Tuesday, February 01, 2011



Crapp said Philip has agreed to work 20 hours a week at $33.50 an hour.


Philip, who starts Tuesday and will make $70,000 annually, previously was assistant county manager for public safety in Miami-Dade and the chief of staff for the superintendent of Miami-Dade Schools.


Now [Philip] takes his experience in consulting in the private sector to his $70,000 position as Special Advisor on Public Safety at the City of Miami.

So who do you believe?


Anonymous said...

Rabin is Regalado's little bitch. He will report the world is flat if that's what Regalado tells him.

Anonymous said...

Man I don't know why I went to college. I should have just found a way to get hooked up with some of these dirty cats and make money for nothing and even maybe gotten some chicks for free. Why do they get car allowances? Why don't they just deduct their fuel expenses and wear and tear on their vehicles on their taxes like normal people? Oh I forgot, I'm talking about self serving scumbags who put themselves and their friends first and say screw everyone else. Oh yeah and Regalado is a LIAR everytime he goes on television or radio, specially radio caracol and say's "I didn't cut services." LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR!!!!! MENTIROSO MENTIROSO MENTIROSOOOOOO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Forget the private sector, you should have gone to work at the City of Miami, they would have even paid for your college bro!

Anonymous said...

Only if you are an executive. The rest of the city workers get less than the cost to cover books.

Anonymous said...

Why should ANYONE at the city get to go to school on my dime?

I am still paying off student loans!

Anonymous said...

Keep asking questions like, why should you also pay for city worker cars? And car insurance? And gas? And their cell phones?

Anonymous said...

Fire union members get education and courses paid by the taxpayers even if they want to attend Interior Design school. Tuition gets paid by the taxpayers. Then the union members get to apply for higher pay.

The majority of City employees make 50% more than they would in the private sector.

Anonymous said...

The majority of city employees would not last 5 minutes in the private sector.

It's a disgrace.

Tony Crapper
Larry Spring
Pieter Bockweg
Diana Fernandez
Angel Zayon


Why do you think they fight tooth and nail to keep their city jobs???

Anonymous said...

Crapp and Spring and Philip are fraternity brothers.

The Straw Buyer said...

Is it just me or does Paul Philip look exactly like Clayton Bigsby? 

Chuck Rabin said...

But Crapp told me Philip was only making 33 bucks an hour, I swear!

Anonymous said...

Time for a recall...

Anonymous said...

The Herald just doesn't even pretend to be objective anymore. They are openly in the tank for Regalado.

First is was Rabin's piece on the police video, then Raquelita and the school board, then Blom's kid, one after another, pro-Regalado.

Rabin should just move his desk into city hall, or maybe he already has.

Anonymous said...

Private sector dimwits: do u use your cell phone on behalf of your employer ?? If yes and u r not compensated u r a puss. Oh .. And the City can issue u a cell phone ... But then all transactions on it become public record ... So why not have your personal cell subsidized by stupid taxpayers and not have the records published ... I love working at the City ... Tons of eazy bitches ...great pay ... Every morning I wake up to calculate my nearly 100% retirement at age 48 ... Thanks stupid Miami residents ... I think I will take a sick day today and stay right here in Miramar...

Captain Mangera said...

Don't forget my giant red SUV that I drive to and from Ocala where I live on my horse farm. Thank you gullible taxpayers, in about 3 years I will retire with my pension that I get for life and that all you pay for. It is GREAT to be a City of Miami "public servant."

Anonymous said...

$70 per hour.
1,000 hours. 20 hours x 50 weeks.
$70,000 by 1,000 = $70 per hour.

Basil Binns
Priscilla Thompson
Larry Spring
Tony Crapp
Keith Carswell

Let them make their fortunes in the private sector. Ha.
Live on food stamps more likely.

Anonymous said...

Crapp's math $33.50 per hour.

Anonymous said...

It appears that Black folks believe that they don't work hard, but White people will have to pay them a substantial salary. They will keep on using the same argument this is retribution for the days of slavery.

I understand the concept of equality, but that should not translate that Blacks be able to "Reverse Discriminate" or create a system of "Inequality". I should not pay for the sins of the past.

For these unqualified Black people receiving a hefty salary:

Tony Crapp, Jr.
Larry Spring
Priscilla Thompson
Koteles Alexander
Maurice Kemp
Reginald Duren
Keith Carswell
Basil Binns
George Mensah
Fred Hobson

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but if this type of abuse continues, it is time to start fighting back to make things fair. You black folks have no right to be pushing these inequalities to people who had nothing to do with slavery.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 20:28, not that it matters, but they are not all fraternity brothers.

Anonymous said...

Crap is not qualified to evaluate the work performance of a Chief of Police, let lone be a city manager. The public already knows that if he fires the chief its only becuase scumbag regalado put him up to it. Philip was brought here as an FBI big shot who is considered to be able to evluate the performance of the chief. He will now see everything wrong with Expo, report (publicly) to crap and that will allow him to fire expo without taking the wrap himself.

Anonymous said...

The City of Miami now has blood on its hands .. The death of former CRA Director can most likely be traced to the increased stress he suffered from his ruthless firing ... Maybe the feds should look ino the dismissal practices of the City ... How many employees, spouses and dependents were fired that had significant health issues ... Migoya brought this Nazi attitude from the private sector ... Will someone with "connections" needs to bring this to the attention of the Feds ...

