Thursday, January 20, 2011


Only in Miami does the "newspaper of record" go out of its way to exonerate and explain away the Mayor's lies.

The Miami Herald, and reporter Chuck Rabin, should be ashamed of themselves for losing all journalistic principles, having left them at the door of the bank on their way to cash the massive check from the billboard industry.

Last year, when this blog uncovered the massive Giant LED billboard deception and when we called for the removal of Chief Exposito during the Summer of Violence, the Miami Herald was late to the game, remaining silent until they were prepared to explain the Mayor's position.

When the Mayor hired the most unqualified City Manager in decades, the Herald didn't miss a beat, excusing the actions calling Mr. Crapp Jr. a "people person."

The excuses continue.

Let us be very clear:  we do not care whether Tommy Jr. was or was not the executive producer of the "predator" video.  That is not the point.

The point is that when asked, the mayor plainly stated:

"He has nothing to do with that film, he is not the executive producer..."

After that statement, the picture above emerges, with Tommy Jr.s name as "executive producer" and we learn that the "non-involvement" means that:
"The idea for a TV series came up a year ago in a conversation between Moreno and his friend, Tommy Regalado, the mayor's son. Regalado then introduced Moreno to Miami police brass."
Tommy was involved, and then not involved.

A very simple statement from the Mayor should have read how his son was involved, was given credit as executive producer as a gesture from the real producers, but after realizing the conflict, backed away.

That explanation makes sense and would have ended the controversy.

But that is very different from standing in front of the City Commission and saying that Tommy Jr. "has nothing to do with that film, he is not the executive producer..."

And of course the Herald stays silent until they are given the exculpatory emails from the Mayor's office.

Mayor Regalado has a very long history in the City of Miami of having it both ways, with the Miami Herald and Chuck Rabin being willing participants in his lies.

What's sadder than the Herald's acquiescence in Regalado's lies are the utter failure to hold him accountable for a City where poverty remains high, unemployment is at double digits, and the economy stagnant.

It used to be the Herald cared about such issues, now all they care about is protecting one of their own.


Anonymous said...

This is truly shameful, and where on Earth did lazy ass Chuck get those emails? From Tomas of course!

If anyone doubts why the lies continue it's because Rabin and the Herald allow them.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Rabin should be writing about the CRA toadies Billboard Bockweg, Bert Gonzalez, David Karsh and Clarence Woods who want more pay and benefits for themselves. January 24th at the CRA meeting. After saying they were all about fiscal responsibility several months ago they are now falling all over themselves to get vehicle allowances, more pay, 4 weeks vacation etc etc. They hope no one is watching. Greedy pigs.


If you think Bill Clinton has suffered for his marital indiscretions, you haven't heard about Miami City Commissioner Tomas Regalado's problems. Four years after he obtained a criminal restraining order against his former lover, Regalado is still dealing with the fallout from an extramarital affair.

Tomas Regalado has admitted that, before he was elected to the city commission, he engaged in an affair with Mor, beginning in 1993.

"Hello, I am at the movies with my son. I will call you later. I love you," Regalado said on March 27, 1995. Four hours later, he left an update. "I am eating with my son at Fuddrucker's and I thought you would be in.... Maybe you are in church at this time. I will try to call you later. If not I am going to sleep because I am really tired. I will call you." On March 30 he left five messages including this cryptic recording: "You are imperfect. You are imperfect. You are just like the phone, but I love you."

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?

That means Chuck would actually have to read the CRA Agenda and understand how Bockweg and pals are trying to play themselves more money.

Regalado hasn't given Rabin the talking points yet, so no story.

Plus, it's money from the black people's part of town, so why would the Herald give a shit?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Poor Tomas, he is old and senile, he needs Chuck to explain what he means when he talks.

Another 3 years of this shit, we'll run out of bananas!

Tom Falco said...

"I felt a sense of hope and peace sweep over me as I witnessed Tomás Regalado being sworn in as Mayor today. The part in his speech about accountability and ethics really got to me."

