Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Let's play a little game here at TBM.

It's called: 

At $197,000

Tony makes more $$$ than...
(a) U.S. Senator Bill Nelson
(b) U.S. Senator Marco Rubio
(c) The entire Florida Congressional Delegation
(d) The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
(e) The Commander of all U.S. Forces in Afghanistan
(f) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
(g) Every member of the President's Cabinet
(h) Every member of the President's staff
(i) The President Pro Tempore of the U.S. Senate
(j) The Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate
(k) The Minority Leader of the U.S. Senate
(l) The Comptroller General of the United States
(m) Every judge on the U.S. Courts of Appeal
(n) Every judge on the U.S. District Courts
(o) Every single member of Governor Rick Scott's staff
(p) The median salary for an attorney in Miami
(q) The median salary for a retail store manager for Miami
(r) The median salary for a registered nurse in Miami
(s) The median salary for a public school teacher in Miami
(t) The median salary for an accountant in Miami
(u) The median household income for all holders of a Bachelor's Degree
(v) The median household in Miami
(w) The median household in Miami-Dade County
(x) The median household in Florida
(y) The median household in the United States
(z) All of the above

Not bad for a guy whose only job has been staffer to Tomas Regalado.


Anonymous said...


And what balls does Regalado have to say this is a "lean" salary, who is he kidding? Get ready for higher taxes!

Anonymous said...


No private sector experience. No advanced degree. No life experience.

Not even a City resident.

Anonymous said...

It does pay to be a male whore!

Anonymous said...

Bend over and take it taxpayers, this is what we get for letting the Gutierrez absentee ballot machine determine elections.

Anonymous said...

Hardworking Taxpayers get so screwed. There are hundreds of City employees who make double now than they would ever make in the private sector. Look at Tony "novice" Crapp? He makes 400% more now than he'd ever get in the private sector...

Anonymous said...

He went from $140,000 to $197,000 but this is supposed to be a "lean compensation package."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mayor Regalado and Tony Crapp are the masters, we the taxpayers are the slaves.

Anonymous said...

How many teachers or nurses could we hire with $197,000?

Instead it goes to pay this greedy bastard bureaucrat whose only qualification in life is that he knew how to suck Tom Ass the best.

This really makes me sick to my stomach to know that my hard earned tax dollars to go pay his salary and the salary of all the other greedy Miami employees when we are in a recession.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think any of these people would make anywhere close to a similar salary in the private sector? That is why Tony and Larry cling to their high paying cushy government jobs with their lives.

Anonymous said...

I thought that proposal brought to the school board by the Mayor's daughter was approved only for a feasibility study? This Herald Article says that they already have a contract with MDCPS. What gives??

Homestead may lease stadium
.Homestead is considering proposals to lease the city-owned baseball stadium.
Upload and share your own.You can share related videos and photos.

Submit: Video Pictures Stories
By Christina Veiga
Homestead may have found tenants for its costly and long-empty baseball stadium.

Council members are once again considering proposals from firms who want to take over the Sports Complex, and turn it into a — hopefully — profitable facility.

Dozens of plans to do that have fallen through since the stadium was built 20 years ago. Since then, taxpayers have paid more than $6 million to maintain it — on top of the $21 million it cost to build.

This time, the stadium has caught the attention of a budding sports media company and a newly formed company led by a former Major League Baseball player, CEOs and attorneys.

Both want to use the 90-acre complex for free at first, in exchange for paying for millions of dollars in renovations and maintenance. Both have also expressed an interest in buying the property after a few years.

La Ley Sports, a broadcasting company formed last spring, envisions Homestead as the headquarters of its operations.

Headed by Spanish TV personality John H. Ruiz, the company airs local high school, middle school and college games. They also track players’ stats and provide them to local media outlets, including The Miami Herald. La Ley landed a contract this month with Miami-Dade County Public Schools System to broadcast its youth sports, and successfully hosted its first baseball tournament last summer.

The company says it can bring thousands of people to similar tournaments year-round. They also promise to let South Florida schools use their fields and access their statistics for free, all while being broadcast nationally and on the Web.

