Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Another black eye for Miami police says The Herald Press Office.

Instead, it should read:

Another black eye for Mayor Regalado.

But noooooooo!

The Herald Press Office can't possibly place responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the mayor whose fault it is that Chief Miguel Exposito is there in the first place.

Sure, they continue to spill ink on Julio Robaina.  Is this the twentieth negative article already?

In spite of Crespo, IM, the Straw Buyer, and so many others detailing all the chicanery and shenanigans going on at the city of Miami under the watchful black eye of Mayor Regalado, not a fucking peep from the newspaper of record.

Puppet Tony Crapp keeps spinning the same bullshit.

"City Manager Tony Crapp, who appointed Mr. Philip, told the Editorial Board on Tuesday that the assessment should be on his desk in the next four or five days. Good."

That was enough to placate the Editorial Board.

How long has it been Tony?

How much has Mr. Philip been paid by an administration that railed against the use of consultants?

Who the fuck is in charge at the City anyhow?

Mayor Regalado and his minion Tony Crapp have made a mockery of the City of Miami through their complete mismanagement and The Herald Press Office is totally complicit in not holding them accountable.

Makes you wonder why they keep writing about Robaina while Regalado, Crapp, Sarnoff, Gutierrez and the rest of them keep fucking City of Miami taxpayers robbing us all blind.


Anonymous said...

No one cares.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should care the Mayor with his acomplices at the FOP have ruined a top notch police department. Recent trajedies have exposed the mental midgets that ate now in charge of public safety. Only God can help us.

Armando Aguilar said...

There’s been nothing but turmoil since Timoney started at this police department. It’s been hell on our troops. He’s basically destroyed morale.

Anonymous said...

Regalado can hand over the reigns to the city to a wholly unqualified nincompoop, hand over the police department to a wreck, keep Larry Spring on board, and use his office as the headquarters of a sleazebag lobbyist and the Herald still won't call him out on it!


Tony Crapp, Jr. you informed the Miami Herald and Channel News 4 that Sgt. Javier Ortiz's are concerning and would get back to them about any disciplinary actions.

Mr. Crapp, Jr., how many times are you going to say the same thing for every problem that comes across your desk? The police shootings, the dismissal of the Miami Police Chief, Javier Ortiz, Gary Rashefsky's conflict of interest, the budgetary/financial problems, etc.

Mr. Crapp, Jr. you are no longer a little boy trying to see whether you will be able to grow a pair of balls. If you don't have them by now, you never will.

Please do us all a favor. Resign your position of City Manager and let a competent professional public administrator run the City.

Tony Crapp Jr. said...

Dear North Observer:

Don't hate me because I am beautiful, and smarter than you are.

While you work at your dead end job to make ends meet and pay your taxes (or perhaps you are unemployed), I get paid six figures for being black.

I get chauffeured around by a policeman in a giant SUV on which you pay the gas.

I spend all day "working hard" by signing memos and wondering which hot female city employee I'll fuck next.

I know Tomas will never fire me because he is afraid of upsetting the blacks. Meanwhile, I am collecting time toward my pension.

So North Observer, who is the little boy without balls now?

Not I.

I got plenty of balls, and your hard earned tax dollars pay for them.

P. Nis said...

It wouldn't be as bad if the state attorney wasn't in bed with these guys. No matter how much you guys write about their misdeeds, no matter how much they steal, Rundle won't lift a finger against these charlatans. Even worse, even if Rundle found your blogs, she's too drunk to read them.

The Honorable Katherine Fernandez Rundle said...

Dear P. Nis:

Have you been to the courthouse lately? If you have, then you would see that I am doing my job putting away drunk drivers, speeders, and commercial vehicles that do not properly display their licenses.

Otherwise, I am busy gracing social events with my presence. You are just upset that you do not have the social cachet to have me appear at any of your parties.

If you hate me to much, go to law school, get a law degree, pass the Florida Bar, wait a couple of years, and run against me. I doubt you will beat me, especially when I now devote my afternoons to going on Cuban radio to tell everyone how great I am.