Anonymous said...


Miami Herald owner cancels parking lot deal

McClatchy -- owner of The Miami Herald -- canceled an agreement to sell the newspaper's parking lots for $190 million, casting doubt on a developer's retail center plan.


The Miami Herald's owner has canceled a long-stalled deal to sell some of the newspaper's parking lots for $190 million, raising questions about a developer's city-approved plans to erect a high-end retail center and a pair of 40-story electronic ``media'' towers on the properties.
Developer Mark Siffin had until Jan. 31 to close on the purchase of about 10 acres surrounding The Miami Herald's building north of downtown Miami, but on Tuesday the newspaper's parent, The McClatchy Co., issued a brief statement saying the sale agreement had been ``terminated.''
The statement did not provide a reason, and a McClatchy spokeswoman, company treasurer Elaine Lintecum, declined to elaborate. Siffin did not return a phone call seeking comment.
The termination does not necessarily end development plans for the properties. The city has already approved development permits for a condo tower, retail center and a parking garage topped by the electronic billboard towers, all tied to the properties and valid for several years.
That means any present or future owner could carry out the plans without substantial city review, though the media towers -- which may violate state and federal signage regulations -- would likely require further approvals from other government agencies.
In addition, Siffin's Maefield Holdings, based in Indiana, reached an agreement with the city last year to develop the garage and the media towers. McClatchy, as the property owner, is also listed as a party in that agreement, although Lintecum said the company neither signed it nor authorized its name to be included in the document.
Assistant City Manager Johnny Martinez said Tuesday he had not had a chance to review the agreement in light of the sale termination.

Anonymous said...

Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, whose district includes the Herald properties and who backed the proposed media towers, called the termination ``nothing more than posturing.''
As recently as last week, Siffin was still actively pursuing his plans.
On Jan. 24, the developer and two of his attorneys met in Tallahassee with the state's chief billboard regulator, John Garner, to discuss the electronic signs. Siffin made no formal application for a state permit, and has been arguing he doesn't need one.
The meeting ended with no resolution on that question, Garner said, but he added: ``At that point, they were planning on going forward.''
Maefield had already paid $16.5 million to extend the 2005 purchase contract, and the cancellation entitles McClatchy, based in Sacramento, Calif., to an additional $7 million termination fee, the company said.
That suggests Siffin was unable or unwilling to close on the deal at $190 million, a price negotiated during the real estate boom and then kept alive by a series of extensions despite the economy's crash. Siffin purchased the contract for an undisclosed price from developer Pedro Martin, who had negotiated the original terms.
``While we would have preferred to close the transaction on the terms under the purchase agreement, we retain a valuable parcel of 10 acres in an attractive area and believe we will have numerous options to monetize this asset,'' Pat Talamantes, McClatchy's vice president and CFO, said in the company statement.
The proposed development attracted the most attention when Siffin unveiled plans to turn the site into Miami's version of Times Square, with a pair of 40-story electronic billboards atop a parking garage. The structure would stand at the corner of North Bayshore Drive and 14th Street, facing the main entrance to the Knight Concert Hall at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts.
Under the agreement, the city would receive $2.2 million a year from Siffin. Additionally, the developer promised to contribute $8 million over 10 years into a trust for the planned Museum Park in downtown Miami.
The Arsht Center, which has quietly opposed the billboard-towers plan, issued a statement Tuesday urging a fresh look at how to develop the site.
``Rethinking how this land should be developed is an opportunity for our community to emphasize smart development in Miami's `new town square' at a time when the world's attention is focused on our city's major arts institutions,'' John Richard, the center's president, said in a statement.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/02/02/2045929/miami-herald-owner-cancels-parking.html#ixzz1CogXeUK7

Anonymous said...

50 story LED billboards?
How many bribes were paid to get that disaster approved?

Just what Miami needs to confirm it's Third World status, more billboards.

Anonymous said...

Jim Vilacorta the CRA Director was fired by Richard Dunn and Marc Sarnoff so Sarnoff could give raises to unethical Billboard Bockweg, Bertie Gonzalez and stuttering Dave Karsh.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1126 ... Mr. Villacorta was being treated for cancer at the time of his dismissal ...no doubt Liaroff wanted to get at CRA funds to pay off his toadies, but don't be so naiive as to think that the City was not reducing its healthcare exposure by firing employees that cost the City money because of their health ... Again Migoya ... El puton ...bringing his Nazi methodology to the City beautiful ... And no one willing to stand up for the little guy ...

Anonymous said...

Didn't Regalado spend his entire political career saying he stood up for the little guy against the big bad rich people like Manny Diaz?

It was Regalado and his son that brought "el puton" to the city beautiful, don't forget that.

Anonymous said...

Jim Vilacorta and the novice Pieter Bockweg who took his place are both unqualified to run redevelopment agencies.
The commissioners should do a national search otherwise the CRA money continues to get diverted to connected campaign supporters.

Anonymous said...

Or Billboard Bockweg will approve more billboards. Just what Overtown and OMNI need more slum and blight caused by billboards reducing neighborhood values.

Salazarjhxt said...

$70 per hour. 1,000 hours. 20 hours x 50 weeks. $70,000 by 1,000 = $70 per hour. Basil Binns Priscilla Thompson Larry Spring Tony Crapp Keith Carswell Let them make their fortunes in the private sector. Ha. Live on food stamps more likely.