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All the heavy lifting has been done.

Your colleagues over at El Nuevo wrote the story already.

Why won't you publish it in English?

Go ahead Chuck, WE DARE YOU!

Publish a story about how former Mayor Joe Carollo is publicly accusing Tomas Regalado of taking bribes from the gambling machine interest.

Tell your readers that Tomas Regalado was originally unavailable for comment because, according to his spokesman, Regalado is in bed by 8:30 P.M.

Tell your readers that Joe Carollo accused lobbyist Armando Gutierrez by name of being the real man behind the power in Miami.

Tell your readers that Carollo went as far as to call Armando Gutierrez "The Phantom Mayor" who makes all the decisions at City Hall.

Everyone in Miami politics knows the truth Chuck...

Why won't you and The Herald report it?


Anonymous said...

Chuck Rabin does not have the balls to go after Armando Gutierrez, he knows better than that.

And it's the truth, Gutierrez is the one with all the power, Regalado won't as much as take a shit without asking Armando first.

If the Herald reported anything, they would say how Armando is driven around by cops in the their SUVs just like any other elected official

Anonymous said...

Armando Gutierrez gets money from the Red Light Camera companies, billboard companies, gambling machine companies...

Does Armando Gutierrez file all the lobbyist registration forms required?

Why does Tomas Regalado let Armando boss him around?

Anonymous said...

Tomas Regalado es maricon.

Raquelita Regalado es puta.

Tomas Regalado Jr. es una prostetuta.

I believe I'm missing one other piece of a shit Regalado.



Chuck Rabin:

Uh hello, Mr. Mayor?

Tomas Regalado:

I am asleep, don't you know not to call me past 8:30!

Chuck Rabin:

Oh sorry, sorry Mr. Mayor, it's just that...

Tomas Regalado

He is lying

Chuck Rabin

...what about?

Tomas Regalado

He is lying too

Chuck Rabin

It sounds serious though...

Tomas Regalado

Go write about Exposito, and then about Manny Diaz, he is a really bad guy. Now let me get back to sleep and never wake me up again!

Chuck Rabin

Us yes Mayor, sorry, uh hello.......

Anonymous said...

Chuck Rabin is ignoring the odd, probably illegal, activities of Armando Gutierrez and his clients as he offers influence and who knows what else to Tomas Regalado.

What's up Chuck?

Chuck Rabin said...

I am too busy digging up dirt on Regalado's enemy, errrr, police chief Exposito...

Anonymous said...

The Herald does not care that their readers know anything bad about Regalado.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Only in Miami do allegations that the mayor is taking money from organized crime not make the newspaper.

Shame on you Chuck Rabin and Miami Herald!

Marty Kohn said...

As long as Rundle is running around telling potential candidates that they need to hire Armando Gutierrez to run their campaigns, he's untouchable.

Sad but true. Don't expect any kind of justice as long as Rundle has her job.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chuckie Rabin,

Why don't you ask Tony "I don't know" Crapp, Jr. these questions,

Why did Mayor Regalado hired you as the City Manager?

Is it because so long as a Black City Manager condones the behavior of the Miami Police Department and killings of black men, it will send the same message for District 5 residents to do the same?

Dishonorable Mayor Corruptalado and Tony Crapp, Jr., why did you both not contact the Department of Justice (DOJ) or FDLE to conduct the same Climate Assessment Study currently being conducted by Mr. Phiillips? You would have saved the City at least $70,000? Don't you think every effort to conserve funds should be made by a cash strap City such as Miami? Or did you not hire the Department of Justice or FDLE because you were afraid that Officers within the Miami Police Department (MPD) would have fed information to DOJ or FDLE about the corruption within the MPD and the City, involving Mayor Corruptalado, Commissioner Liaroff, Chief Exposito, Major Al Alvarez, Tony Crapp, Jr., Larry Spring, Diana Gomez, Victor Igwe, Commissioner Dunn, Julie Bru, Johnny Martinez, Alice Bravo, etc.?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Al Crespo,

I saw your post tonight. You need to know that Mr. Francis Suarez is playing you. Not only has he conducted public business using his private email account, but other Commissioners have done the same. seen in your email documents posted is the private email account of Commissioner Wilfredo Gort.

Most, if not all, Commissioners have been violating the Sunshine Law for over a year now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Investigation Miami,

Any truth to the fact that you made a deal with Commissioner Sarnoff in exchange for large sums of money?

