Friday, January 07, 2011



Just when you thought it could not get any more bizarre in the City, now we have a paranoid Mayor claiming he is being followed around by the Chief of Police HE PUT INTO OFFICE.

The Herald reports how "Regalado Believes Police are Watching Him," saying that the poor Mayor feels "threatened" and nervous about cars in front of his house.

The obvious question is, who's fault is this?

Who put the police chief there in the first place?

Ah yes, it was Mayor Regalado himself.

And now when the police chief has him by the short hairs, Regalado starts to cry and feel "threatened."

"There's a climate that is paralyzing the city," said Regalado

Who's fault is that asshole!


Why do your own dirty work and take responsibility for anything when you can have an Uncle Tom House Boy do the dirty work for you?

And that's exactly what the Reverend Commissioner Dunn is doing for his Master Regalado.

"Commissioner Calls for Police Chief to Resign."

So exactly how many deaths did it take Reverend Dunn until you finally decided to act and call for the Chief's removal?

Remember back in the Summer when Uncle Luke and we demanded the Chief's resignation, where the hell were you?

But now that your Master Regalado is in deep shit with the police chief you all of a sudden wake up and start to call for the chief's ouster, six dead folks later.

Nice try house boy.


Adding insult to injury, the New Times picks up on a story that the Herald won't touch about Exposito's tough boys, "hunting" for criminals in the Magic City.

Fuck professionalism when you can have the two sizes too small shirts on your steroid enhanced body attitude of appetite for destruction patrolling our city streets.

This is what MPD is all about:

"Miami cops smoking stogies, busting down doors and cracking jokes.

"The tone throughout makes it clear: These guys are out for a fight.

"We hunt. That's what I like," an unnamed officer intones at the beginning of the clip. "I like to hunt."

When Regalado said that the City would respond to "violence with violence," he wasn't kidding!


We wonder what Billionaire Braman, who applauds Mayor Regalado's leadership skills, would have to say about all this?

What better evidence of Braman's recall efforts being a not-so-veiled attempt at revenge than his refusal to speak up on the meltdown at the City of Miami.

If Norman Braman were truly the civic crusader and savior he claims to be, he would call his buddy Regalado and tell him to step down, leave the business of running a city to someone that is competent.

But every day Braman goes after the "other Mayor" and continues to praise Regalado, it's just another day he reveals his true intent is not civic duty, but pure revenge.



Anonymous said...

Popular Spanish talk show hosts are starting to demand Exposito be fired for waisting city time, gas, and money by following and investigating the mayor and commisioners around town. Its just a matter of time now chief. Javi and Armando you guys can come out from underneath the bed you bunch of Hippocratic .'s. Now your going to come out and shake hands with the mayor and tell him we were with you all the time. I have no rerspect for you guys.

Anonymous said...

A former Director is seen leaving City Hall....That Director's appearance will cause massive resignations!

Anonymous said...

With a double digit unemployment rate, you think anyone in their right mind would give up a cushy city job where they don't have to do shit?

No one will resign, they will continue to bend over and take it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:50 you think so?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the 3 hour lunches, the pensions, take home cars, free gas, 6 weeks paid vacation...

Anonymous said...

Things that make you say hmmmmm.....

The media has either reached out or spoken to Mayor Regalado, Chief Exposito, Major Al Alvarez, Commissioner Suarez, Dunn, Gort, and Carollo, except for whom? You guessed it.



Anonymous said...

Instead of guns and pepper spray maybe the cops should be issued bouquet of roses and au de toilet fragances to make everyone all better. Come on guys let's stop being ignorant. It's a damn war zone in the ghetto and those scumbags carry ak-47s. We are not talking about model citizens here. I don't want anyone to get shot but if you are stupid enough to walk around with a gun and point it at a cop then you get what you get.

And "popular spanish talk show hosts" like who??? You mean Regalado supporters who kiss his ass and ignore anything illegal he may have done. Let's get something straight. Seldom is any politician a good person and just because someone is cuban that is not an excuse to support or believe him. The only reason Regalado won was because he had the popularity and the means to get elected.