In conclusion, fuck off.

Anonymous said...

To the North Observer: One not so small missing name from the list of unresolved issues is that of the Mayor of North Bay Village and employee of the city of Miami, Corina Esquijarosa....When is that rather large issue going to be resolved?????

P. Nis said...

"Otherwise, I am busy gracing social events with my presence. You are just upset that you do not have the social cachet to have me appear at any of your parties."

Yeah right. I was at the league of prosecutors party last week and watched you stumble in drunk, watched you drink during the party then when everyone left for dinner, there you were sitting at the bar STILL drinking. How about the last CABA event where your drunk ass went into the bathroom, lifted up your dress practically over your head in front of everyone, yanked your panty hose off then went back outside. Do you remember or were you too inebriated to recall?

Don't get me started.

The Honorable Katherine Fernandez Rundle said...

Mr. P. Nis,

You OBVIOUSLY do not wear pantyhose. Or at last not in public.

Like I said, run against me. Otherwise, continue to hold your P. Nis.

Anonymous said...

Tony Crapp, Jr. is as worthless as people predicted.

He stands by as employees steal. He enables the corruption.

For $225,000 per year he's corrupted.


Mayor Julio Robaina that scumbag who is running for County Mayor is a staunch supporter of illegal gambling. The so called "maquinitas" he claims are games of skill and not of chance.

Carlos Gimenez (who should be the County's next mayor) needs to ask Julio Robaina the following question: What makes you, Julio, an expert of these "maquinitas or gaming machines"? Better yet, Julio why I aren't you listening to gaming industry experts who are disagreeing with your point of view.

Even more comical is Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado who has taken a similar stance as Julio Robaina by creating a similar ordinance as the one created by Robaina and adopted by the City of Hialeah. However, Regalado who can't come up with an idea of his own blames Robaina for this whole ordeal.

A vote for Robiana is a vote for Regalado. Let's put an end to corrupted politicians. Vote Carlos Gimenez on March 24th!

Anonymous said...

Yes, let us all vote for Carlos "I live off my pensions" Gimenez who stood by in the city while it went bankrupt. Might as well guarantee Regalado gets another four years.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Gimenez was/is a member of the fire union.

Julio Robaiana is endorsed by the LBA.


The Straw Buyer said...

3:38 the choice? LUKE!

Anonymous said...

When Carlos Gimenez was city manager in Miami, the fire union ran rampant, taking over the entire 10th floor of the MRC and parking their giant gas guzzling SUVs on the first floor of the parking garage. I am sure that if Gimenez takes over at the County, it will be the same with $200K+ salaries and benefits. Gimenez made all his money from pensions so he won't cut pensions at all. Like Straw says, the only choice is Luke.

Anonymous said...

Luke is a protest vote. Obviously he is a racist and he has no business experience. Carlos Gimenez is in the pocket of the fire union and their $300,000+ salaries.

Anonymous said...

The REAL choice is to leave Miami and move to a real city. Let these assholes eat each other out, but not with my tax money.

Anonymous said...

So accurate.
Who wants to work and pay taxes just so City and County employees can make $100,000+ with lifetime health insurance and massive Defined Benefit Pension Plans?

Anonymous said...

City fireman indicted for fraud declares he's indigent!

Anonymous said...

Great another $140,000 per year Miami fireman sticks a legal bill on the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Robaina, Gimenez or Llorente. They all probably have their backgrounds and some have The Miami Herald as an ally, I'm looking for a mayor that works for the community, healthcare and education. We need a solution for the property tax hike and the wasteful spending from the county.

Anonymous said...

Then we need someone new to enter the race.

Anonymous said...

Per alcrespogramreport:

Legal fees. Now Regalado makes the taxpayers pay for Exposito's legal fees so he can defend himself from lawsuits against him. He was told not to talk to the media. Of course, he ignored that order. He talked, he got sued and now the taxpayers must pay to defend him? WTF?