Commissioner Sarnoff is saying that he used a intermediary to broker the deal. According to him, no more stories will be posted by Investigation Miami.

Anonymous said...

Call me an insufferable dreamer - but I do not think that the passion and diligence that IM displayed would be up for sale.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 17:57. It could be true! Investigation Miami has not published anything for over a month with the message the site was experiencing technical problems.

Anonymous said...

I.M. went dead because of the passing of Jim Villacorta.

Al Crespo said...

Dear 17:30

You are correct. I have found numerous emails addressed to wg64 dealing with public business. I will be addressing this.

al crespo

P. Nis said...

Enough with the investigation miami bullshit. What about when the author stopped posting back in July of 08? Who was behind that? Sarnoff? Regalado? The wicked witch of the west?

Writing a blog is a huge undertaking, it's starts out taking a few minutes of your day, next thing you know your spending the majority of your time writing and researching. I'd be more inclined to believe that the lack of new posts over there has much more to do with time constraints than it does any nefarious scheme to stop the blog.

Anonymous said...

Focus people, why does the Spanish Herald publish an article on this bu the English Herald will not?

Why are they protecting Regalado?

Anonymous said...

Jackson Hospital is almost out of funds and the City has yet to reform its out of control spending also the Miami Dade Commission has refused to curtail its crazy spending even when tax revenue's are on the decline. We have elected officals going to spanish TV and radio and not one word to the English only group of tax payers who are also entitled to know what our City leaders are doing. This very clear avenue of totally ignoring the non Latins and Blacks is something that you would read when talking about a dictator or some far away Banana Republic. Miami today is being run by a group of Latin Americans who really have never figured out how to live and govern in a American way. So you Latin Americans can continue to destroy whats left of Miami and when the entitlement programs are cut and they will be the City and County will be unable to conduct its mission of day to day service to its citizens and have nobody to blame for it but themselfs. If you dont love America go back home but even they dont want any of you, I wonder why????????

Anonymous said...

Is it true what Anon @ 17:36 saying. Did Investigation Miami make a deal with Commissioner Sarnoff in exchange for large sums of money?

I also heard that Commissioner Sarnoff is saying that he used a intermediary to broker the deal.

I really can't believe no more stories will be posted by Investigation Miami.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:19, if Investigation Miami continues not to address the matter and is silent by not offering a response, then we all have our answer.

Anonymous said...

Message to IM :
I assume you follow this blog - even if you are not managing yours.
Please post something here for all those readers you had faithfully following you.
I personally think you burned out - you were generating so many stories and doing so much research, that anyone in their right mind would have become overwhelmed.
Please say something -

Anonymous said...

With some of the players still around from the past...the City of Miami is completely corrupted. The fact of mater is democracy is not well and alive when you have a "pay for a vote scheme" since the mid 90's in Miami-Dade County. In the mid 90's, Steve Marin was involved in such ploy and escape prosecution from such behavior. He is now back at it again, with Commissioner Sarnoff, Comissioner Suarez, and Commissioner Dunn.

To refresh your memory, read the following article. Please visit,

Anonymous said...

I believe such "pay for vote scheme" is the same scheme used by David Rivera. This is how it works. A large sum money is given to an individual hired as a consultant usually under the so called title of "Media/Advertising Consultant. That person keeps a portion of the compensation while they recruit others to go seek the eldery and the underpriviledged, "the poor", to pay them a sum of money for their vote. Usually, the pay for a vote scheme occurs with Absentee Ballots. This way the person verifies the vote and signature, and then collects and mails out the ballots.

Aside from Steve Marin, Armado Gutierrez is also known to have been part of this scheme.

Anonymous said...

To see how history repeats itself with the same players, family members and old friends, please read the following below. It is the "5 Degree of Separation", that Al Crespo talks about.

Anonymous said...

Continue to read the below. I provided the link, so you can see my source. It is the "Five Degree of Separation and connections on how the "Pay for Vote Scheme" works. It is about connections and relationships with family members, friends, and lobbysits.

The Corruption is so big that it crosses the county lines to Tallahassee and all the way to the White House. The United States is no different to what you are seeing the Middle East. Our government, whether it is local, state, or federal is as corrupt as those of other nations.

Anonymous said...

Excessive spending at the City and County. At the City of Miami 80% to 88% of all revenues go to pay and benefits. Notice all the Mercedes, BMWs, and luxury vehicles in the employee parking lots?

George Burgess and novice Tony Crapp need to start firing people now.

