Monday, January 10, 2011


Seems like everyone in Miami-Dade politics is fighting for their lives.  

County Commissioner Seijas, who now faces the second recall attempt in less than five years, is on the warpath, fighting off the efforts to boot her from office.

Her latest salvo is a lawsuit aimed at the County, citing issues with the recall process.  And who at the County is supposed to defend the lawsuit?  

None other than bureaucrat County Attorney Robert "Bob" Cuevas.  

Check out this county commission love-fest when Cuevas was hired.

Cuevas' response to the suit has been lukewarm, saying that:  
Seijas should take up her beef with the Clerk of Courts, who approved the allegedly flawed recall petitions, not with the county, whose ``sole role is ministerial'' in holding an election when told by the Clerk that one is warranted.  
But why do you think Seijas filed her suit at the County?  

The Herald goes on to state how:  Cuevas is in a potentially dicey spot in defending the case. Seijas -- along with other county commissioners -- can fire the county attorney, sets his salary and votes on his office's budget.  Former Miami-Dade County Attorney Murray Greenberg said the scenario raises the ``potential for a conflict of interest."  


Natasha can have you fired, sets your very high salary, and controls your budget...

Can you even be fair? 


Anonymous said...

This is fucking Communism disguised around the Democratic process. What is more surprising is how these supposedly intelligent people occupying high level positions at the County and the City continue to play and fall into the same trap. Don't they have any ethics?

Anonymous said...

Seijas has a papaya face. She has that thing that waddles just like that Ibis bird. Everytime she talks I feel like she is swallowing a fish. Maybe she should move on from being a County Commissioner to becoming the UM mascot.

Marty Kohn said...

If bob doesn't recuse himself from this case, he should immediately be referred to the bar.

Anonymous said...

Cuevas makes a ton of cash to sit around and do nothing of course he will let Seijas do whatever she wants!

Anonymous said...

What is more corrupt than the City of Miami?

Miami Dade County!!

It all needs to end...