“The Homestead complex would kind of be like an ESPN Wide World of Sports, with the added advantage that the schools ... will be able to play there,” Ruiz told The Miami Herald. “They gain exposure and they can even get a lot of their students to learn how to narrate, edit and keep scores.”

Ruiz said his company would initially spend $2 million just to renovate the stadium. He proposes using the facility rent free, in exchange for taking over the upkeep, which the city says is about $300,000 per year. At the end of five years, Ruiz said his company may offer to buy the stadium for $15 million.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

People, the fix is in, the entire family is in on it!

Marty Kohn said...

Holy shit!!! I need to cozy up to Tomas!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that on November 2nd 2009, Tony was making less than $100k. He has received increases of over 100% of his salary since Tomas "we are in a financial crisis" Regalado took office. Gotta hand it to them. Miami now has the government it deserves.

Veritas said...

Financial crisis my ass.

There is enough money to pay lobbyist Freddy Balsera's sister for a job in thee Mayor's office.

Enough money to pay Tony Crapp Jr.

Enough money to pay Angel Zayon.

And enough money to hand out contracts to all of Armando Gutierrez' clients.

If you are family or friends with Tomas, there is plenty of money for you.

But when he raises fees and lies about not raising taxes, then there is a "fiscal crisis."

Anonymous said...

Monday's CRA agenda:

$200,000 no bid construction contracts called grants to Sarnoff's friends.

Bockweg, Bert, Karsh new raises and benefits, cell phones, meals, travel expenses, extra vacation time, car allowances . . .

Firefighters, police, general employees the budget's fixed come and get it.

Anonymous said...

What is going on!!!

Raises and more perks (lunches, travel allowances?) car allowances, more vacation, salries.

Did the City just win some money at the gambling machines on Flagler Street?

Anonymous said...

I guess Marc, Koteles, and Dunn just love a palm full of hair gel.

Anonymous said...

"A Cuban bodega in the '50s would have better accountability."

So says Miami City Commissioner Tomás Regalado.

I always love how Tomas was the first to criticize the administrations of Mayor Carollo and Diaz, using one of his trademark sarcastic verbal jabs.

How quickly the press forgets that Regalado was always at the forefront willing to publicly mock fake concern over spending, while never really providing alternatives of his own.

Now that Regalado is mayor, this is what we get, and this is what we deserve.

Al Crespo said...


The producer of the police reality show, Miami Finest, will be on live internet TV tomorrow night.

Here is the press release from the show.

If you want to ask questions, or hear what he has to say - and chances are that he will address the Tommy issue - then long on at:

Remember, this is a show created to serve the film/video industry, and it's just by chance that they booked the producer of the show.


Just a quick reminder, tomorrow, January 20 at 6:30 pm Miami time, we will be showcasing the Panasonic AF100 Micro 4/3" HD Camcorder. We'll also have our PL adapter on hand for the new Carl Zeiss CP2 compact primes.

We'll have plenty of other cool stuff going on tomorrow, controversial TV producers, a Musical Guest, and more, but let's be honest. This show is about the Panasonic AF100, right? ;)

So come in to the studio at Midtown Video, or watch the live internet broadcast at on your computer, Thursday, January 20 at 6:30 pm EST. Studio attendees please RSVP by clicking here or emailing

Anonymous said...

Check out the nepotism going on at MPD. Assistant Chief's son being given business to develop training website. Check out and follow the link to

A whois search of that site reveals that it belongs to Chief Blom's son Aaron.

Read the comments and fallout on leoaffairs.

Anonymous said...

Tony "from the closet" Crapp was making $48,000 or so working in Regalado's district closet ie office. Then he was drastically overpaid. Very overpaid. With no private sector experience he now makes $197,000?

No wonder Miami's credit rating is in the toilet.

Anonymous said...

The level of corruption at the city has become intolerable, and employees are going to start to talk. Someone has to come out and break the silence to tell the people just exactly how Regalado and Armando Gutierrez are robbing the city blind.