Anonymous said...

Uncovering the "Pay for Vote Scheme" continues...


Mining for Absentee Votes...or Stealing Them? By Geniusofdespair

Lynda Bell got 650 more absentee ballots than Eugene Flinn taking her over the top to win the election. It is amazing she got so many absentee ballots in the primary and the election with no cost recorded in her campaign report. In the County Commission District 8 race we had the cream of the crop of campaign consultants including Steve Marin, Al Lorenzo and I suspect that Lynda Bell had Armando Gutierrez helping her through Natacha Seijas.

Al Lorenzo helped Mayor Manny Diaz's campaign, Armando Gutierrez helped Tomas Regalado's and Steve Marin worked for Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Marc Sarnoff in the past. All of these consultants know how to get absentee ballots and all know the importance of them. So what went wrong for Eugene Flinn? How did Lynda trounce him in absentee ballots? Was her consultants just better at calling people to return their ballots? I don't think that is the case.

I don't mind consultants making sure people return their absentee ballots but it crosses the line when you use oldsters to your advantage. It crosses the line when you assist a voter to fill out their form. It crosses the line when you mail the form for a voter. I don't believe anyone should touch another persons ballot and I consider it stealing a vote if you do.

Do I believe that lines are crossed in Miami Dade elections? Yes, I do. I think that some consultants hire people who get absentee ballots any way they can. I also think some of these same people --lets call them canvassers -- go directly to the candidates and offer them absentee votes for money and then somehow manipulate the ballots.

I call the manipulation of absentee ballots stealing an election and I don't want it to happen anymore. The question is, what can be done to stop it? How did amassing absentee ballots become a cottage industry?

Investigation Miami said...

Sarnoff and his toadies like to take any opportunity to discredit those that don't agree with them and those who take them on.

Sarnoff and his toadies are full of shit.

The reason for not posting has nothing to do with threats, payoffs, or anything other than personal issues.

Anonymous said...

Posted by: EYE ON MIAMI


Myth Buster: Absentee Ballots are Lopsided Because Republicans Are Better At Getting Them. By Geniusofdespair
Over and over people said in comments, on my post earlier this week and Gimleteye's post yesterday, that lopsided Absentee Ballot results were due to Republicans focusing more on getting Absentee Ballots. I decided it was time to take Democrats out of the picture entirely to see if Absentee Ballots made sense with just Republicans. Guess what? They didn't, the anomalies persisted. There is something fundamentally wrong with Absentee Ballots in Miami Dade County and this pretty much proves it. I looked at 5 Republican primary races. To get lopsided results such as these, someone clearly had an Absentee Ballot advantage in each of these race. (Hit on images to enlarge them.)

Julio Robaina without Absentees had 6,010 votes and Miguel Diaz de la Portilla without Absentees had 6,348. There was a 338 vote difference. Add in the Absentees the advantage for Miguel jumps to 2,218.

Look at Carlos Manrique's absentee ballot numbers compared to Francisco Amador's. Amador had 943 votes without Absentees, with Absentees 1,589. Manrique had 661 votes without Absentees, with Absentees 1,654, winning second place. The first place winner with 1,062 votes (without absentees) got less absentee votes then Manrique.

Look at Ralph Rosado's absentee numbers, 1,229. He got 1/3 the votes of Bileca on election day yet he had almost as many absentee ballots. Rosado got twice as many votes in absentee ballots as he did on election day. Note everyone else in the race were pretty close between their absentee ballot and election day numbers.

Tony Japour got half the votes of Gustavo Barreiro early and election day but absentee Barreiro got more than 3 times as many votes, 2,098. When someone gets more votes in absentee then they do on election day and early voting combined, as Barrerio did here and Rosado did above, it makes me very suspicious.

In the general election Gustavo Barreiro got 5,656 votes on election day, Absentee he got 4,725 (1,313 more than his Democratic opponent who won).

David Rivera almost got as many absentee votes as he did adding election day and early voting together. Paul Crespo got half the votes on election day but in Absentee he got a quarter of the votes. Rivera went on to win the general election by his Absentee votes: Twice as many as Joe Garcia (who won in early voting and election day).

The more I look at absentee ballot results, the more disgusted I become. All you election losers, send me an email - lets work together!

Anonymous said...

So in today's Herald...Not only is Braman is seeking a change in politcal leadership, but he is seeking government refom.


Anonymous said...

Investigation Miami,

Are you ever going to be an active site again? If so, when?