The Honorable Tomas Regalado said...

Thank you for doing my bidding Chuck, you are a true and loyal servant.



Tom Ass said...

"My son was involved in a conversation before here. He has nothing to do with that film, he is not the executive producer, the only thing he did because he was excited that someone wanted to film something good for the City of Miami Police Department, is that he introduced the producers to the police department."

Tony Crapp Jr. said...


Anonymous said...

Why is it that Channel 41 gets the real video with Tommy's name on it but Chuck has to get his video from the City of Miami mayor?

Anonymous said...

nvestigation Miami,

Let me shine the light on other facts regarding the filming of the Miami Police Department (MPD).

For your readers that have not done so, the Miami Herald wrote an article about the MPD Video Production. You can copy and paste the following address to read the article,

The Herald article mentions this idea of the video filming goes back to, at the very least, May 11, 2010. Definitely around the time Mayor Regalado and then City Manager Carlos Migoya should have known about the City's budgetary challenges. Understanding then, the City's financial conditions this could have been an opportunity to explore the possiblity of creating a revenue generating partnership between the City and the filming production company to offset some of the budget deficit the City has been realizing.

However, it is my understanding that such partnership would have required for the City Attorney to review, negotiate, and enter into a contract needing to be approved by the City Commission. Why wasn't this opportunity even explored in the same fashion that Mayor Regalado's daughter Raquelita Regalado requested for the Miami-Dade School Board to conduct a feasiblity study for "La Ley Broadcasting" to televise High School Sports? Well, I will tell you, why? It was a deliberate attempt to hide the Mayor's son involvment from profiting in filming the video. The Chief is not going to say it, because he wants to use this information to hold it over the Mayor's head to protect his job, but lets review the Herald article to see whether it supports this very fact.

The Herald newspiece reports that on a letter dated November 4, 2010 signed by Exposito, Moreno, and then-City Manager Carlos Migoya, gave Beach Productions the right to move forward with an attempt to sell the project to network TV.

Wait a minute here! The Chief and the City Manager have the unilateral right without City Commission approval to allow for a production company to sell what I regard it to be a portion of the City's intellectual property? And do so via a letter? Or was the idea to allow for such a thing to occur via a letter to circumvent the contracutal process and subsequent approval(s) by the City Attorney, Risk Management, City Attorney, and City Manager, only after the City Commission would have discussed and authorized or unauthorized for the execution of said contract in a public forum. Maybe said City Commission open discussions and discourses would have facilitated and unlighten for that legislative body with the idea of profit sharing revenues by selling the City's portion of ts intellectual property. Better yet, perhaps the City Commission would have wanted to put this out to bid to see whether Production Companies would have wanted to give the City more of the share of its profit-sharing revenues (i.e. 60% vs. 50%, 50% vs. 40%, 40% vs. 30%, etc.). Furthermore, the City has given its intellectual property rights away, but still owns any liability that comes with producing and distributing such a video. Unless again, that letter is being called a letter for a matter of convenience, but contains such language with waiver provisions to waive any such liability/ies to the City. Only a public records request for the City to provide a copy of this letter will allow us to further examine the issue that will support the fact the letter is a Contract disguised in the form of a letter to allow for such circumvention.

Anonymous said...

this was deliberately done by both then City Manager Carlos Migoya and Chief Exposito at the behest of Mayor Regalado to avoid the transparency process to prevent the discovery of his son's involvement and to the very fact that no revenue to the City's coffer would be more money to Tomas Regalado Jr.'s pockets. This was a deliberate attempt to keep the "Sunshine" away from what is obviously the City's property to be given away for personal benefit.