Commissioner Dunn aka Commissioner Scum aka The preacher who lost his flock, aka Deep Daddy Dunn Pockets, is a joke. Criminals in his hood have been getting swiss cheesed with lead for months and now is when he finally steps up and speaks only because the Mayor is in trouble. Very nice. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sad any of those thugs got killed. They were scumbags and that community is just a little safer today thanks to the MPD.

Admiral Nimitz' Ghost said...

Marc Sarnoff is a pathological liar. He lies for no other reason than to lie.

Forget about the lies he told for years regarding his grandfather, this poor pathetic asshole has also told dozens of people that his lovely wife Theresa is the granddaughter of ex-US secretary of the Navy James Forrestal. ( and bragged that her "grandad" had an aircraft carrier named after him). The problem is that her maiden name is spelled differently than the legendary Admiral.

Hmmmmmm... I think I know what happened. Marc made an innocent mistake. Theresa's last name is actually Nimitz and her real grandfather, Admiral Nimitz, actually does have an aircraft carrier named after him.

Sounds plausible.

Buffalo Bill said...

I could see Regaldo Friday morning uttering those famous Miami words to himself or out loud directed at Marc DAVID Sarnoff, " Joo wanna play ruff? Ok, let's play ruff.....say ello to my lil' fren..." Then signing Willy Gort as the new head of commission therefore checkmating Marc DAVID. The great thing about this is that just like in the Godfather II when Frankie "5 Angels" took his shot at Don Corleone and missed, sooner or later you are going to get a visit from good old Tom Hagen telling you you're's just a matter of how you choose to go out. Omar said it best in The Wire...."you come at the King, you best not miss..." Well you took your shot Marc DAVID and co., the problem is Kathy Rundle pulled a bait-n-switch. Politics 101 states you do what is best for you. Arresting a Cuban Mayor all but sinks all hopes she would have for elected office in this town. You don't need to have passed the class Sarnoff Ethics 212 to know that hermano. I give you this you snake in the grasses, the lengths you will go seem to have no bounds; ethically, morally and politically. There will come a day when us lunchpail 9 to 5 rank and files get to look you in the eye sir and throw your own words back directly in your face when we say, and I quote, " Oh yes sir you did know." Your parents raised you, and then you chose the path you are on. The only question left is what could you possible say to your maker when he asks you to judge your own life. Did you serve the people? or did you serve yourself and use that power the people gave for your own personal gain....Vengeance is mine says the Lord

LIAR LIAR said...

The war of words between Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado and the city's top cops got even nastier Thursday night, after Regalado called police brass liars following serious allegations that the Mayor tried to interfere with a police operation last year.

The fallout between Regalado and Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito goes back to last October, as cops closed in on illegal gambling machines throughout the city.

That's when high-ranking police officials, including Miami PD Major Alfredo Alvarez, say the mayor stepped in and demanded they stop the raids.

"He violently told me to stop, that he knew what he was doing," said Maj. Alvarez.

The mayor's request was denied and hundreds of illegal machines were confiscated and numerous arrests were made.

"He would have given the organized crime industry of illegal gambling machines time to go out and pick up all the machines from the street and then when my officers go back on the operations, they wouldn't find the machines," said Alvarez.

Exposito also detailed the mayor's alleged interference in a letter to federal law enforcement last week.

"These allegations are really bad," Regalado said Thursday night, admitting that he had asked that they be postponed. "That's not true, I never asked the city manager to stop. I was concerned about the municipal election, two commissioners and one issue, and I said 'can't they just wait one or two days?'"

Regalado claims Exposito and his department are trying to keep their jobs and deflect criticism following a recent spate of police-involved shootings throughout the city.

Exposito told NBC Miami earlier this week that the shootings are being investigated but that he can't discuss the ongoing investigations.

Regalado says the community is fed up with the Chief and that the latest allegations are a smoke screen.

"They are lying," he said bluntly. "This to me is a distraction to difuse the situation that the police and the city has in the African American community."

Maj. Alvarez says he thinks he mayor might be distorting things.

"I'm really confused as to what are the issues," said Alvarez. "What are they talking about 'crime is rampant'? what are they talking about 'the community's in an uproar'?"

