Monday, May 16, 2011


There, we said it.

And unlike "other" blogs that encourage you to "be serious," we will do no such thing.

In any other "serious" city, if the mayor or other politicians were caught doing half the things we and others have reported, they would be hauled off to jail.

But not in Miami.  This is not a serious town.

Luke has been right on all the issues.

Luke is right that It's Time to recall Mayor Tomas Regalado.

Luke is right that Marc Sarnoff is a racist idiot.

Luke is right that Mayor Regalado is an idiot too.

Luke is right that with bodies hanging over his head, Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito has to go.

Luke is right that Surprise, Surprise, Michelle Spence Jones is innocent.

Luke is right that Screw the curfew: Miami is not a Communist Country

Luke is right that Miami-Dade's black commissioners have failed the people.

Luke is right that the TSA is racist and stupid.

Luke is right that Rick Scott acts like a drug addict.


Luke is right that the Heat should Give Chris Bosh the damn rock!

We also completely agree with Luke:

Casinos, Pot, and Fun: The Key to New Jobs in Miami-Dade

If we're all going to get fucked anyway, might as well enjoy it.




Anonymous said...

100% agree!

Anonymous said...


al crespo said...

Let's see how long it take the Miami herald to do a smoochy story promoting this new Regalado blog.

Anonymous said...

Jealous much?

Anonymous said...

Rabin is already salivating.

Anonymous said...

Sounds cute (and true) but let's make sure we don't take this election as a joke. Any Luke vote will go against Gimenez, who is the only possibility we have of getting an ethical mayor.
Please guys - this is not a joke.

Anonymous said...

This is not a joke.

Miami is a fucking joke, everything about it, including the self righteous assholes telling us it's not a joke. What will Gimenez or Robaina or Llorente do? NOTHING!

Vote Luke!

Anonymous said...

You mean a black man can't be mayor, that's not a joke you racist.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Llorente. Luke was a close second

Anonymous said...

Llorente can't hold his own in a room full of strippers. I have no respect for him.

Nick Navarro said...

Not Luke!

Anonymous said...

Please be serious, boo hoo! Miami is such a serious city, we need leaders, boo fucking hoo...

They all suck ass, at least Luke is fun. Bring on the casinos and strippers!

Anonymous said...

We have to choose amongst the candidates. Does anyone want the choice of the Latin Builders Association? i. e. Robaina.

I voted for Carlos Gimenez.

On to the runoff.

Anonymous said...

If you support firefighters making six figure incomes then retiring with six figure pensions, Gimenez is your guy. Luke doesn't have a pension.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree.

When Gimenez was at the City of Miami he created the system which makes the City fire union members the best paid in the world.

The latest Fire Chief gets a $425,000 per year package.

Anonymous said...

Manny Diaz was the Mayor in 2007, Pete Hernandez was the City Manager when the Unions were given the last contract and Regaldo and Sarnoff both voted yes. Gimenez was a County Commissioner at the time fighting with Burges the Coutny manager about run away conracts. So get your fact straight Armando G your boy Robina will be in jail soon right were you and him belong.

Anonymous said...

Sure, Gimenez had nothing to do with it. He was never the fire chief and does not have a pension.

Anonymous said...

Luke For Mayor,I like it. Why? Because he is NOT a politician! No more same old same old. I'm voting for Luke!

Chuckie said...

Click on my new blog

Thank you,

Chuckie Rabin

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know Luke's position on Gays?

Anonymous said...

The people of Dade County deserve the best. The polls show two crooks in the lead, Robaina and Geminez. Let them get elected. It gives the no-good Gov. Tricky-Ricky Scott something to do other than screwing the citizens in the rest of the state, like removing clowns from office.

My vote is for Luther "Me So Horny, Me Love You Long Time" Campbell!

Anonymous said...

Be serious.

Robaina is endorsed by the people who brought South Florida a 4+ year recession, the Latin Builders Association.
Robaina spoke at County Hall recommending the deal.

Gimenez actually read all the documents diverting over $3 BILLION to the foreign owned Marlins. Gimenez opposed the one-sided deal from the start.

Anonymous said...

"Gimenez opposed the one-sided deal from the start" but was unable to stop it. GREAT LEADERSHIP!

Anonymous said...

Luke committed extortion.

Anonymous said...

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