdoings of Regalado and Sarnoff???

The Gifted One said...

I can't believe I am going to get away with hiring Exposito and then throwing him under a giant bus. These cops are all bark and no bite. Perro que ladra, no muerde.

Anonymous said...

Too large a percentage of the police force are only concerned with making money. They chase overtime and they chase off duty pay. They lobby for raises and promotions for themselves. The taxpayers get screwed.

What's up with all the Downtown cops who take money from the drug clubs like Club Space and then refuse to enforce the laws against those same drug clubs?

Norman Braman said...


Anonymous said...


Do you really want to see what a conniving son-of-a-bitch of a person Marc Saroff is? Or better yet, Mr. Prada himself as we use to call him when I worked for him.

He's told both Carlos Gimenez and Katherine Fernandez-Rundle that he will back them both if they would run for Mayor, but now he's had private conversations OUT OF THE SUNSHINE with Francis Suarez and his aid Mike Llorente that we will be supporting Mike Llorente's brother Marcelo Llorente for County Mayor.

In the meantime, there are rumors that Katherine Fernandez-Rundle has requested for FDLE to investigate David Rivero, because she is now interested in that seat and want to avoid any Conflict of Interest appearance.

Anonymous said...

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