Also on Thursday, reports surfaced that Exposito might be attempting to bring obstruction of justice charges against Regalado, and Regalado told the Miami Herald that he believes he is under surveillance by Miami Police.

Exposito later denied that claim through a spokesman.

"The Miami Police Department is not following the mayor or members of the commission," Exposito said.

When asked whether the mayor should be investigated for corruption, Maj. Alvarez didn't hesitate.

"I think he should but I can't do that investigation," he said. "I believe obstruction of justice, I believe that we have a state and federal charge but I cannot investigate it."

Anonymous said...

dont say former director... tell us who was seen leaving City Hall.


"That's not true, I never asked the city manager to stop. I was concerned about the municipal election, two commissioners and one issue, and I said 'can't they just wait one or two days?'"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I don't have any problem with the police "hunting" criminals so long as its within the law. The police have to gain the upper hand on the criminals or they too will fall prey to the scourge of our society. How do you propose the police respond to violence? With kindness and timidity? Give me a break!

VERITAS said...

I propose that the police respond to violence using the methods available to them within the law.

The minute police step outside the law, they become no better than the criminals they are out hunting.

Let us not forget that for the most part of the 1980s and 1990s, the City of Miami police were renegades that ended up costing our city in riots, and many of them were arrested for wrongdoings. The late Pablo Camacho was arrested for one such crime and then went on to serve in Mayor Regalado's staff.

The attitude is not soft on crime whatsoever, Chief Timoney proved that you can lower crime while raising police professionalism.

But when dealing with City of Miami police, it feels like Back to the Future.

Anonymous said...

If anyone points a gun at police they will be shot. What other option is there? Wait for a cop to get shot, then investigate?

Anonymous said...

One asshole on the Herald commented that why do cops shoot these armed criminals when cops have pepper spray, a radio, a taser, and a bullet proof vest. Yeah ok. What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Hey...maybe now that the police is stalking all of them they will say something about Paranoid Carollo not living in his district! This guy has his cars under his mothers address, his business license, everything. He's paranoid someone will get him if they know where he lives, which is not in District 3. Also, why is he driving around in a city car when he gets an allowance of $800 a month? Did Mr. Accountant give back the $800 monthly car allowance to the taxpayers to drive a city car. Bet not.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that the police did not interview any candidates they endorsed? They were all a shoe in with the fraternity of the police. Ask around if anyone was interviewed for the endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Regalado more problems to come from another person claiming that you interfered with the operations of that CIty Department.

Anonymous said...

Yes. A press conference is being scheduled to bring this to light and other citywide corruptions, which include other city commissioners, the former City Manager, and the Miami Police Department.

Anonymous said...

This will capture national attention by the media and the Feds or the FBI once and for all will be coming in to investigate this person's factual information.

Anonymous said...

When you elect Cuban-American trash as the City of Miami does on a regular basis this is what you get. I dont know who is more un American in there values the elected officals or the Americans in name only who voted for these stupid, unqualified, would be dicators who think they are God. Just as the Cuban community transformed Miami into a international city, you must now show leadership and start to elect people regardless of where they were born and elect the best qualified individuals. Nobody is ready to watch the City fail again to balance the budget this year, however this budget cycle will not get additional funds from the State and Federal Government to balance the budget. The time has come for the City to fish or cut bait before its to late.

Anonymous said...

Americans don't vote for them, they just don't go out to vote in local elections, leaving it all up to the corrupt absentee ballot machine that goes after the Spanish speaking elders. Then we complain. Sad, very sad.

Anonymous said...

It's a rat's nest at Investigation Miami.

Anonymous said...

Cuban politicians (diaz, Regalado) and the Cuban lobbyists who control them. Armando Gutierrez, Steve Marin, Wilbur Jackson (Cuban), Francois Ilias, ... With that crowd the City goes from one disaster to another.

Anonymous said...

If Regalado tried to stop or delay a police investigation just to pander to some campaign donors then Regalado should be indicted.

Anonymous said...

Regalado in handcuffs will bring music to the ears of Sarnoff, Migoya, Exposito, Alvarez, Carollo, Suarez, and ex-Mayor Manny Diaz.

Anonymous said...

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