To believe that Tomas Regalado Jr. only involvement in this production was to introduce the producers to the Chief is to believe in this Mayor who since the day he was sworn-in has been conniving and lying to the City of Miami employees, unions, residents, businesses and the media. There is no reason for the Mayor's son to believe there is a conflict of interest unless there is some kind of quid pro qou. If the Mayor's son believe there is such a conflict because he merely introduced the produces to the Chief of Police would mean that he and others would encounter conflict of interests all the time. Whether it would be in a social function, community gathering, meeting, etc., an individual introducing one person to another person who then engages in a business relationship does not constitute a conflict of interest for the person who introduced them unless there were any personal financial gain indirectly or directly to be received by that person.

Even more, if the Mayor's son believed back in May 11th, 2010, of such a conflict, and removed himself from any involvement with the production of the video, than why wouldn't he do the same when he saw the previews of the Video with a credit designating him as an Executive Producer. After all, the very same television channel he works for was provided with a copy of the Video. Coincidence! Absolutely not! He was their to sell and broker a deal. The possiblity and opportunity of making money tainted his judgement several months later.

A credit to his name as an Executive Producer to this production would open doors for him of future projects to financially gain from directly or indirectly.

The Honorable Tomas Regalado said...

This is all a coincidence, my son had NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS MOVIE...


Tomas Regalado

Though lately he's been on his best behavior while attempting to coalesce opposition to Diaz from any corner he can find it, Regalado -- and his long-rumored designs on the mayor's seat -- stands as a grim reminder of premillennium Miami.

From his championing of a city lawsuit against Los Van Van concert promoter Debbie Ohanian, or any promoter of "an event that offends one part of the community," to what police officials considered his incitement of Elian protesters to attack officers trying to control crowds, Regalado has shown few qualms about using his influence as a commissioner to stifle voices seen as objectionable in the eyes of el exilio.

And just to dispel any hopes he might have moderated his fervor, this past week he called for immediate asylum for accused exile terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, a position that had even hardliners like Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Lincoln Diaz-Balart diving for political cover.

One can only shudder at the thought of a Mayor Regalado with expanded powers.

Regalado has been quick to highlight allegations of cronyism on Diaz's part, but he's mentioned little in the way of concrete alternatives.

He countered Diaz's state-of-the-city address with nothing more than a vague one-sentence warning about Miami's "growing pains."

In fact Regalado's chief complaint against the mayor's office would seem to be that it doesn't have his name on the door or his cronies holding court inside.

No doubt Miami's drama-starved reporters are already practicing their chants of Run, Tomas, run!

Anonymous said...

The Herald is not "protecting one of their own" they are protecting the sale of their land (which has been teetering since the real estate bust blew Pedro Martin out of the purchase)and the benefits derived from the billboard deal. They piss off Sarnoff and Regalado - who have championed the project - and they may lose their approval of the project, and consequently the loss of revenue generated from their land sale.
This - of course - is all speculation. But it surely attempts to explain why the Herald has been dormant in reporting all the corrupt goings-on at the city. They are far more sophisticated than to just allow reporters to slack on their jobs.
Just a thought here.....

Anonymous said...

Remember folks that Mayor Regalado did not come down from the mountains to take over the Mayors job. He was elected by a majority of registered voters in the City of Miami. Either the voters are the most stupid people walking on this earth or they suffer from some form of mental illness. The total blame rests with the voters and their crazy way of picking their elected officals. As it stands now,what bright smart educated Latin would want to even think about running for office, with what has been going on at City Hall for the last 10 years or so. Lets try together to elect someone to restore faith and trust and conduct business in a lawful manner, other local governments have done it, why is it so hard to do it in the City of Miami??????

Anonymous said...

Great idea. Let's elect Manny Diaz again!

Anonymous said...

I will take Manny Diaz over this clown any day!

The Honorable Tomas Regalado said...


Anonymous said...

Manny Diaz demanded the taxpayers pay $3.5 BILLION to the Marlins. Diaz never received financial statements from the Marlins.

Diaz gets $8,200 per month from the City taxpayers. His contribution? Nada. Zilch.

Anonymous said...

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