Grace Solares said...

Stop spreading lies about Mayor Regalado, Commissioner Dunn, Tony Crapp, and Armando Gutierrez. They are all fine public servants who have the best interest of the City in mind.

All these lies are part of a giant plan by Manny Diaz and Fidel Castro to make sure Mayor Regalado fails.

Tomas is poor, he is only worth $5,000, not like "Money" Diaz. And Tomas cannot afford to hang out with the Miami Heat and celebrities like he is the mayor of Beverly Hills.

Tomas is also an honest man and I trust him, I also knows he has no idea what an executive producer is.

Anonymous said...

So much corruption.

Are there any watchdogs at the City?

Anonymous said...

Norman Braman.

Oh wait, he has a hard on for Alvarez and says Tomas Regalado is a great leader.

Anonymous said...

All that mullah and he can't even take care of the biggest problem Tomasito has, the Mexican sergeant that pretends to be the chief of police. I will take half of that salary and fire the fat bastard one second after I take the oath of office.

Anonymous said...

Here in the City of Miami dead people seem to have magical powers of casting their ballots, that being the case I say lets elect a dead person Mayor of Miami, Even a dead person could do a better job than our current Mayor is doing. However, lets not forget who put him in office and hope they wake up and realize how much damage they have caused and do something positive for all of Miami next election.

Tom Falco said...

I felt a sense of hope and peace sweep over me as I witnessed Tomás Regalado being sworn in as Mayor today.

The part in his speech about accountability and ethics really got to me.

Anonymous said...

Watch on Monday:
Billboard Bockweg wants repayment of the $1,318 Dunn tried to swindle for him from the CRA without board authorization waived, car allowances for him and toadies Bert and Karsh, money for meals, money for travel, more sick and vacation time.

All this after the commissioners made a big show of how they were cutting expenses.

Well, Carrollo and Suarez were you lying then or now. Dunn and Sarnoff, we won't even ask

Anonymous said...

And the $10 million from the CRA to the City?

Anonymous said...

Billboard Bockweg wants a minimum of 4 weeks vacation.

Whatever happened to fiscal responsibility?

Anonymous said...

Sarnoff slips his pal $200,000 in CRA funds for construction and calls it a grant to avoid bidding. Dunn and Koteles hold his pants while Overtown is screwed again.

Marty Kohn said...

18:46, when will the residents of overtown realize how bad the city is fucking them? For those citizens starving in the ghettos of our fair city, take solace in knowing the money your CRA had set aside to help rid your district of blight and bring new jobs is being used for the construction of that bullshit tunnel.

The black community needs a real leader not some house negro that jumps when his white masters tell him to do so.

Anonymous said...

How about the house negro and Sarnoff approving more pay, more vehicle allowance money, more benefits, more cell phone allowance money, more vacation time, more expense accounts... for Overtown CRA staffers who live in Miami Beach and Aventura? Tax dollars being wasted much?

Marty Kohn said...

Another black man shot down in the city by cops!!

Anonymous said...

CRA staffers Billboard Bockweg, Gonzalez and Karsh Hoover (vacuum) all the money meant for bricks and mortar redevelopment.

Anonymous said...

One more thing I like to add. Why wasn't this project that might have at the very some sort of liability to the City reviewed by the City Attorney and approved by the City Commission.

Mayor Regalado, Chief Exposito, Carlos Migoya, Tony Crapp, Jr. and for the rest of the City Commission. WHO IN THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE FOOLING?


Anonymous said...

Any project that adds grass and vitality to 6 acres of Park West is worthwhile. (Remember Nitin Mowani and Miami World Center? They already lost 60% of their properties.) Hopefully the CRA clowns will not muck it up.

Anonymous said...

Miami World Center lost its properties to foreclosure auctions.

Anonymous said...

Gov Scott's salary is only $130,000. Gov. Scott spent 30 years in the private sector. (By the way, Gov Scott refuses to accept his Florida salary.)

Tony the Novice makes $197,000? WTF.