Monday, January 31, 2011


Local Spanish language blogger Nelson Horta reports exclusively that Tony Crapp Jr. has named former Miami FBI office director Paul Phillip to oversee the operations of the Miami Police Department.

Click here for Nelson Horta's article in Spanish.

Phillip's former roles in Government included a stint in former Miami Dade County Mayor Alex Penela's office where he led a special team to fight corruption and crime.

We all know how well that ended up.

If this is in fact the case and Mr. Phillip has been brought in to oversee the Chief of Police, it is the first time in city history where this has occurred where an overseer is brought in to reign the top law enforcement official in the city.



Anonymous said...

Welcome Agent Phillips your final report should read something like this;
Chief Exposito seems to be doing his job considering that officers have no reliable union or contract. Although, I will need a patty wagon over at city hall ASAP.
But this would be wishful thinking

Anonymous said...

How about contacting FDLE or the Feds to investigate Tony Crapp and his friends who steal from the taxpayers?

Tony Crapp would make $40,000 in the private sector but Tomas Regalado makes us pay him $197,000?
Who is investigating that?

Anonymous said...

City facing $40 MILLION deficit and Crapp is giving away $70,000 to another frat buddy.

Anonymous said...

Take Back Miami, love you and what you do. Please correct the word "Paid" at the top of your post. Keep up the good work.