Monday, February 07, 2011


$185,000 base salary.

$800 monthly car allowance.

$200 cell phone allowance.

And for what?

The man that the Miami Herald Mayor's Press Office described as:

"a people person"

"a deft problem-solver"

Someone that spent "more than a decade at Mayor Tomás Regalado's side, where he picked up a few things that go a long way in City Hall: a deft political touch, a preference for fixing potholes over drafting grand plans."

"I do understand more than people think,'' Crapp said with a smile.

Like what exactly? 

How to make nearly $200,000 a year without making decisions?

In this ongoing crisis, Tony Crapp has shown he is not a leader.

Woefully under-qualified to be city manager, Crapp continues to tread water while political sharks swim around him.

Unable to decide what to do about Chief Exposito's future, Crapp is spending taxpayer money on a consultant, prolonging the evident and inevitable.

So what will happen when budget time rolls around the real heavy difficult decisions have to be made?

From a man who has very "little finance background" who will he rely on?  Larry Spring?

Let us not forget, "this is not a metropolis..."

"Tony knows who and how long it takes to fix a pothole by public works, he knows about tree trimming, he knows how long it takes to replace a garbage can,'' Regalado said. ``We have a very good chemistry.''

But can Tony fire the police chief?  Can he make the tough decisions to balance a budget?

Obviously not.

Martin Luther King dreamed that people would "not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character..."

But in Miami, the truth is evident:

Mayor Regalado hired Crapp not because of his qualifications or character, but purely on the color of his skin.


Anonymous said...

Waiting for the Herald follow up on Crapp's management style, or lack thereof...

Anonymous said...

Why do you think Tony ignores speaking to the media? If you speak and hear the man there is no substance coming out of his mouth. But then again, the same can be said about the Mayor.

The City of Miami is no longer the Magic City, but Chiquita City. We are right there with Haiti and Africa. Now I see why the Mayor appointed Tony Crapp, Jr.

Anonymous said...

Let's all blame Manny Diaz because Tomas Regalado hired an incompetent fool to be city manager.

Anonymous said...

Pete Hernandez was a weak City Manager. He allowed Manny Diaz to make every important decision. Undoubtably, Tomas Regalado wants a City Manager he can control. Regalado wants Armando to make every important decision.

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't the executive mayor have a role in making important decisions? Tomas' problem is that he built a political career on being a naysayer, and always blaming others. First it was Carollo, then Diaz. Now that he is in charge, he is STILL blaming Diaz.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Regalado is he permits corruption in some cases he even particapates.

Anonymous said...

Ask Mark Siffin how corrupt Regalado and Armando Gutierrez are, a whole million dollars worth.

Anonymous said...

How exactly did Mark Siffin get Mayor Regalado to bypass all City protocols to speed through passage of Mark Siffin's proposed 50 story LED billboards?

Don't billboards make Miami look like trash?

Were bribes paid?
Who paid?
Who took bribes?
How much?

(Former) Chairman Marc David Sarnoof, Esquire said...

I have been away for a while, but this is getting to be too much.

I voted for the illegal billboards because my wife and I saw a woman taking a shit half a block from the Arena. The billboards will light her way.

Billboards are good, Regalado and Armando Gutierrez never took a bribe, we are all honest public servants.

Now carry on, and pay your taxes.

Anonymous said...

Herald sues City of Miami over cell phone records

The Miami Herald sued Mayor Tomás Regalado Monday, arguing that his cell phone statements are public record.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

WOW Sleepy Chuck woke up. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Tomas Regalado ran his 2009 Mayoral campaign promising that if elected he would be open and transparent. Now once elected Regalado refuses to provide his telephone logs?

Anonymous said...

The mayor did not hire Tony because of his skin color. He hired him because he and the commission can control him.

Anonymous said...

Poor Tony. He thinks he earned his promotion. Wait until the Herald figures out Carlos Migoya, Tomas Regaldo and Larry Spring lied about the City's projected revenues. Even the Herald might be appalled.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Migoya and Larry Spring told the public that the Miami Parking Authority would contribute $7.5 MILLION to the City in 2010-2011. Now it is disclosed the MPA might lose $1 Mil.

Revenues from Red Light Cameras. Not coming. Another disaster.

We expect lies from Larry Spring. Carlos Migoya too?